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Peganum Harmala (10 gram)

Peganum Harmala (10 gram)

Peganum harmala (Syrische wijnruit) is een plant die zijn oorsprong vindt in India, Pakistan en Mongolië. De zaden van deze plant worden al honderden jaren gebruikt voor hun psychoactieve eigenschappen. Peganum harmala is tevens een MAO-remmer, wat ervoor gezorgd heeft dat het tegenwoordig vaak als onderdeel van Ayahuasca wordt gebruikt.

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Werkzame Stoffen van Peganum harmala

De belangrijkste werkzame stoffen van Peganum harmala zijn harmine en harmaline. Daarnaast bevat Peganum harmala nog enkele andere werkzame stoffen zoals harmalol, harmidine en pegaline. Het percentage werkzame bestanddelen in de zaden varieert tussen de 2 en 6%.

Effecten van Peganum harmala

Bij de inname van Peganum harmala op zichzelf zijn de belangrijkste effecten anti-depressief van aard en hebben ze een stimulerende werking op de verbeelding en fantasie. Bij hogere hoeveelheden is het mogelijk dat je in een droomachtige toestand terecht komt.

Daarnaast is Peganum harmala een MAO-remmer. Dit betekent dat de zaden ervoor zorgen dat de afbraak van monoamino neurotransmitters wordt geremd. Het resultaat hiervan is dat oraal ingenomen DMT en 5-MeO-DMT actief wordt. Dit is in weze dezelfde eigenschap als de Banisteriopsis caapi (belangrijk onderdeel van Ayahuasca). Peganum harmala wordt dan ook regelmatig gebruikt als vervanging van Banisteriopsis caapi bij de voorbereiding van Ayahuasca.

Vele magic mushroom liefhebbers gebruiken daarnaast een lichte dosering van Peganum harmala tijdens hun paddestoel trip. De Peganum harmala zorgt voor een sterker en langer effect van de psilocybine.

Voorbereiding, dosering en gebruik van Peganum harmala

Van oorsprong werden de gedroogde zaden van Peganum harmala gebruikt als een soort van wierook, waarbij de zaden simpelweg werden verbrand op een klein vuur. De rook die de ruimte vulde werd vervolgens ingeademd. Hoewel dit weldegelijk werkzaam is, is dit geen hele efficiënte manier van gebruik.

Een efficiëntere manier van gebruik is het roken van de zaden. Peganum harmala wordt dan ook regelmatig gebruikt als onderdeel van exotische rookmixen, meestal in combinatie met hash of wiet. Om een actieve smoking mix te produceren is het het beste om 10 gram zaden te vermalen en dit samen met wat limoensap te koken totdat er een pasta-achtige substantie overblijft. Als dit gemixt wordt met wat hash, wiet en/of tabak heb je een smoking mix die je een wazig effect van dronkenheid geeft in combinatie met aphrodiserende effecten.

Een andere manier van inname is het opdrinken van 5-8 gram vermalen zaden gemixt met water. In Marokko worden de zaden ook weleens gemixt met wijn, wat de naam 'Harmel wine' heeft meegekregen.

Als laatste worden de vermalen zaden van Peganum harmala ook wel gebruikt als snuifmiddel.

Bij de voorbereiding van Ayahuasca is een hoeveelheid van 3-4 gram Peganum harmala zaden per persoon een geschikte hoeveelheid.


Bij hogere doseringen van 15 gram of meer kunnen stevige vervelende fysieke effecten optreden, zoals duizeligheid, misselijkheid en overgeven. Rustig aan dus.

Zoals eerder vermeld is Peganum harmala een MAO-remmer. MAO-remmers staan erom bekend dat ze zeer gevaarlijk kunnen zijn als ze in combinatie worden genomen met andere middelen. Gebruik nooit Peganum harmala als je onder invloed bent van anti-depressiva, slaapmiddelen of andere drugs. Leest u alstublieft de Wikipedia pagina (in het Engels) over MAO-remmers voordat u de zaden van Peganum harmala gaat gebruiken.

Een verpakking van Peganum harmala bevat 10 gram zaden.


    Door :

    De klant heeft het product beoordeeld maar geen review geplaatst

    Door :

    De klant heeft het product beoordeeld maar geen review geplaatst

    Door :

    De klant heeft het product beoordeeld maar geen review geplaatst

    Door op 24/Oct/2016 :

    Titel : Connection to the universe!
    Reactie : Thank you Zamnesia for this amazing and one of the most beautiful experiences! Prepared and cooked 3,5gr of Syrian Rue and 5gr of Mimosa Hostilis. Perfect dose for me for the first, 2nd and 3rd time that I tried so far (twice with a friend or two). I drank 1 shot cup of Syrian Rue (of total 2), followed by another 2nd shot cup of Syrian Rue after 30min, then right after, the first shot cup of Mimosa Hostilis (of total 2; 1st shot cup is the 1st extraction of Mimosa), followed by the 2nd shot cup (2nd cooked extraction of Mimosa) after 45min. I found this to be the best recipe for me. It was really a blissful and healing connection with the spirit, mother ayahuasca (eventhough this plant combo isn't the traditional Ayahuasca). Ordered a lot more for future connection communions.

    Door :

    De klant heeft het product beoordeeld maar geen review geplaatst

    Door op 20/Sep/2016 :

    Titel : Effet attendu
    Reactie : Tout est dit, pour une dose moyenne de truffes hollandia, ces petites herbes ont permis d'augmenter significativement les effets du trip. Zamnesia toujours au top !

    Door op 29/Aug/2016 :

    Titel : JU2GRE
    Reactie : J'ai pris les 10gr du sachet 5 grammes au mixeur puis mâché et avalé et 5 grammes en gélules... L'effet est ressenti au bout d'une heure mais en mâchant la poudre on reconnaît tout de suite la classe pharmaceutique( imao ). Les effets ne sont pas très stimulant mais plutôt dans la détente du corps et de l'esprit.

    Door op 24/Jul/2016 :

    Titel : Puissant
    Reactie : 1/2 cuillère à café, voir une cuillère complète avec mimosa

    Door op 22/Mar/2016 :

    Titel : Beautiful and promising
    Reactie : 5 g Peganum Harmala (Syrian rue) + 10 g Mimosa Hostilis 1st experience : 2 flops (interesting : what not to do). 2nde experience : promising, beautiful, not transcendental. The psychonaut : 38 y / 5 ' 10''/ more than 120 pounds / no car by choice so I cannot not be fit/ friendly workplace, nice environment / vegetarian, mostly raw, organic, seeds, sprouted spelt, seaweeds, spices, fibers, dairies, some fruit, 2 pints of… home-made chocolate every morning, no coffee, no alcohol, no tobacco, no nothing and no psychedelics until last week. Usually wait till sunset to have one or two hearty meals, intellectually active until the wee hours, a 20-minute nap every day. No stress of any sort (almost). → Bottom line : optimal conditions. Saturday 12 March 2016: slowly crunched and swallowed 5 g of Syrian rue (Peganum Harmala), then, 20 minutes later, drank a bowl of Mimosa Hostilis, 10 g boiled for one hour. I had a tea in the afternoon and some ginger tea. I later heeded the advice read in a report that we should avoid drinking anything a few hours before the mimosa brew, so that it doesn't stay in the stomach. Also, the next time I would reduce the mimosa brew to a small quantity, so that the whole goes down faster, no clogging or gagging, and I can sip a little water after that. I vomited too soon. Gave up. One or two hours later though started to feel wobbly especially in the legs, swaying, fully conscious, I switched the lights , went to bed, had beautiful fractal patterns for a short time, grinning with pleasure at the beauty of it but fully aware that this was very beautiful but definitely not the answer to life, the universe and everything. Ate some raw muesli after that and ordered a grinder that had a good rating by flax afficionados. Sunday 13 March 2016 : chocolate in the morning, then nothing. In the late afternoon I crunched and swallowed some of the remaining 5 g Syrian rue and boiled some of the seeds, then added the solid remnant from yesterday's mimosa, boiled everything, added some vinegar (to ''protonate the amines''!!), squeezed a little citrus into it, boiled a long time, two hours, the reasoning was, let's try to really boil that and liberate all the alcaloids, I'm going to get you. Drank it when there was only a small quantity of the liquid. No nausea, and… nothing. Well, the rue was not grinded, neither was the mimosa bark, maybe it was boiled too much, maybe some caramalization had taken place (sugar in the drops of orange/pomelos, and even some, but very little, in the cider vinegar). Scolded myself. Amateurish. Botched up. Saturday 19 March :chocolate in the morning, the nnothing. Two hours before sunset, ground the rue, 5 g, to a fine powder. Boiled it, with a teaspoon cider vinegar, not too hot but still boiling – wondering where to draw the line between releasing the alcaloids and avoiding destroying them, for one hour but next time I'll just boil it gently a half hour and pour it in a bowl while doing for the mimosa. The mimosa needs a harsh treatment, not the rue, it seems. It's a clear green liquid, doesn't cause any nausea or makes one want to vomit. Added some mint-flavored 'betaine' which is citrate and trimethylglycine, supposedly for digestion but I use it as a cheap source of TMG (supposedly good against homocysteine and other things), after the boiling. Ground 10 g mimosa to a fine powder, boiled it for more than one hour in 2 liters water, didn't do several boils and re-mixing and reducing (some people do that to release more alcaloids, I will try this another time), wit hvery little cider vinegar. Got a small bowl of the brew, added the mint-flavoured citrate ('betaine') and squeezed a few drops of grapefruit. The liquid is easy to swallow, but it does make you want to vomit after 2 or 3 minutes. Did some breathing, sat, took a few steps, opened the windows to have some fresh air (10 degrees Celsius, light wind, nice), sat, breathed carefully, gagged / belched and was careful to exhale fully and not let in the air, so that it would go down. After a few minutes, it seemed OK. Read a little in the bed, with my back propped by cushions. The same vertigo as last Saturday set in, I switched the lights and watched. Beautiful fractals, imagery like the images on a computer screen when you 'watch' an audio track, etc. Thought like a neurologist, those are the neurons firing randomly, etc. Very glad to see that, though, but still waiting for the entities. My questions were, What am I , what is the nature of consciousness, of things, so-called matter, of time, how can I become lucid in my dreams. From years of reading, listening, thinking, I have gotten the conviction that the basic substance of everything is mental (don't ask for technicalities!), and I knew that I would project this on everything that I would experience, and I did. I analyse my thoughts all the time, watch the observer... At times , had some silly Alice-in-Wonderland carnavalesque scenery, vivid colours, in a bright white background (the other, more 'spiritual' patterns tend to be in a black background). Beautiful but silly. I thought it might be a visual answer to what the universe is and what we are – a play – that I would not have a verbal answer (The Bard Terence says that the mushroom speaks English…) and then thought that this is too intellectual, rational, it's me analysing a picture as an academician would, it's me thinking, not emotionally, purely intellectual, sapid stupid Greek rhetoric, doesn't feel like a messge from somewhere else. I wished them away. It came back a few times. Wished it away, to be replaced by more fractal, darkish patterns. The sam for lurid imagery, this is definitely not the aim, wished it away. Seemed as if something was trying to lure me away, distract me, andI thought that I was probably just wishfully surmising that there might be something 'outside' interacting with me, when it was just me thinking/projecting. Some dark entities. Interesting, but did not last. I went to the bathroom for a pee and sipped a little water, the nit was replaced by another scenery. At one time, had plenty of black tarantulas crawling in the visual landscape (only visual – not tactile). No fright. Coolly thinking that at worst it would be ruggy (the legs), a painful stab, that's it. I thought that if this thing, the DMT or whatever is behind the imagery, is capable of inducing such visuals in my mind it is also able to induce other mental states like agonizing pain. That wouldn't be nice. I thought, humbly, whatever you are or this is, I get it, I don't need ''the experience'', thank you. At times, not often, some serpents, dragon-hezded serpents… Glad to see them. At the exact same time, I thought that of course I would be seeing serpents, because I wanted to see them and I had read Jeremy Narby's book about DNA a fortnight ago. If I were wishing for white rabbits I would probably… In the middle of the experience I made a conscious (of course) decision to let go of the intellectual poo-poohing. My readings, etc.… have convinced, bla, bla, cf Sheldrake, telepathy and a million other pointers to evidence of the 'mental' structure of everything, so instead of rejecting everything as probably projection, 'illusion' (like arrogant self-styled skeptics à la Schermer in Scientific American), I would welcome it as a more real reality than reality and this will not get me the Nobel for literature. I enjoyed the rest of the visuals, even without entities. I had read about a buzzing sound. Mine was a frightening bang, like a cannonball alarm-clock that jerked me awake – maybe I was 'drifting' ? Followed by beautiful (always) black-greenish Mayan-style ('evil') scenery. Bring it on ! But I went to the bathroom (not for vomiting) and a sip of water and the visuals was different when I returned to the mental television. During all the time I had to be careful not to vomit, I wanted to have the most DMT or whatever (in Narby's book the ayasqueros claim that carbolines, not DMT, are the main psychedelic ingredient). Towards the end it was clear that I would not have that problem. I thought i t had lasted 2 or 3 hours but it seemed to have been 3 or 4. Felt good, no euphoric, perfectly fine, it'ss over, not willing to sleep because of a feeling that some remaining really slight nausea would make it difficult, ate some raw musli at 2 am, did some work on the computer, went to bed at 4:30, up at 9 am, full of energy and mental clarity – as usual. To sum up : 5 stars because I haven't tried anything else and I 'm not at all ready to experiment with other things. This combination offers a lot of opportunities for exploration already. Promising - very interesting – and the sheer beauty of it and the apparent innocuousness and simplicity make it worthwhile, it's like a beautiful lucid dream (only the visuals, though – no flying) -- providing you grind everything, and arrange for the mimosa to be a big cup and not a big bowl. Do many experiments to find the appropriate 'recipe' for yourself, as I will. Preparing everything and swallowing the mixtures (mimosa 20-30 min after P.H.) everything during two hours seems good enough. I am healthy, light-weight so I understand that the dosage, prepartion, effects… will be different for everyone. I myself have to try a few variations (for example, separate boils for mimosa and then reducing). Also, I think that the body after even one try will 'recognize' the mimosa brew and not reject it so it's easier to prevent the vomiting. I thank Zamnesia for the clear interface, info and advice. These are simple products that help you explore your consciousness at home without having to fly to Peru. I also thank all the psychonauts who shared their experiences. Olivier ( Brittany, France)

    Door op 03/Mar/2016 :

    Titel : Erfahrungsbericht: Ayahuasca, Peganum Harmala, 5 Gramm
    Reactie : Hab mit einem Freund das Ayahuasca ausprobiert (jeder 5g), geraucht und getrunken. Da wir Anfänglich durch das Rauchen kaum eine Wirkung verspürten tranken wir später einen Tee den wir mit einer einfachen Kaffemaschine zubereiteten. Nach c.a 1h traten erste Effekte ein, wobei diese eher negativ waren (schwummriges Gefühl, Übelkeit). 30 Minuten später jedoch kamen schöne Effekte zustande, hauptsächlich Lachanfälle, die jedoch nicht lange anhielten (c.a 20 min.). Später am abend haben wir noch Trüffel (Tampanensis) ausprobiert die wesentlich bessere Effekte erziehlten. Leider kann bei Trüffeln derzeit kein Bericht verfasst werden. Aber das Ayahuasca hat uns leider nicht überzeugt. Ich gebe 3 Sterne da es für 5€ im Preisleistungsverhältnis doch noch relativ gut weg kam, jedoch ist eine Wiederholung nicht vorgesehen.

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je niet ingelogd bent als klant

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Can i plant?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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