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Blauwe Lotus Extract 20x (1 gram)

Blauwe Lotus Extract 20x (1 gram)

Dit extract van de Blauwe Lotus is 20x sterker dan de gewone Blauwe Lotus bladeren. Ons Blauwe Lotus 20x extract heeft een hoge concentratie aporphine en nuciferine. Blauwe Lotus werd vroeger gebruikt om het geheugen te verbeteren, als seksueel lust opwekkend middel en om gevoelens van euforie en extase op te wekken.

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    Door op 29/May/2017 :

    Titel : Not bad
    Reactie : The quantity contained is minimal , as for the quality it isn't bad but it wasn't euphoric or aphrodisiac , simply relaxing. Made a tea with 1 gram of extract , drank it and after 30 minutes or so was very calm and a bit absent minded , effect lasted for an hour if i recall correctly.

    Door op 19/May/2017 :

    Titel : most times quite potent, combine with mate or guarana
    Reactie : Most times I use it in combo with white lotus and tobacco I receive a mellow, eyes slightly clenched stoney feeling, which I combine with drinking mate for the energy. Otherwise it would make me sleepy.

    Door :

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    Door op 22/Dec/2016 :

    Titel : Relaxing
    Reactie : In my experience with this I found it to make cannabis a lot calmer and happier, I had the whole bag in tea alone then had a joint and I found it was noticeable enough, I think more would be better not much in the bag in my opinion but not bad product

    Door op 17/Jul/2016 :

    Titel : Rauno
    Reactie : Traditional Egyptian use is to let it simmer in some wine for a few hours and then drink it. I made tea and felt quite the euphoria/dreamy state. Please do go easy on the dosage. My first try was with 2.5 grams and after it wore off my eyes were very puffy. I simply read everywhere that it doesn't work very well but i have to say it did very well. Even smoking a small dose produced some effect. I also mixed it with the aphrodisiac Mexican coffee Zamnesia sells and together these 2 substances can get your loins flowing quite... shall we say... heavily.

    Door :

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    Door op 10/Apr/2016 :

    Titel : Good
    Reactie : I use it mixed with the petals so that the effect is more intense, but i strongly reccommend the flower first

    Door :

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Van Nicola | 2013-08-01 11:47:47

Come puo essere assunto?


Most customers use this product by making tea with it. Alternatively it can be mixed in with wine. Instructions are provided on the packaging of this product.

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