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Magic Truffels Atlantis

 4.5/5 (982)

    Vraiment top livraison rapide super trip beaucoup d’hallucinations et une euphorie qui ma fais pleurer de rire ! Sa faisais longtemps que je n’avais pas pleurer de rire


    This is more like it!
    My first ever experience with magic truffles was the much milder Fantasia, but that never did much for me, I never "took off" so to speak. I'm happy to say my experience with Atlantis was a lot better. I took the entire 15 grams in one time and it took about an hour for me to notice any significant effects (the skull on my Monkey Island 1 poster started to take some interesting shapes). When that happened I sat down in my couch and put on some soft, dreamy music and really started to go somewhere. I looked up some 4k forest walks and was absolutely fascinated by the whole ting and started to feel like I was sinking in my couch. It was all very pleasant. I took them on an empty stomach and after about 2.5 hours was getting pretty hungry. I had a sausage laying around, but the fattiness of it was pretty unpleasant. I don't recommend eating fatty foods while on a trip, I think for my next one I'll prepare some light snacks like carrots, cucumber and the like. Also I didn't drink anything while on the trip which resulted in me waking up in the middle of the night with a pretty bad headache, so staying hydrated is important. But these negative are my own fault and I know now to better prepare for next time. So all in all, very happy with the trip, I'm definitely taking the strongest one they have (maybe Hollandia or Valhalla) next time. As nice as Atlantis was, I couldn't shake the feeling I wanted it to be just a bit stronger. Even if it's your first time, I'd highly recommend starting with a stronger one like this and not one of the "beginner" truffles, it varies from person to person of course, but to me it felt like a waste of money and I compare it to wanting to feel drunk but just having 1 beer: you hardly feel anything and there is no more left to take you away. Maybe take half a dose if you're feeling anxious or you're alone (I was alone btw), but if you're feeling good and you're ready to go on a trip and want to lose yourself in the moment: don't be afraid and jump in. This is literally the second time I took truffles and have zero experience with any other type of other drug (except alcohol, but that sucks compared to this) and I'm glad I had these stronger ones around otherwise I might have stopped doing truffles altogether, but the Atlantis showed me the way and I'm definitely doing this more often. So to recap: highly recommended even for beginners: just make sure to feel well, take the entire packet at once and just go with the flow.


    Took on empty stomach (at least 26h without food prior to ingestion, and the day before ate only a couple fruits) the whole bag. Much less visuals then usual, was pretty gloomy mood in the trip but at the same time very calming and sort of loving. Was pretty philosophical and all and felt like i gained something from it, but couple days later while enjoying a joint gave those new "relevations" a second thought and realised most of it was basically bullshit. Idk, i dont want to give the rating too low because I think this just happened because of me being in the mood i was (not the very brighest to say the least), but on the other hand previously this stuff was the only thing that helped me get out of those places. no idea.


    Very cool
    It’s the only kind of musrooms I’ve tested for now but I can say the trip is very pleasant. You’re not like so stoned but really happy and awake.


    Nice and smooth truffles. They last shorter than shrooms but still good! Didn’t get so much visual but the feeling was there. I think they apply very good for beginners but next time I will go for something more intense :)


    Was een geweldige ervaring en dinsdag besteld en was er vrijdag al. (België) zal zeker nog iets kopen


    Mild-medium effect
    Took halft bag (7,5g), just likke visuals, took the other half of the bag 2 hours later, same effect. Much laughing.


    Produit testé
    Aussi bon que les champignons.


    Fait ce qu'il faut mais le gout parcontre.... Je trouve que les Valhalla en gout ne sont loin d'etre aussi acide et bizzard. Conseil: Grindez les avant et avalez les d'un coup avec un jus de fuit. Si vous les machez le gout va rester.


    Awesome trip
    Second time taking truffles, and it was a beautiful experience. Took all of it and felt genuinely happy and grateful for my life. Also, music felt orgasmic! Didn't get too much of visuals (apart of when I closed my eyes), but it was really introspective

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