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Magic Truffels Utopia

Magic Truffels Utopia

De psilocybe Utopia krijgt maar liefst 5 van de 5 punten op de sterkteschaal. Dit ras bezorgt je een ticket naar een magische wereld. Met slechts een paar gram van deze zeer krachtige knobbeltjes zie je de wereld in een ander licht en vanuit een andere hoek, je hersenen schakelen naar een hogere versnelling en brengen diepe gedachten voort; zelfs met gesloten ogen zie je nog helder en kleurrijk.

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Magic Truffles Utopia - Bezoek de magische wereld van Utopia


De psilocybe Utopia kan je een ticket bezorgen naar het wonderland Utopia. Als je de juiste dosis tot je neemt, kun je een nieuwe realiteit verwachten, die totaal verschilt van hoe de wereld er daarvoor uitzag. Het herordenen van patronen, wegstromende vormen, verlies van tijdsbesef, of juist het versnellen of vertragen van de tijd, de diepste spirituele verlichting en plotseling … ongefundeerde uitbarstingen van gelach – dit is wat men zoal rapporteert na het gebruik van psilocybe Utopia truffels. De effecten verschillen echter enorm van persoon tot persoon, dus hoe joúw ervaring eruit zal zien … we weten het niet, misschien voel je een diepe verbondenheid met de natuur om je heen en raak je bevriend met de bomen – alles is mogelijk – in wonderland.


De psilocybe Utopia is een zeer sterke variëteit; slechts 5-7,5 g is al genoeg voor een milde trip en om te testen hoe je op psilocybetruffels reageert. 8-10 g is toereikend voor een trip van gemiddelde sterkte en alles boven de 10 g wordt als een hoge dosis beschouwd en zou alleen geconsumeerd moeten worden door gevorderde en ervaren gebruikers. De eenvoudigste manier om van je truffels te genieten, is op ze te kauwen en door te slikken – maar sommigen maken er liever een brouwsel van of doen de truffels in hun thee. Gebruik geen kokend water – dat vernietigt de actieve bestanddelen! Het effect treedt na ongeveer 15-40 minuten in en houdt 3-6 uren aan.


Magische truffels zijn geen partydrugs en zijn niet bestemd voor minderjarigen. Ga niet trippen en rijden tegelijk! Begin altijd met een lage dosis en in een bekende omgeving om je reactie te testen op psilocybine. Combineer magische truffels nooit met alcohol of andere drugs. Gebruik ze ook niet als je lijdt aan depressie of andere soorten geestelijke instabiliteit. Zwangere vrouwen moeten zeer zeker deze trip overslaan.

*Kunnen maximaal twee maanden in de koelkast worden bewaard. Na het openen van de verpakking, kunnen ze slechts twee dagen worden bewaard.

*Tenzij anders wordt verzocht, worden deze truffels van MushMagic verzonden zonder de originele blikjes.


    Door op 13/Dec/2017 :

    Titel : no effect
    Reactie : First time user and ate 7.5g of truffles along with smoking some weed. Only had a very mild trip where objects moved a few inches. Ate the last 7.5g 3 hours after and nothing happened with those. They were very sour and generally a very disappointing experience. Will try Valhalla out next week!

    Door op 01/Dec/2017 :

    Titel : Thank you...
    Reactie : for peace, love, nature, colors, music, the moon, the stars and that butterflies are halloween. I ate about 10g and the effects were like expected.

    Door op 21/Nov/2017 :

    Titel : So so exp...
    Reactie : Only small visuals after all package.

    Door op 20/Nov/2017 :

    Titel : Brillant!
    Reactie : It makes you enter in the beauty land! I saw some beautiful angels faces in the sky and the colors were supernatural. Took a bit much so I had a lot of thoughts loops and I can't remember the hole trip but it was bliss, I really enjoyed it, thanks Zamnesia!

    Door op 15/Nov/2017 :

    Titel : My journey
    Reactie : So it has started! I have experienced Fantasia first time and i thought what is this, let's try something strong!!! Ordered a bag of this and it was 10/10, it arrived in 4 days and i couldn't belive it! I was so excited i jerked off 4 times :))) Very good service, respect for Zamnesia!! Cheers! Half a bag and a bottle of water, and i started at my friends house... stayed and play some games for about 20-30 min and after i really had the need to go to the bathroom.. I entered to some kind of portal because i saw very very twisting walls and some shapes started to appear on them! It was like i entered to some magic land... I didn't leaved the bathroom for about half an hour because i wanted to figure out the patterns, and it was really entertaining!! My friends were scared, didn't know what happened as i started to be more psychical and being more enthusiastic and trained, like a boost! Felt really good, i understood everything, every word, every sound, every color; but i started to be a pinch in the ass for them as they didn't tried and were tired.. Sooo, i decided to go home, the road was quite a rush, i saw very much things which i cant expreess, but overall it was very very nice! I have a bulb with laser kind of effects and i have put some tripping music, best experience of my life!! I have saw the sky!! On the walls, it was so many dots i couldn't belive it!! Perception was entirely different; i would have stayed like forever on that trip, it was so goooood. I can say that i was in my Utopia; my world with my twisted visuals and best content ever!! Thank you very much for your attention and respect for ZAMNESIA for delivering such great experences!!

    Door :

    De klant heeft het product beoordeeld maar geen review geplaatst

    Door op 31/Oct/2017 :

    Titel : Amazing experience.
    Reactie : I took 85% of the package and it was strong and very healing, the things I saw, where they took me to a couple of months later, this truffles created a new me, they rescue me from darkness.

    Door op 14/Oct/2017 :

    Titel : Very good Trip
    Reactie : A very good trip with friends in nature.Highly recommended!

    Door op 10/Oct/2017 :

    Titel : What a trip
    Reactie : Wow. After taking 4 times other varieties, everytime splitting the bag in half with a friend, we really wanted to try higher doses. We took these Utopia splitting 2 bags for 3 which was 12+g each. It was an afternoon in late august, we were in a very pleasant place : a large field surrounded by a forest, with a lake next to it. The place you decide to take your truffles is very important and really affect your trip, so make sure to chose well. We chewed the truffles and sat in the field with some cool music, waiting for the effects to kick in. After 30mins, my friend told me things arround him started moving a little bit. Usually we both get the effects at the same time, so I was a bit nervous when I saw he was starting to trip before me. However a few minutes later, it really kicked in. I got really nice visuals that I never experienced before, while for my friends it wasn't that strong. I can't really put words on what I lived. It felt incredibly good. The music was so damn good. Looking at the clouds was insane, same thing when I decided to close my eyes and play with brightness with my hands (if that makes sens). Moving to the forest was amazing. I saw a snake made of the colorful leaves that where all over the ground. My friend was a freaking hermit with his wood scepter and his t-shirt on his head hahaha. the other was somewhere next to us in a really "thinking" mood. I also got this moment of deep thinking, sitting in the forest in front of a large piece of moss and talking to myself. After something like 2 hours of intense trip, we decided to go to the lake. The effects were slowly getting lower at this time. It's amazing how you keep control on reality while being in another world. The lake was also great, really refreshing. We played like kids with the water and rocks. This moment was a lot of laughter. Looking back to it, this trip was really varied in its effects. For me it was an awesome experience with this dosage. However, my friends did enjoy the trip but they did not notice a strong change going from a ~8g dosage to a ~12g dosage. And we have all the same morphology, really similar in size and weight. I say that because I think your reaction to this product may differ because of many factors (also we were obviously on an empty stomach). Just experiment progressively and find what works for you. Really great trip overall, can only recommend. Hope you'll find it useful. Thank you again Zamnesia, service is a 6/5.

    Door op 27/Sep/2017 :

    Titel : Did I do something wrong?
    Reactie : I had never done psychedelics before this trip, I am now 4 hours into the trip having eaten 20g of Utopia (supposed to be 15g packages, you guys are really generous lol!). I haven't really gotten any visuals/deep thoughts as of now so I kind of stopped expecting them... I hadn't eaten the whole day and ate 10g of utopia, about two hours later I still didn't really feel anything and ate the rest, I wonder if I did something wrong? Maybe I'm just too big for the dose, I am 2m and 110kg so that may be the issue. Anyways, overall I feel pretty good, it's pretty fun, but kind of underwhelming.

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Van Rich | 2014-06-24 15:54:02

How do you store them correctly?


All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. They are usually just eaten as they are, but you can make tea with them as well. The truffles can be stored 2 - 3 months (when vacuum packed) in a cool and dark place (e.g. refrigerator). Do not freeze! Freezing the product will damage the produce. Once opened, the produce can only be kept for a few more days. You can consume them fresh, but you can also dry them to store them for longer. Dried they can be kept for at least one year. Please note though that, the longer you store them, the less potent they will become. To dry the truffles you need to find a dry place and lay them out on kitchen towels and make sure they're not touching each other. Depending on the surroundings, drying may take anywhere from between 3 to 7 days. Make sure to change the kitchen towels every other day. The best way to store dried truffles is in an airtight container in the dark. Dried Magic Truffles have 50%-70% less weight, so therefore the dosage should be halved.

Van Francesco | 2013-07-16 12:25:34

How work the shipping? the truffles need to stay in a dark and COOL place! The truffles will not be damaged during shipment?


All our truffles are fresh and vacuum packed. They are indeed best stored in a dark and cool place, for example the refrigerator. Our truffles and parcels are professionally packed and prepared for transit within Europe. We regularly ship to hot countries such as Spain and Italy, without any damage to the product. Note though that the packaging may appear loose upon arrival. This is the result of CO2 that has been generated within the packet by the truffles after the packing process.

Van gianfranco | 2013-06-20 00:05:24

A quanti gradi devono stare per conservarsi al meglio?


All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. Unopened, they can be stored 3-4 months in a cool and dark place. A refrigerator is perfect, or anywhere about 2-4 degrees Celsius. Once the packaging has been opened, they can only be kept for a few more days.

Van muller | 2013-04-28 18:53:57

Combien de temps est-il possible de les conserver sans en perdre de puissance?


Toutes nos truffes magiques sont fraîches et emballées sous vide par quantité de 15 grammes. Elles peuvent être conservées (emballées) 3-4 mois dans un endroit frais et á l'abri de la lumière. Lorsque l'emballage est ouvert, ils ne peuvent être conservés (frais et á l'abri de la lumière) pendant quelques jours de plus.

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