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Magic Truffels Utopia

Magic Truffels Utopia

De psilocybe Utopia krijgt maar liefst 5 van de 5 punten op de sterkteschaal. Dit ras bezorgt je een ticket naar een magische wereld. Met slechts een paar gram van deze zeer krachtige knobbeltjes zie je de wereld in een ander licht en vanuit een andere hoek, je hersenen schakelen naar een hogere versnelling en brengen diepe gedachten voort; zelfs met gesloten ogen zie je nog helder en kleurrijk.

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Magic Truffles Utopia - Bezoek de magische wereld van Utopia


De psilocybe Utopia kan je een ticket bezorgen naar het wonderland Utopia. Als je de juiste dosis tot je neemt, kun je een nieuwe realiteit verwachten, die totaal verschilt van hoe de wereld er daarvoor uitzag. Het herordenen van patronen, wegstromende vormen, verlies van tijdsbesef, of juist het versnellen of vertragen van de tijd, de diepste spirituele verlichting en plotseling … ongefundeerde uitbarstingen van gelach – dit is wat men zoal rapporteert na het gebruik van psilocybe Utopia truffels. De effecten verschillen echter enorm van persoon tot persoon, dus hoe joúw ervaring eruit zal zien … we weten het niet, misschien voel je een diepe verbondenheid met de natuur om je heen en raak je bevriend met de bomen – alles is mogelijk – in wonderland.


De psilocybe Utopia is een zeer sterke variëteit; slechts 5-7,5 g is al genoeg voor een milde trip en om te testen hoe je op psilocybetruffels reageert. 8-10 g is toereikend voor een trip van gemiddelde sterkte en alles boven de 10 g wordt als een hoge dosis beschouwd en zou alleen geconsumeerd moeten worden door gevorderde en ervaren gebruikers. De eenvoudigste manier om van je truffels te genieten, is op ze te kauwen en door te slikken – maar sommigen maken er liever een brouwsel van of doen de truffels in hun thee. Gebruik geen kokend water – dat vernietigt de actieve bestanddelen! Het effect treedt na ongeveer 15-40 minuten in en houdt 3-6 uren aan.


Magische truffels zijn geen partydrugs en zijn niet bestemd voor minderjarigen. Ga niet trippen en rijden tegelijk! Begin altijd met een lage dosis en in een bekende omgeving om je reactie te testen op psilocybine. Combineer magische truffels nooit met alcohol of andere drugs. Gebruik ze ook niet als je lijdt aan depressie of andere soorten geestelijke instabiliteit. Zwangere vrouwen moeten zeer zeker deze trip overslaan.

*Kunnen maximaal twee maanden in de koelkast worden bewaard. Na het openen van de verpakking, kunnen ze slechts twee dagen worden bewaard.

*Tenzij anders wordt verzocht, worden deze truffels van MushMagic verzonden zonder de originele blikjes.


    Door op 16/Jul/2017 :

    Titel : Hilarious, Thought Provoking, Optimistic
    Reactie : Bought 2 packs and had one entire pack per week over 2 weeks. Week one I watched Doctor Who. I'm not very keen on the programme usually but this time I found it to be excellent. I also found the smallest things absolutely eye wateringly hilarious and I was really philosophical, self-determined and optimistic. Week two was less dramatic. Watched the film Inferno which was the most bizarre experience I've had for a long time. For week one I simmered a tea of chamomile with the truffles and had this on a very empty stomach. For week two I had a vegetable soup one hour before eating the truffles raw and thoroughly. Week one was much much better. I will definitely make sure I have an empty stomach next time. These truffles I would definitely recommend - quite a mind blowing experience when taken correctly.

    Door :

    De klant heeft het product beoordeeld maar geen review geplaatst

    Door op 27/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Excellent!
    Reactie : Have to confess, I was skeptical at first but can honestly say I had a great trip and will have to order more. They really were magic!

    Door op 27/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Tested
    Reactie : utopia works good on both newbies and veterans . me and my friends went out for a trip one of them was new too psychedelics he took 7.5 g and had i really nice and visual experience 4 houer long, me and my other friend we took 5 g of utopia each and couple of gram of cubensis ,z strain and we had a rather mild trip but very pleasant almost no visuals but great inside and feelings . pls remember do not mix it with alcohol . all three of us recommend Utopia !

    Door op 19/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Sehr nice!
    Reactie : Es sind oft 1-2g mehr enthalten, das lob ich mir! Eine halbe Packung ist auf nüchternen Magen noch gut zu vertragen bei positivem Set und Setting. Gibt eine beschwingte Stimmung und optische "leicht" veränderte Wahrnehmung. Der Gedankengang allerdings legt einen Zahn zu und das ist gut so :). Wer den säuerlichen Geschmack nicht mag, einfach zusammen mit ein wenig schokolade essen. Dann kann man auch gut kauen um das Maximum raus zuholen. Nächstes mal wird eine ganze Packung probiert. P.S.: nicht unbedingt für Anfänger...

    Door op 16/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Customer service
    Reactie : I would like to thank Zamnesia for their excellent and responsive customer service. I made the typical mistake of confusing the billing and delivery address. The recipient of the truffles would have been very shocked. I rapidly wrote to Zamnesia to deal with the issue and their response was both quick and efficient. 5 out of 5 stars for customer service. As for the trip, I was described as the happiest person alive. Geese landing on water is a natural wonder. Calling friends "sir" and saluting at them was another highlight. Not as potent as Acid, but why would you want it to be? I sometimes feel overwhelmed by Acid, whereas truffles seem to add or enhance your pursuit of happiness. Once again, 5 out of 5 stars.

    Door op 16/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Profound
    Reactie : Had a deep spiritual experience with this ritual. First time I tripped twice using one of these 15g packs. This was not for me as the effects were rather mild but definitely felt. Second time around I prepared mind body and soul for the journey and refused food for several hours beforehand, ate very little. I asked for guidance before I embarked ( help make myself a better person, become more aware of the impact I have on my surrounding environment and so on ) and religiously took the entire 15 g dose spread over two hours or so. Make sure you are in a comfortable, safe and familiar setting before the trip reaches it's peak. On a heroic dose, the visuals become more pronounced.... you are exposed to new ways of thinking and perceiving reality. A couple of joints really does take the trip to new heights. Things you usually walk past take the spotlight and you begin to notice magic everywhere. Magic that was already always there but you never had the capacity ( peace of mind ) to truly observe and appreciate. I was unable to concentrate on one single thing as everything came at me once. The amount of information we take in through our senses increase to the point of feeling left slightly overwhelmed. You also have the feeling of seeing into the future..... almost like you can carry your consciousness several decades into the future from where you are right now in space and time. You might not like what you see, so proceed with caution... I am not sure how or even if I should say this at all, but you do not feel alone on this trip. It feels like you have company... The company does not always make itself obvious but you can certainly feel a 'spirit' in the air.... underneath your feet... moving through the trees... whispering to you. You also sense it (even more) when you close your eyes. I am not the same person anymore. I am more aware of my many short comings and also able to appreciate the blessings I have more. I would recommend doing this religiously on occasion with the intention of self improvement, self discovery and for shamanic purposes...

    Door op 15/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Decepcionado, no hicieron ningún efecto
    Reactie : Compramos 4 dosis para 6 amigos, de modo que cada uno tomó aproximadamente 10 gramos, y no nos causaron apenas efecto. Estoy muy descontento con este producto, no volvería a pedirlo.

    Door :

    De klant heeft het product beoordeeld maar geen review geplaatst

    Door op 13/Jun/2017 :

    Titel : Great for outdoors and nature trips
    Reactie : Magic truffles are great! Very sociable :) Four of us went for a nature trip to the woods, sat down by this amazing little creek and each of us had one bag of this good stuff :) Amazing! No visuals, very little, just kind of changes the perception. But we had loads of laughs, litterally could not stop laughing! And it went on for hours :) I start laughing just remembering the whole day. We started early, 9-ish, and finished around 8pm. Would most definately do it again! The only thing bad about this is the price of shipping (around 30euro), bit expensive! To anyone looking to take them, be sure you are out in nature on a sunny day - just makes everything that much better! And suround youself with positive people who love to lauhg (oh, and a joint or two would make so much difference) :) Enjoy!

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Van Rich | 2014-06-24 15:54:02

How do you store them correctly?


All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. They are usually just eaten as they are, but you can make tea with them as well. The truffles can be stored 2 - 3 months (when vacuum packed) in a cool and dark place (e.g. refrigerator). Do not freeze! Freezing the product will damage the produce. Once opened, the produce can only be kept for a few more days. You can consume them fresh, but you can also dry them to store them for longer. Dried they can be kept for at least one year. Please note though that, the longer you store them, the less potent they will become. To dry the truffles you need to find a dry place and lay them out on kitchen towels and make sure they're not touching each other. Depending on the surroundings, drying may take anywhere from between 3 to 7 days. Make sure to change the kitchen towels every other day. The best way to store dried truffles is in an airtight container in the dark. Dried Magic Truffles have 50%-70% less weight, so therefore the dosage should be halved.

Van Francesco | 2013-07-16 12:25:34

How work the shipping? the truffles need to stay in a dark and COOL place! The truffles will not be damaged during shipment?


All our truffles are fresh and vacuum packed. They are indeed best stored in a dark and cool place, for example the refrigerator. Our truffles and parcels are professionally packed and prepared for transit within Europe. We regularly ship to hot countries such as Spain and Italy, without any damage to the product. Note though that the packaging may appear loose upon arrival. This is the result of CO2 that has been generated within the packet by the truffles after the packing process.

Van gianfranco | 2013-06-20 00:05:24

A quanti gradi devono stare per conservarsi al meglio?


All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. Unopened, they can be stored 3-4 months in a cool and dark place. A refrigerator is perfect, or anywhere about 2-4 degrees Celsius. Once the packaging has been opened, they can only be kept for a few more days.

Van muller | 2013-04-28 18:53:57

Combien de temps est-il possible de les conserver sans en perdre de puissance?


Toutes nos truffes magiques sont fraîches et emballées sous vide par quantité de 15 grammes. Elles peuvent être conservées (emballées) 3-4 mois dans un endroit frais et á l'abri de la lumière. Lorsque l'emballage est ouvert, ils ne peuvent être conservés (frais et á l'abri de la lumière) pendant quelques jours de plus.

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