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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Cambodian'

 4.5/5 (68)

    Très bon
    La variété Cambodgiens sont de très bons champignons Très visuel est très philosophique, bon rendement, je recommande sans Hésitation


    Uma das minhas favoritas
    Já pedi vários destes kits e nunca me desapontaram. Obrigado zamnesia


    Hello i bought a cambodia kit , along with a spray and a filter bag .The mushrooms from the beggining were very slow to grow they took 10 days to appear and the end results was disapointment i got only 4-5 10 cm mushrooms and 3-4 smallers ones around 3-4 cm in height .the rest of the box was empty without mushrooms .the images showing a kit full of mushrooms is not what happened to my kit so be carefull even though you will do everything properly there is no guaranty that the mushrooms will grow in good numbers .unhappy for that and gonna tell my buddies about it also !cheers


    quick , easy and enjoy
    I ordered the grow kit and it was here within two day! I opened it up and it started doing it's thing. Took about a half week for the mushrooms to getting to a good size. The end product was amazing . Some of the mushroom were gain this was the best part . Will be buying another one for Christmas .


    The Mushrooms are Fantastic and Zamnesia Too!! The shipment is very Fast and Great Product




    Thank you so much for your great products
    Thank you so much for your great products and super fast shipping. This was like my 10th time ordering supagrow kits and they have always arrived here in Finland very fast and without any problems whatsoever. They arrived in a week. I have always ordered atleast 4 or more shroomkits and they are super easy to grow. They grow in 2 weeks and i've always got 20-30 gram harvest dried mushrooms 3-4 times per 1 box. Also you seeds are very high quality. Zamnesia is the best, love you guys so much !


    Very easy to grow!
    These shrooms are very easy to grow. I never spray them and yet they keep delivering flush after flush. I am on my third flush now and even thou I don't spray them, the bag is always moist on the inside. I am also very happy with the effect after taking only 1,5 g. :)


    Pretty satisfied
    I'm a newbie grower and this was my very first grow set. It arrived in 4 days, and it took about 3 weeks until the first harvest, after that I’ve had a harvest every 1,5 weeks. I've used a heating mat, and with the first two flushes I got about 100 grams fresh, after that about 60 grams or less. But I’ve had five flushes so far and the mycelium still seems completely healthy. And the trip I had from them was absolutely amazing!


    très sympa
    ce kit est juste parfait si vous voulais commencer a faire pousser chez vous première récolte 17,5 g de champignon sec j'en ai manger 1 gramme et pas vraiment d'hallucinations mais une perception du monde totalement différent des pupilles EXTRÊMEMENT dilaté et en me regardant dans le miroir je vus dans mes yeux le néant un vide infini je suis bien rester 30 mn bloquer devant le miroir tellement c'était incroyable. en gros je recommande 2 - 3 grammes BIEN sec pour un premier trip c'est juste parfait merci zamnesia pour ce magnifique kit biz et a très bientôt

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