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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Thick Dick'

 4/5 (109)

    2/3 fois plus fort que les mexicains rapport poid/puissance. Agréablement surpris.


    Ils ont mis 2 semaine à pousser, 210 g récolté. Pris 1,5g sec Effet très puissant, bon visuel. Les meilleurs que j'ai essayé et de loin...


    Soooo long
    It tooks 2 weeks till the first pins showed. Then just 2/3 of the kit was colonized. But i guess it was my fault too. Its Winter now, no good conditions. Still 5 Stars for Zamnesia for good shippin and their nice products. And its just fun to watch these things grow :)


    Effet très puissant et bonne récolte rapide


    Little tip
    Here is a little tip for the one who wants to grow this strain. It is true that this strain is very sensitive to humidity and temperature. I did wait for two weeks and nothing happened. Not a single sign of growing. At the time I was using a Heat Mat, so the temperature was OK but the humidity was around 40%. Then I decided to place the grow kit somewhere dry, inside my bathroom and turn the shower (hot water) on. After a couple of minutes steam was all over the bathroom and humidity did raise up to 90%. Then I turned off the shower and closed the door. After five days using this method I harvest big mushrooms. But remember to keep the temperature between 24 to 26 max which is very hard to do, and keep the humidity over 80%. In order to do this you need to check the bathroom every hour to make sure that everything is under control. You can place the grow kit outside the bathroom on the Heat mat over night. That's what I did and it worked perfectly for me. I thought maybe it is helpful to share this method here for every one. Have a great growth Love and Peace


    trés bon produit
    trés bon produit me tarde la prochaine commande !!!!!


    Absolutely extraordinary product deserves 5 stars as the seriousness' and the efficiency of the entire staff Zamnesia. Great!


    If you're still deciding, get them NOW!
    So to start off with, props to zamnesia for being such an awesome company. Discreet and fast shipping, really easy to read manual. So the actual kit itself, I used the heating mat and the filter bags you can buy separately and had my first flush within about 1 and a half weeks. These things are HUGE. Got a total 30g dry harvest for my first flush, just had my second and I'm growing the third now. Absolutely amazing, first time grower over here and had no problems at all. So the actual finished product, well all I can say is they are the best I've ever had, and they're super potent. Take about half to three quarters of what you would normally and go from there is probably a good idea. Very philosophical and spiritual and beautiful visuals :) So yeah if you're still unsure I say do it now and buy this because for the price of the kit you're going to save so much money in the long run.


    love them!


    Premier flush de 250gr frais, second 100gr frais et 3eme en cours. Pour le 1er flush, les champis sont sortits au bout du 10ème jour puis ont mit une semaine à arriver à maturation, ensuite deux semaines entre chaque récolte apparemment. Pour les effets, personnellement ce sont les cubensis les plus puissants que j'ai goûté, j'en suis donc entièrement satisfait :D

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