Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Treasure Coast'


Treasure Coast ontwikkelt grote, dichte clusters. Het is een snelle variëteit die je meeneemt op een psychedelische ontdekkingsreis door de kosmos. Alles wat je nodig hebt, zit in onze kant-en-klare kweekset. De beloning voor een klein beetje geduld is waardevoller dan goud en rijkdom.

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Zamnesia - Treasure Coast: Hijs De Zeilen Voor Een Spirituele Ontdekking

Pronkend met karamelkleurige hoedjes met witte stippen, zijn deze dichte clusters van cubensis aan te zien als het hoofdzeil en kraaiennest van een schip. Hoewel we de bestemming niet weten, neemt Treasure Coast je op een reis die kostbaarder is dan goud of een verborgen schat. In plaats daarvan ervaar je een overweldigend gevoel van eenheid met de kosmos terwijl je meerdere bewustzijnsniveaus doorkruist.

De Zamnesia Kweekset Treasure Coast bevat perliet, een volledig gekoloniseerde roggecake en vermiculiet om deze unieke magische paddenstoel te kweken. Elke set verzekert enorme oogsten en meerdere flushes, Treasure Coast staat namelijk bekend om zijn vruchtbare groei! Het enige wat je paddo’s nodig hebben is wat geduld in combinatie met elke dag wat water. Ga met Zamnesia mee op een spirituele reis dankzij Treasure Coast.

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  • Instructies
  • Perliet
  • Volledig gekoloniseerde roggecake
  • Vermiculiet (casinglaag)
  • Kweekzak

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Reviews (20)

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    The best strain of cubensis by far!
    Absolutely amazing strain. So beautiful to watch grow. Heavy yielder. Strong positive trips. Highly highly recommend... Please bring back this strain


    Here are family
    There are no words to describe the Zamnesia family.. Really we are not just costumers are numbers for them they take care of us like we are family.. I had a problem with a my kit I receive it sick from green mold spots and they send with zero costs new one and it was a reshape from another reshape and no one around this business do that to replace two kits with no complaints or no responses.. They love what they do and I am full respects people's who love their job.. Sooooo guys for one more time I love you and I will always stick with you for a long time more.. Keep the standars like you have them until now to the highest level!!! Peace my brothers and keep tripping around!!


    and now
    Hello après un premier essai de kit (après quelques parquet de truffes magiques l'année dernière) le kit ne démarrait pas du tout. Photos envoyées et explications données le service consommateur de zamnesia ne m'a pas laissée tomber. Un nouveau kit envoyé (merci) et ....quelques champi sur les bords après 2 semaines mais ....pas au centre, explication données, et là j'ai suivi les conseils de bases sur le site pour faire repartir les floraisons, et ça pousse vraiment, après 1 bain d'eau et 1 nuit au réfrigérateur ...never give up, c'est magique .


    Slow to Start
    Let me start by saying this is my first time growing shrooms. Treasure Coast grow kit arrived in good time but after I had followed the instructions, it was over 2 weeks before anything stirred in the cake. First flush was nice, about 50 grams and I'm now about to harvest the second flush! Me and my girlfriend consumed these between us and they really are the most delightful mushrooms to trip on! Neither of us experienced any stomach rumbles whatsoever and they were strong with good visuals! All in all, a very good experience with Zamnesia and anyone thinking of taking the plunge should DIVE IN lol! Treasure Coast I love you


    Smells like noun again
    I don't know why this happens again and maybe it's my fault but this box smells like noun and I think it will begin to mold. The other box I ordered gets the first pins and the smell seems normal. As I received the boxes I placed both boxes on a heat mat at the same time. I don't know what I do wrong...


    I had a lot of fresh strong shrooms . Lets try it!:)


    Customer Service
    After recieving the kit in only a matter of days after ordering, i followed the manual provided yet there was very little activity after 3 weeks, i contacted Zamnesia Support and they did exceptionally well, prompting me what i must try.. still no activity nevertheless i was offered an option 1. another kit or 2. a voucher for £45 + free shipping... very impressed with the service of Zamnesia and will continue to buy there amazing products.


    J'avais commandé un premier kit, mais celui-ci a eu un soucis, après avoir pris contact avec Zamnesia, on m'a remplacé le kit défectueux. Ce second kit est en phase de croissance, et ne présente pas d'anomalie pour l'instant. Un Grand merci à Zamnesia pour la réactivité du service commercial et pour leurs super variétés de champis.


    Good experience
    Im a returning costumer at Zamnesia. Their products are excellent and their costumer service like wise! Shipment doesn't take forever and every time a have a question or a issue they reply very fast. Ive had a defect kit and they sent me another one for free without any trouble. My treasure coast is growing fine and looks healthy. I can't wait to try them and see how much my harvest will bring. Thanks you Zamnesia for giving us the opportunity to get great quality products and costumer service for reasonable prices!

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Treasure Coast'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Treasure Coast'
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