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Lavender (CBD Seeds) feminized

 4.5/5 (2)

    Not the easiest seed i had, but it sprouted
    I had some trouble with the shell for having the cotyledon appear. But I also had not the best setup for sprouting cannabis seed. And the last i failed that was also i lost patience, and didnt wait enough, I broke the entire shell but, as I gritted the shell before i put it in the soil, and as the it can takes some times from the sprout to the cotyledon, I did maybe something not good... All seeds sprouted, but maybe the shell was harder than others seeds i had, at least the first because I planted it with a jack Herror and an auto-flo feminized mix seed.

    U. L.

    I have cultivated this wonderful plant for over two seasons and has always given me great satisfaction both for its healing properties and for the good amount of harvest. Excellent.

    S. G.
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