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Kratom Bali

 4/5 (62)

    Works well
    This is very relaxing when consumed as a tee.


    Dependable and discreet
    After a number of successful purchases and smart and on time deliveries I had with them so far, I would always point out Zamnesia as a reliable vending place for any stoner/psychonaut out there. Cool people they are and there is still lots of stuff they offer that I will try :) As for cratom I guess I would use it sometime again, definitely has its effects, not the first time I experiment with it, though I suppose it's not something to use on regular basis for recreational purpose at least. Great to combine with weed if you ask me.


    Kratoms doesn't work for me tbh. Happy I tried it. Maybe I need to go for the extract. Next time! Worth the shot.


    Wirkung so lala.
    Bei 5g war ein schwacher stimulierender effekt zu spüren,der sich jedoch gut in gespräche einfügt leider aber auch nicht mehr.


    good cheap kratom
    I always make my kratom with just boiling water and lemon juice. The acid helps the water extraction of the alkaloids for at better effect. This kratom is mild but still really good.


    10 Gram Bali powder
    I used the whole 10 gram bag, mixed in my chocolate milk and drank everything. 2 Hours later I still feel aboslutely nothing.. I dont know if im tired from just waiting so long or because of the kratom.. Now im gonna smoke some weed


    One of my favourite strains as I prefer the relaxing effects over the stimulant effects of kratom. You need 6 grams+, so best order more than one pack if you want multiple doses. It works really well if you take the time to put it through a coffee grinder and add it to chocolate milk.


    Werkt goed
    Niet zo heel heftig maar het zorgt wel voor een relaxt gevoel.


    Gold stuff
    Use as tea, good euphoric high for low dose.


    Gives a little extra effect when you are already on shrooms :)

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