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Kratom Bali

 4/5 (62)

    good effect against back pains
    really helps me with my back pains!


    Looks good
    Got it, looks good, don't know the effect yet. Didn't try. Waiting.. :)


    100% satysfing
    I have made a good tea with with this product. Keeping me in good melow mood, far from stress or any other disorders as they are related to my daily work tasks. I can`t use cannabis products due to regular drug test taking by my workplace so Kratom helpling me relief from stess when needed or feel like to have a nice worm brew. Enjoy it!


    Calming and soothing
    I've ordered Kratom Bali twice. First time it was half a package (5g) and the second time, the whole thing. Effects are mild if you're expecting any alteration of reality but if you dig relaxation and some amazing chat about emotions, feelings and the Universe, it's totally your thing. At least it worked like that for me. I spent the following three hours embracing a sweet conversation with my girlfriend where we left all ego aside (I suppose that due to the extreme relaxation). So, so good. I'll order more again for sure.


    Got a mail after purchasing 3 X 10g saying they were out of stock! nonetheless, very fast shipping! thanks for that! the product itself is alright, I took a full 10g and it didn't do much, i felt in a better mood and a bit more relaxed but that's it... was a bit disappointed! since there are very good reviews for this product i must assume it might not work so well on my system.. i have yet to try some other types of Kratom


    Parfaite détente, en infusion. Très reposant et relaxant.


    super chill
    El sabor era terrible, probablemente la peor cosa que he probado en mucho tiempo, pero el efecto fue muy reconfortante, me sentía todo el rato como si estuviera en un abrazo caliente y me quedé muy relajada. Como primera vez ha sido satisfactoria y volveré a probarlo.


    Gut, jedoch eher schwache Wirkung
    Im Vergleich zu Kratom Thai Resin ist das Bali Kratom schwächer, man muss sehr viel mehr in einen Tee machen, um eine entspannende Wirkung zu erzielen. Das unangenehme daran ist, dass der Tee, welchen ich auf zwei Tassen verteilen muss, sehr viel Grünzeug enthält. Da muss man sich dran gewöhnen.


    Très bien
    Pour ceux qui veulent faire des économies, mettez en dans des capsules vides, j’en ai pris 6 et c’est amplement suffisant, il m’en reste plein, mais ça a mis du temps à faire effet, digestion oblige. Après moi je choisis l’infusion tout simplement car je ne veux pas en prendre régulièrement, on s’habitue à tout plaisir n’est ce pas, et puis c’est différent, la montée est très rapide. Produit de qualité. L’équipe est très agréable et ça c’est important.


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