Super Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized


De feminized Super Skunk Automatic van Sensi Seeds is de derde manifestatie van de originele Skunk #1. Dit is de autoflowering versie van een van de snelste en meest consistente planten uit de cannabiswereld. De korte bloeiperiode begint na een redelijk voorspelbare vegetatieve fase. Ze is daarmee zelfs geschikt voor buiten in gebieden met een korte zomer. 

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Meer informatie

Sensi Seeds - Super Skunk Automatic: Een klassieker in een autoflowering uitvoering

De feminized Super Skunk Automatic van Sensi Seeds borduurt voort op een heus succesverhaal. De originele Skunk #1 is opnieuw gecombineerd met een van de ouders, een zorgvuldig geselecteerde Afghani-hasjplant. Ook ruderalis is toegevoegd aan de mix om de autoflowering eigenschap te bewerkstelligen.

Het resultaat is een plant met alle eigenschappen die Super Skunk zo gewild maakt. Ze ontploft daarbij bijna van de sterke, compacte structuur. En ze is ook nog vergevingsgezind als het gaat om kwekersfoutjes. Ze haast zich bovendien in slechts 7-9 weken van zaad naar oogst. Vette, verrukkelijk geurende, met hars bedekte toppen zijn je beloning.

De autoflowering eigenschap maakt Super Skunk Automatic met name geschikt voor buiten in gebieden met korte zomers. Het is daarbij mogelijk het planten zo af te stellen dat je voordeel haalt uit de warmste en zonnigste weken van het jaar. Na ongeveer 4 weken (+/- 1 week) vegetatieve groei, schakelt de plant vanzelf over naar de bloei.

Super Skunk Automatic is een 80% indica die opvallend hard inslaat. Dit merk je vooral goed als je haar rookt. In aanvulling op haar old-school citroen- en hasjsmaak, geeft ze een cerebrale, lichamelijk kalmerende high die ongelooflijk ontspant. Gebruik je cannabis om te ontstressen en te relaxen? Dan merk je vanzelf dat het gemiddeld hoge THC-percentage ideaal is om de zorgen van de dag te laten verdwijnen.

Super Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized Product Informatie
Merk Sensi Seeds
Genetica Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Ouders Skunk #1 x Afghani-hasjplant en ruderalis
Bloeitijd 8-9 weken van zaadje tot oogst
THC Gemiddeld
Opbrengst Indoor Gemiddeld
Opbrengst Outdoor Gemiddeld
Hoogte (Indoor) Gemiddeld
Hoogte (Outdoor) Gemiddeld
Beschikbaar Als Feminized Zaden
Bloei soort Autoflowering
Sekse Feminized
*Gespecificeerd door de breeder wanneer geteeld onder ideale omstandigheden.
Reviews (4)

    Very nice first experience
    Now that I own my own backyard, I wanted to make a teenage dream come true and grow my own plants for personal use. I'm a complete beginner, so I mostly selected on easy to grow, but potent weed. My research led me to this super skunk automatic. It was my first go at it, so I experimented plenty. I bouhgt 3 seeds. Halfway April I germinated one seed in soil in a pot inside, one in wet paper towels and one I planted straight into my backyard. The 3rd one didn't make it (probably planted it too deep as well and felt risky in any case), but the first 2 did well.At first the one that germinated in soil did best, but after about 10 days the one that was germinated in the paper towel passed the other one by and became the bigger plant. After a month of growing inside behind glass or outside in the sun with good weather, I planted them outside in the open ground. Taking them out of their pots though, I damaged the roots of one of them (the one that germinated in soil).This one didn't grow as tall as the other one. It got to about 80cm, the big one 120cm. Both didn't grow at all for about a week after moving them outside, I assume they focused on their roots in this time. So I didn't use any fertilizer. Didn't do anything like low stress training or so either. Just let nature take its course. Only watered them every evening during 2 dry weeks in early june. Had a lot of rain for the rest of the growing time. No maintenance furthermore. Although I did inspect them every day of course, which was very enjoyable in and of itself. In fact, tending to the plants as a daily ritual was a far greater joy to me than I had expected. Another bonus from growing yourself. The plants both started blooming halfway through june. At the start of july, I noticed a brown spot on one of the goodlooking buds that grew right below the main cola. The next day the spot was a little bit bigger, so I harvested the bud and removed the affected bits. It was toprot, so I'm glad I caught it early. The unaffected bits of the bud I put out to dry as testers. After just a few days of drying those (little bits of bud dry fast), I couldn't wait to try it out anymore and put some in my handheld vape and learnt that it was good. It was as I had dreamt... my biggest fear had been that the potency of the weed would be much below what I'm used to from the dutch coffee shops, but it was not. It was good weed. Hallelujah. So in the second half of june, 13 weeks after germination, I harvested. Longer than the advertised time, but then I did not provide ideal circumstances either. And I still find it surprisingly fast. Had a good week of very sunny weather in the end there too, but there was rain on the way and I worried that there might be more toprot spores hiding on the plant, just waiting for enough water. Also the trichomes were looking good and mostly cloudy/white. I just now put the buds, that dried in my shed for a week, in jars for curing. The dry weight, with close to no more sizeable branches at all, came to 16g for the little plant (I think I should've let it bloom a bit longer, the buds are airy, the big plant's buds are much denser) and 46,5g for the big one. I had overestimated the weight it might be when the plants were wet, but 62,5g of quality weed for €22,00 is a great deal, if you ask me. Am going to try and do 2 grows of 2 plants every year now and provide for myself with a good deal left over to hand out to my closest friends as well, if with experience I can get to harvests of 50 - 100g per plant, which seems very attainable, considering my best plant was already almost at that low end. TLDR: Harvested 62,5g of great weed from two of these plants as an absolute beginner with minimal effort. Highly recommended! Will try other varieties in the future and review as well.


    Les graines sont pourries
    Les trois dernières graines ont littéralement pourries. Après une germination lente, la mise en terre s'est fait correctement mais les graines ont toutes "moisies" dans le terreaux. A fuir, qualité au plus bas...


    I received pips from you. However, none of them came out. I've been thinking about it for a few years and I've met with such a development for the first time. I am not satisfied with the package that you sent to me. The money went down the drain.


    staan nu 2 weken samen met 5x amnesia haze,gister 1 skunk er tussenuit gehaald,een herma vermoed ik,hele bossen zaadachtige hoesjes en vreemde trosjes als "topjes",beetje blauwdruif achtig vorm...,andere 2 gaan goed,laat ik nog van weten wat het eind resultaat word.

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht
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Super Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized
Super Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized