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Kanna Extract UC

 4.5/5 (18)

    Bon KANNA
    Le précédent était dans un etuit au fond plat cette fois fond rond mais le produit est le même Impossible de cromprendre l'effet ce qui est surement dut au traitement que j'ai mais c'etait sympa


    Super potent und gut verträglich. Ganz klar mein Favourit.


    Plant Power
    In combination with a couple of vodka shots, gives a nice and warm explosion in the brain!


    Excellent produit


    Now this is legit strong.


    You are certainly going to feel it
    The pretty small line made me feel awful, but I guess that's just me not getting along with kanna. If you want to know whether Kanna is for you, this is your product.


    Sehr gut
    Kann ich jedem empfehlen, ein angenehmer Rausch... Werde ich wieder bestellen...


    The stuff is strong. Kanna leaves are more relaxing but this brings the psychedelic vibes already in low doses. Smooth to sniff. Gonna give it 5/5


    75mg Insufflated
    We took 75mg, Insufflated and both felt like we were shot out of a cannon. Both ended up nauseous and a little freaked out for the first several minutes. Recommend scaling a first Insufflated dose way back.... maybe 25mg.... and work your way into a comfort zone. 75mg is too much right out of the gate. Just a bit of random advice. Otherwise, turned into a pretty smooth ride and we fell asleep within the hour.


    Nice chill
    Fine powder smells good, bitter taste if snuffed (I had around 70 mg), which made me a bit nauseous, but mango tea, a walk in nature and cbd helped against that. It gives you euphoric, energetic feeling, interior peace and makes you more aware of your senses and things happening around you. Nice relaxing chill, very positive first experience on my own that lasted 2 h + long afterglow


    sehr chillig
    angenehmes chillige Atmosphäre, leichte Sehschärfeverzerrung, hab das mit UC2 gemischt, bessere Wirkung, kleine Line davon reicht vollkommen um einen sehr erholsamen Abend zu erleben


    Ci sta
    Sicuramente lo consiglierei da provare, ma non penso di utilizzarlo abitualmente! Fa troppo male al naso e fumato o ingerito non ha un buon sapore! L'effetto è strano ma niente fi che, parli un po di più e sei preso bene!




    amusant ,subtile , une mini friandise, pour ceux qui trouve un gout infect et bien la Kanna avec un gout suave cela n existe pas, effets subtils mais plutot light, pour avoir le cerveau propulsé dans l arriere cours il faudrait consommer +/- 1g par heure , alors je dirais amusant au milieu d autres produits , je la trouve sympathique cette Kanna au final

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht