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Zammi Special (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

 4.5/5 (31)

    Die Samen fingen innerhalb eines Tages zu keimen an und entwickeln jetzt, ca. 25 Tage später, die bekannten fünfblättrigen Blätter. Und ich kann jetzt nicht behaupten dass ich hier professionelle Ausrüstung hatte, oder einem grünen Daumen mein Eigen nennen könnte! Also ich bin absolut zufrieden ...


    Main-Lining Project
    I ordered these seeds to see if I could main-line them! PERFECT SEEDS !! I have a beautiful plant with 4 huge main colas that are in bloom right now. I´m growing it outdoor and this season has been better than ever. I can only recommend this strain as it responds well to all the trainings and cuts it had to go through with me :)


    Ist okay
    Habe sie am samstag bestellt und sind am mittwoch angekommen sie keimen aber grade erst sind ganz okay 4/5


    3/3 germinadas, en solo 2 días!!!. No puedo esperar a recoger los cogollos. Una magnífica opción de inicio, no lo dudes .


    Très bonne variété, très productive et buds compact. Avis au amateur de skuff


    Sehr gut
    Wächst super schnell Zamnesia ihr seid die Besten


    Zammi spécial
    Comme d'habitude les produits sont bien. Bonne structure et développent de la plante :) Attends le stade final pour une petit soirée tranquille. @+


    réçues en cadeau
    elles ont bien germés.


    Goede kwaliteit zaden!


    Toutes les graines ont germé, grandissent vite et bien, sans doute vigoureuse


    zanmi beni
    germination en 2 jours a 100/100 ;a voir pour la suite .zanmi


    Super Produkt


    My very favorite!
    Dig this: I got a free seed last year. It germinated wonderfully. I was heartbroken when it was eaten by a slug (it fell asleep in the pot :-), and luckily the center was safe. Then my friend by accident nearly killed it. No!! I almost tossed it but then decided to replant it and give it another try. And you know what, it kept growing. Strong will!! And it became my favorite: Gentle, fine tasting, nice high, not too strong in order to stay active and productive. Can't wait to watch them grow this year. Zammi - heartwinner - no other for me!


    per il prezzo irrisorio sono venute una bellezza grazie zio Zam


    Zammi Special (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized
    Ich warte bis zum Frühling.


    100% de germination !!
    Bonjour à tous, Toujours satisfait de Zamnesia y'a pas photos niveau qualité de services et produit toujours au top !! Sur 10 graines 100% germées plus une Cash Express en Free germée. Je ne comprends pas certains qui on du mal avec cette étape, perso depuis de nombreuses années toutes mes graines on germée sans soucis et je pense que la qualité et moins souvent en cause que certains le pense.. Merci à vous l'équipe Zamnesia et big up a vous amis growers!!


    Zammi special
    Toute les graines ont bien germé


    This was the first fail after 10 years! Plant died after a week. The rest 2 plants (kalini asia and northern lights) are fine. I have high experience in this but...


    Toutes mes graines ont bien germé, bien 5 sur 5


    goeie zaden
    2 zaden kwamen allebei goed en mooi uit onder goede omstandigheden..


    Cool stuff
    Keimt und dann der wuchs hammer


    Powerfull Plant
    Germination 10/10. Good stuff




    Great suggestions ,Excellent customer service and the best products by far. Zami special looking good.


    Well, let me be the first to say...
    this was my first buy, then i profited from that airlines promotion & got myself some free gorilla glue auto & zkittlez, tried germinating 1 of each, they all popped to my great satisfaction (GGA 1st, ZSF & Monster zkittlez last) just on kitchen-towel paper between 2 plates, don't believe the numerous 1/2 stars comments who lack a green thumb or where they i think are trying to get free stuff from zamnesia, which is already very generous via its sales & other goodies. 4 stars cuz nothing is perfect but Allah ;) (4.99 stars is my true rating). Also got some monster bud mix which by the smell alone & it's attractiveness to insect life i know is gonna b the bomb. Oh & some clipper lighters that work wonders, (had a bad experience @ another seller). Ty zamnesia, u might b a bit on the expensive side, but 0 reproaches! keep up the good stuff.

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