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Blauwe Lotus 15x tinctuur (10 ml)

 4/5 (60)

    Helemaal verliefd!
    Wat is ze mooi, de blauwe lotus. Zoet van smaak, zacht en zo liefdevol. Een mooie ondersteuning om je bewustzijnsveld te verruimen en te beschermen. Een absolute aanrader voor vrouwen. En wat fijn dat je 100% functioneel bent en blijft in samenwerking met haar. Prima optie voor mama's met kids. Liefs.


    No good
    After applying some drops, it starts to burn really bad, like I just put a lot of pepper in my mouth. I've been getting more lucid dreams, but no good ones. I cannot recommend this, unfortunately.


    Relaxed & Contented
    First heard about this plant in the early 90s and only recently saw it available here on zamnesia. I've found it to be a very pleasurable experience, aleviates stress and seems to set a chilled somewhat dreamy vibe, it's kind of subtle but definitely effective. It also seems to lead to a good nights sleep with plenty of dreaming.


    Pas mal
    A testé, le goût est assez fort mais parfumé, donne un petit coup de boost


    It makes you high
    It isn't the effect of a good join but make you high really if you use the double of drops that here recomends you. I guess that the dosis recomendetion in this website is always for amatteurs, so , if you are habituated to experiment with drugs you'll need more drops. Good discover to get high naturally and legally and with a good price, and it doesn't makes you fun stomach as others as gloory morning or baby woodrose wich is bad becuse you can't eat during a lot of hours not to get sick.


    Heerlijk om in slaap te vallen
    Ik gebruik het voor het slapen gaan en val heerlijk en vredig in slaap. Vooral in deze moeilijke tijd waar we in zitten. Het maakt mijn hoofd leeg waardoor ik kan dromen en ze kan onthouden.


    Parfait pour passer un moment chill
    J'ai adoré la teinture, pas très fort, mais assez pour se relaxer et passer un bon moment. La dose plutôt 15-20 gouttes


    Not sure if it works
    But my dreams are often much more vivid than usual


    Un bon sentiment de bien être, pas une grosse défonce, mais juste ce qu'il faut pour profiter d'un peu de musique et de sérénité au soleil ! Etant anxieuse, ça me fait beaucoup de bien. 10 gouttes sur un demi sucre (car je ne trouve pas le gout agréable). Sinon pas déçue du produit ! Je recommande et en commanderais de nouveau.


    Thats wierd... 5 g. Of dried leafs as a tea, gave much more impact than this 🤔


    very nice stuff
    The recommended dose is enough to put me into a slightly psychedelic headspace (I'm rather sensitive to these kind of things). Dreams become much more vivid and oneirogenic images occur quite a lot. For relaxation and to take the edge off anxiety I prefer an even lower dose, 4-5 drops is often enough. I view it more as an additional aid than something to have intense effects on its own, and rather as a medical than a recreational thing - so I guess it's not the right stuff to space out. Higher doses (12-15 drops) did not have any additional effect for me. Either way, definitely something worth trying!


    good, just need more drops
    the recommended dosage is too low, as others wrote too. about 20-30 drops and i feel more relaxed. quiet good and really fast.


    Less than a chamomile - disappointing!!!
    It doesn’t work at all as in the description, it’s just a VERY LITTLE relaxing, even if you take more drops. Disappointing, waste of money


    J'ai pris 10 gouttes avant de lire dans mon lit le soir, cela m'a bien relaxé et décontracté. Bien dormi


    Lotus Azul 15x tintura (10 ml)
    Buen producto para dormir bien, pero si realmente no estás muy agitado y estresado. Si estás con cierta calma antes de dormir el producto funciona muy bien y el sueño es muy placentero y natural. Para dormir a causa de estrés muy fuerte quizás haya que doblar dosis o no sea lo más adecuado, por coste o por potencia...


    Todos estes produtos da smartshop nao funcionam. Comprei mais de 70€ em diferentes cápsulas e nenhuma fez efeitos. As trufas fazem efeito?


    Great product for enhancing dream recall
    Excellent for dream recall and psychedelic enhancement, combine with truffle microdose for synergic, stronger effect.


    15 gouttes dans un gin tonic et j'ai été décontracté pendant 1h...le goût n'est pas dérangeant.. super produit! Merci zamnesia


    Buon prodotto
    Prodotto efficace,peccato il prezzo sia un po eccessivo per la quantità proposta.


    Please read this review
    I have read some very mixed reviews about this product and was not sure whether to waste my time with it due to this. Well I am very glad I did! This is a very subtle product and it will most probably work better Vaped however it was taken in wine at about 10 drops a glass for 2 glasses over about 3 hours. The effects were subtle as I said yet very pleasing and one can understand why it is called and afrod... Of course people think this meand it will make one want to have sex (this is a bad understanding) what it seems to do is open the blood vessels making among other things the skin more sensitive to touch and increases relaxation. Hence if combined with the right mood etc..... It is a little like turning the main lights off and lighting candles if it were. The other effect was a very peaceful sleep. Definately a nice product at these quantities the effect are nothing out of this world yet very pleasing.


    Entspannt sehr gut
    Ich nutze es als Einschlafhilfe!Ich muß bedeutend mehr Tropfen nehmen, aber dann wirkt es sehr entspannend!Hilft mir das Grübeln einzustellen und los zu lassen!


    Se truk pue l amoniaque Ce produit n est vraiment pas naturelle et avec 12 à 20 goutes Aucun effet Juste un goût très fort et desagreable De L ARNAQUE ! Si seulement je pouvais réclamer un remboursement


    pas d'éffet.
    je n'ai pas eu d'éffet avec le doble de la dose 20goutes.


    Wirkung erst bei vielen Tropfen spürbar


    Quite weak, but nice effects
    The extract is quite weak. With the suggested dosage of 6-10 drops I feel basically nothing, maybe a bit more tired. When taking 25 drops sublingually I had quite a pleasant, albeit subtle experience; calming, grounding, and heart-opening. So far didn't quite manage to repeat that experience, maybe even higher dosages are required for a more consistent effects. With the subtle effects in mind it's quite expensive.


    Produit testé
    Pratique à consommer


    No effect
    Zero effect on me.... :-(


    I took up to 25 drops but had zero effects
    For me it had no effects, maybe it is different for somebody else. Would not order it again


    Good product and may work
    Have to experiment more, but seem to work.


    Bad taste but Nice effects
    Well i tried this yesterday after a few joints, and it kicked in very fast. The taste not good but i can compare this with mdma.


    No effect
    Guess this is one of those types of products which dont work for all people.


    Il lato positivo di questo prodotto sta nel fatto che è stata realizzata una tintura, questo rende facile e pratica la sua assunzione. Il lato negativo invece consiste proprio nel Loto Blu in se', tutte le volte che mi è capitato di provarlo infatti sono rimasto molto deluso dagli effetti, o forse dovrei dire dalla loro mancanza... Se preso in buona quantità e a stomaco vuoto, se siete sensibili e fortunati, forse riuscirete ad avere pochi minuti di relax e serenità, ma sinceramente non ne vale la pena. Se preso abbinato a degli alcolici, la mia impressione è che ammorbidisca e prolunghi l'effetto di questo ultimi e questo è probabilmente l'unico uso per cui ha un qualche significato il suo utilizzo. L' impressione generale non è tanto di poca efficacia in se', ma piuttosto di concetrazione non rilevante a produrre un qualche effetto significativo e riguardo il Loto Blu purtroppo non si tratta di un caso isolato.


    Sehr schönes schlafen!
    Ein gutes Produkt für den Preis! Ich nehme so 15-20 Tropfen eine halbe Stunde vor dem Schlafen gehen. Schmeckt sehr lecker einfach mit Wasser vermischt. Macht mich kurzzeitig wach für 20 min, danach kann ich aber super schlafen. Habe immer schöne Träume und wach Energie geladen auf. Auch bei weniger schlaf. Habe das Gefühl der Schlaf ist tiefer und intensiver. Möchte es gerne demnächst mal mit Wein mischen. Ein sehr gutes Produkt, immer wieder gerne. :-)


    just wanted to try this product
    but i didn't really feel any effect. It's not strong enough for me.


    Drogue de mémé
    Léger, relaxant, parfait après dîner avant d'aller dormir. Je pourrais en prendre avec ma mamie que ça me choquerait pas.


    Prima product
    Makkelijk in gebruik, een paar druppels aan je thee toevoegen en je slaapt als een roosje. Ik vindt dat het in combinatie met de witte lotus lekker rustgevend werkt. Aanrader wat mij betreft. Grootste nadeel? Ik vindt hem vrij prijzig.


    Relaxant et efficace
    Relaxant, léger.. et aussi, des petits trips avant de s'endormir.. Sympatoche :)


    Molto buono
    Facile da usare e funziona bene;)


    Blue Lotus tincture
    A wonderful product, relaxing and mildly intoxicating. As others have stated above, this really is a most pleasant sensation, and is particularly good about an hour or so before going to bed. I would recommend Blue Lotus tincture to everyone. Thanks again to the good [people at Zamnesia!


    Not the effects i was expecting
    Woah what can I say, very warming, and made me feel relaxed, I did go a bit over the recomended dosage. After taking this product im ravenous and want to eat everything in sight


    ik ondervind geen effect, spijtig van het geld.


    Not for me
    This product did not work for me. As another person said it is perhaps my particular biochemistry. But if I was looking to buy this product for the first time I think it is a small amount to pay for something that may suit you very well. It's always trial and error finding the right thing for your own body chemistry.


    Nice product
    I used this for the first time. I enjoyed the taste which was very similar to JD. On 10 drops I felt the effect kick in quite quickly. But also had another 10 drops about 15 minutes later. It was a very pleasant feeling . Relaxing and warm. There is nothing scary about this product it's very kind in the way it works.


    Efectos inexistentes, le he pasado una muestra a un compañero para que la coteje en su laboratorio por que esto es una estafa


    harmonisierend und leicht sedierend
    nach etwa 15 Tropfen und einer kurzen Wartezeit von rund 20min. fühlte ich eine sehr subtile Wirkung, die sich nach und nach aufbaute..Ich würde es als ein sehr harmonisches und friedliches Gefühl beschreiben..meiner Meinung nach sehr empfehlenswert, wenn man auch den feinen Nuancen etwas abgewinnen kann (Einnahme erfolgte am Morgen auf nüchternem Magen)


    too light
    not very afrodisiac, but nice feeling


    Light effect
    Smooth & Light effect, yet strong taste!


    Pleasant and relaxing
    The effects are guaranteed, to be taken in moderation but mostly from personal experience isn't to be used too often. For example, if you take it now wait at least 2/3 days before you take it back because otherwise the effect will be almost imperceptible. However, the effects are calm and happiness, sometimes psychedelic. I say psychedelic because it reminds me of the initial effects of the magic truffles, see the light and the dark in an unusual way.


    Love it
    Great remedy. Helps me sleep well and I don't need to sleep for eight hours anymore. Also calmer and more centred in the day. Highly recommended


    very nice efects

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht