Lange Vloei Glass Transparant King Size


De transparante King Size vloeipapiertjes van Glass zijn niet zo helder als glas maar ze zijn doorzichtig genoeg om te kunnen zien hoe strak je mix gerold is. Deze vloeitjes zijn gemaakt van 100% natuurlijke plantenvezels en zijn ook voor 100% biologisch afbreekbaar. Een boekje bevat 40 vloeitjes. Afmeting: 108mm x 34mm.

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Meer informatie
Lange Vloei Glass Transparant King Size Product Informatie
Type Lange Vloei
Merk Glass

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Reviews (28)

    Very good
    they feel like sweet plastic, but the rolling is very easy .... i like them very much


    Not a gimmick! Also useful for learning to roll joints.
    These papers would be great already if they would have merely been some gimmick. But it's *not* a gimmick. These are actually pretty good rolling papers, and at 40 papers per pack they aren't even expensive. Treat yourself to a gift, and buy this - you can't really go that far wrong at this price anyway, or can you? For people who still have to master the fine art of rolling a good joint, these fully transparent papers may be highly useful tools for learning this skill, as you can see perfectly well when, where, why and how things go wrong. Even the seasoned roller may still learn a thing or two by actually being able to see through the rolling paper. Highly recommended!


    Si rollano benissimo
    Possono sembrare cartine "complicate" o delicate, invece sono iper resistenti e si incollano addirittura molto più facilmente di tutte le classiche cartine. Bruciano lentamente e uniformemente, fenomenali


    una vita e mezza che le cerco ed ora mi costano meno di quelle normali meeeeeega figo!!!!!


    feuilles à rouler transparente zamnesia
    Bonne feuilles, sans mauvais gout, pour une bonne combustion des joins. Excellentes avec la beuh. Prix correct pour des grandes feuilles XXL.


    cambia il sapore
    non le consiglio cambiano i sapori di ciò che fumate


    Cómodos para liar, combustión más lenta y más natural... Excelentes


    Goos papers
    Good papers quality pretty sleek style case


    Damit fällt man auf
    Damit fällt man definitiv auf


    Mes feuilles préférées elles sont juste top

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Knowledge Base

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Lange Vloei Glass Transparant King Size
Lange Vloei Glass Transparant King Size