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Sticky Beast Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

 4.5/5 (384)

    Looking for a real review? (Beginner grower)
    Bought 3 and only planted 2. Same time. I made the mistake to replant from small to bigger container 3 times in total (is it really a mistake? normally yes for auto types) Finished with 13/14 liter pots. (still a slight too small, but is actually big ok). I didn't use a single nutrients add, only used general potting mix. i watered every 3-4 days. One of the plant maybe got stunted, idk but it started it's flowering state way before the second plant. They both had approx. the same size, but the one stunted was a bit smaller and did no sidebranches, so everything was on the main stem. This smaller stunted one gave a small 13.6g of dry harvest, while the other one who had its flowering 2-3 weeks later did sidebranches and i harvested the top stem before the lower ones. only top stem was already 10.4g while it has like maybe 2 times more still on the plant. i made the mistake to harvest a bit too late this one, resulting in having almost all trichomes amber, but i also had a water insufficient mistake which might have stunted her another time, at late flowering. This strain is for real a good one, sticky as hell when you harvest and a good high for a 16% thc. I only tasted the small one as it was harvested almost one month before the second one. Planted them both 2 may, harvested the small one the 16 july and the second one 12 august (yeah, 1-2 weeks too late, was a big mistake from me, hope the bud will still give a good high.)


    1op 6 overleefde.
    3 kwamen nooit op, 2 gaven het op voor ze 2 cm waren. 1 lijkt het te halen en is nu 15cm


    sticky beast
    4 graines sur 5 ont germées donc plutot satisfait pour le coup, a voir ce que sa donne à la récolte!


    Sticky beast autoflower
    Ik heb 3 zaadjes ontkiemt en alle 3 na 2 dagen tussen nat keukenpapier zag ik al wortels komen en in kleine potjes gedaan,na 1,5 week overgepot in 20 liter emmers zo snel groeide ze en nu zijn ze 3 weken oud heb ik 3 planten van zo'n 40 cm hoog en al leuke zijtakken ben benieuwd hoe de rest gaat,tot nu echt heel blij.Nu komt er een lekkere warme periode aan na grijs en miezerig weer dus hopelijk gaan ze nu nog harder ,zo benieuwd hoe het verder gaat.....


    Mooi maar geen 7-8 weken
    Zien er heerlijk uit maar zijn na 11 weken onder lamp nog steeds niet klaar


    Very Small
    Honestly i can't complain much since i won these 3 Seeds on a scratchcard. In a 6.3l pot she reached 30cm, is in full flower in week 5 now i won't get much out of it, i'm a bit dissapointed on this side. But the smell is beautiful already.. She grew super slow in the beginning. Not sure if it's the strain or the specific seed, since i used 1 of 3. i feel like i pulled the wrong one out and thought it might be the fertilizer, asked support what the issue could be, 1 Guy said too much, another one said too less. The plant was under a 160W at this moment. I used barely any, 1 drop of Vitasol for the mycorrhizae and 1 of X-cel for the N part on 1 liter of water after a week. i maybe gave the plant 50ml overall from the fertilized water. It was also growing on Coco / perlite during the seedling phase at PH 5.5-6. I transfered to a 6.3L Pot with tomatosoil after 14 days at Ph 6.2. Now during flowering she gets 6.7 to 6.8 with fertilizer every 5 days and shes standing outside. I know of the Outdoor potential of a plant which makes me think again why it just grew to 30cm and went straight to flowering. I'm just wondering if it's an outsider or if the other ones grow to the same height which is really small. But none the less, the support was very kind and let me chose new ones! Runtz feminized it was. thank you so much again! it really means alot!


    Il servizio Zamnesia è rapido e puntuale e risponde alle aspettative. Purtroppo nessuno dei 10 semi piantati è germoliato nonostante abbia rispettato le fasi lunari e la posa nel terriccio. Spero di essere più fortunato in futuro.


    Petite taille petits effets et petit rendement Déçu


    Stickie beest
    Top zaadjes , Kwamen uit zonder enige moeite Goede tips meegekregen van de site Goede service. , snel , Top site !!!! Top zaadjes !!! En hopenlijk. Top sh**t.


    Great stuff
    Nice seeds .Great plant easy to grow


    Alle sind gekeimt und wachsen
    Alle drei Samen sind gekeimt und wachsen nun im Garten (aktuell ca. 20cm) Zur Sorte kann ich darüberhinaus noch nichts sagen


    Bon produit
    Toutes les graines ont germés plus qu’à attendre la fin


    the best
    toute les graine on germé je recommande


    Germinazione ultrarapida e resa importante


    so sticky :)


    alles bestens
    alles hat gekeimt ....mal schauen wie es weiter geht


    Variété très resistante
    Étant encore débutant je cherchais une variété robuste et simple à cultiver pour me faire la main, et très franchement j'ai vraiment pas été déçu. Variété auto super résistante, pardonne les erreurs, a résisté à deux types de nuisibles particulièrement destructeurs de plantes, a repoussé les moisissures de surface et a donné une magnifique récolte malgré le temps pourri et les conditions compliqués de cultivation. Je recommande! 30g sec.


    Sehr zufrieden 🤙


    Les 3 ont germées.toujours au top Zamnesia. Merci


    Sticky beast
    Pour la germination jamais de soucis il suffit d'oublier le coton et semer une graine dans un petit pot filmer percés de qq trous et en qq jours quand votre bb est bien partit mettez le en pot final...Sinon la sticky beast sur les 3 j'en ai 2 qui tire coté Indica et la 3e un monstre avec des buds comparable à la Bubba Kush ou la Wedding cake par contre il est ecrit 8/9 weeks from seed to harvest sauf que cela est faux il vous faudra 26-30jours de croissance puis 7/8 semaines de flo sino sur les 3 plants ils ont depassés 1m a 1,40m pour le + haut actuellement en séchage les branches se plient comme des cuillères de Tyron Spong dommage que la variété soit pas stabilisée sinon j'aurais mis 5*


    Come da promesse
    Prodotto arrivato in una velocità stratosferica!! Oltre che di qualità altissima Grazie ragazzi


    Prima volta...
    Per il momento tutto ok!


    Stickey Beast Auto
    Erster Grow, alles lief bestens, Samen gingen auf und Ertrag war auch gut.


    Bestellung kam nach 3 Tagen an. Alle 3 Samen sind gekeimt los geht's hahhaha


    Nice autoflowering variety
    Easy to grow, takes relatively short time and usually grants a decent harvest.


    Sticky Beast :) alltime fav
    Sticky Beast is the best for all those that don't want to do a lot..... just place them in 15-22 liter pots and watch them grow ....without training the plant will yield regularly between 50/60g for the bubblegum phenos and the OG phenos and over 70+ for the critical lasting phenotypes I prefer the bubblegum lasting phenos for the taste and the OG ones will get u the most bang


    4 of 5 germinated so that's alright


    Best seeds
    100 % grew up, easy to handle, nice harvest, smooth turn...


    Sehr Zuverlässig
    Habe bis jetzt eine 100% Keimquote. Letztes Jahr in Jiffys, diese Jahr einfach in Erde. Bin wirklich sehr zufrieden.


    Sehr Gut!
    Richtig gefallen. Kann nur weiter empfehlen.


    Plante robuste et facile à cultiver. Rendement correct mais sans plus. Relativement content du strain, belles fleurs.


    Stickey Beast Auto
    My first grow. Nice & easy. I did a grow diary. See... htt ps:// Thanks Zam.


    Alles samen haben gekeimt und es ergab ein super Ergebnis!!! Bin sehr zufrieden!!!!


    Amazing always
    Always a pleasure to explore Zamnesia genetics and have the outstanding vigour of growth and vitality, flavour and yield but most importantly the power! They have so many exploitable genes for your preferable effects!


    Absolutely Nice and beautiful
    2 of 3 seeds became plants, which was fairly enough. They grew fast and without complications in front of the window. Quite good yield, and spread a very fruity and delicious odor even months after drying and also taste very nice. We’ll meet again next year for sure.


    Good Seeds
    Schnelle Keimung und ein guter Ertrag.


    niquel en guerilla
    super dans la jungle


    Au top .
    Germination en 3 jours pour toutes les graines. Plus cas attendre. Merci beaucoup zamnesia.


    Une souche fantastique
    un ÉNORME coup de cœur ! (comme ses buds d'ailleurs) Cette souche a une très bonne génétique, elle a un super développement racinaire, une structure solide, son ratio temp de pousse/production est hallucinant, et elle est parfaite pour du LST et du Scrog. Je cultive en indoor, avec LED et uniquement en biologique, et les récoltes sont sublimes :) Au niveau du goût, que dire... c'est l'assemblage parfait entre trois de mes souches préférées, et avec de subtils changement au niveau de l'engraissage, on peut jouer sur la prédominance gustative d'une des trois souches (par exemple, sur la même récolte, j'ai eu un pied avec un goût très fruité typé cassis et le côté OG), et sur un autre pied un goût super floral, fruité et mielleux du à ses origines Bubblegum+Critical). Bref, c'était un coup de cœur la premier fois, puis j'en ai recommandé, puis recommandé... et c'est sûrement loin d'être terminé :D Bon jardinage à tous !


    3/5 germinated
    3 seeds out of 5 germinated. Good plant, easy to grow, big hatvest, good harvest very good!


    Ppffffouah ! Amazing strain.
    To get good weed, you need to give your plants lots of love, Maria doesn't grow just looking at it, so if you fail, this might not be the fault of this seed bank which makes amazing products... Sticky Beast is one of those > Perfect seedling (I gave seeds beneficial microbes and fungus as soon as seeds were sprouting, then on a regular basis during all the life cycle > check white shark fungus, amazing product...!), fast grow, resistant to pest and mold, doesn't grow that high, pretty small plant in a pot of 11L. Ideally, SCROG it indoor, you'll be reward ! The smell is absolutely amazing and very intense. Dry it, cure it well !!! Wait minimum 2 weeks for curing in glass jars, then, light it up.... this cloud ! Oh my gosh. I rarely tasted such an amazing weed in 25 years of smoking pot and I've been living in Cali for a while... The high starts clear, you can stay social, no problem ! Then, later, you'll feel very relax, perfect for a chill afternoon with friends or even a trippy walk in nature. Congratulation for the great work Zamnesia, just insane. I'll definitely buy some again. Namaste


    Sticky Beast Automatic - Grown outdoors in pot
    I planted this in a pot with soil and put it outdoors. Fertilized regularly. Very nice plant, lovely smell. Great taste. Not much harvest - around 15g from one plant.


    Super Seeds
    Leicht Anzubauende Seeds. Sofort alle zum keimen gebracht. Sehr schöner Bush.


    Mooie Plantjes!
    Sticky Beast , goede kiemkracht en plantjes groeien goed! Nu na 4 weken in bloei... Probeer 50gr p plant te halen, we gaan het zien... Leuk oefen plantje, is erg sterk en laat zich goed trainen!!


    Good But not much
    Really nice taste, but yield was underwhelming; 15 g per plant, very different from the lable promises. I might have done something wrong, but they were well nourished. Taste is amazing tho.


    Sticky Beast Automatic
    Ich kann keine Bewertung für Sticky Beast Automatic abgeben, da von 5 Samen keine gekeimt hat. Es wurde mir gesagt, daß die Samen zu tief in der Erde war. Ich habe dies nochmal geprüfte, da ich jeder Arbeitsablauf schriftlich Dokumentieren. Gemäß meiner Unterlagen war alles im grünen Bereich.


    Good stuff
    I'm a novice - seeds very good and all grown well and quickly. Service from Zamnesia is excellent!


    schöne optik, leckerschmecker geruch und sehr guter turn! ! sehr schlanker wuchs,ca 30-40cm. höhe ca 70cm outdoor. vom keimen bis ernte(bernsteinfarbig ,weiß 50-50).benötigten sie 4 monate ,von juni bis oktober . ertrag = zufriedenstellend . sehr einfach und pflegeleicht früher im jahr angefangen geht da bestimmt noch mehr


    So far so good
    I planted two out of five seeds a


    Bin zufrieden...2 von 2 Samen sind gekeimt und gute kräftige Ladies geworden...trocken zwischen 30 und 40 pro Pflanze. Geschmack ist okay Haut aber nicht vom Hocker

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht