Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel)


Deze reserve ballon met adapter is geschikt voor de Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic, Volcano Hybrid, Volcano Digit en Easy Valve.

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Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel) Product Informatie
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Reviews (2)

    Funciona perfectamente...para mi gusto prefiero un globo 10 CMS más grande pero en cuanto lo reemplace así haré..Buen producto e insuperable calidad precio..Aconsejó comprar lo menos posible por Amazon este y cualquier otro..


    So easy to use
    I've had my volcano since 2006, which then came with the normal chamber and balloon valve and it was always such a hassle cleaning it out. Since my old volcano broke (It sadly fell on the floor) , I got a new one last year which came with the easy valve and balloon with adaptor. This to me is such a better product. The balloons are ready to use and when the balloon itself gets dirty, it's so much easier to replace and fit in a new balloon. Cleaning out it also a piece of cake and goes very fast. I'm not sure how long I can keep reusing this one but so far I'm a couple months in and really enjoying it. There's no vapor escape so far and the orange plastic bit is light but sturdy. the balloons are held well and like I said, easy to discard and place a new one.

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Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel)
Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel)
Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel)
Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel)
Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel)
Volcano - Ballon Met Adapter (Storz & Bickel)