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Klip Dagga - Leonotis nepetifolia

 4/5 (14)

    Très fun
    fou rire garanti

    V. C.

    Livré sous forme de poudre et petites branches, pas idéal si on recherche un substitut au tabac. Ca dépend de la quantité en réalité, c'est très agréable à "ajouter" dans un joint, histoire de soupoudrer pour que ça tasse mieux. Personnellement j'utilise du Ginko et/ou d'autres substituts sans nicotine comme substitut au tabac et j'y ajoute un peu de Klip Dagga quand je veux mettre moins de cannabis dans mes joints.

    L. M.

    Klip Dagga, vaped
    Nice taste and a subtle note of euphoria. Works as a replacement for tobacco. Great mood enhancer.

    J. P.

    Zero flowers. but ok
    I mean, i know that in the description it says the products is made out of leaves but actually the klip dagga best potential is in the flowers in my opinion so to me this is a very poor product. Anyway I still use this in some smoking blends and it kind of adds body to the blend, but another problem is that when it arrived, a big portion of it was powdery and so it didn't fit the smoking purpose, and considering the fact that klip dagga is kind of bitter when infused into water it limitates my wish of using it.

    S. R.

    Para mí no vale.
    No noté ningún efecto, debe de ser para fumar, por que haciendo té no me hizo nada. Tiene un sabor bastante amargo, por lo que para mí está descartada.

    D. B.

    Very good substitute to cannabis or tobacco
    I have been smoking it instead of weed and tobacco and works well with me. Good taste and mild effects.

    J. R.


    M. A.

    je deconseille
    Pour remplacer le tabac ds un joint

    P. B.

    Very cleansing!
    Ok, I want to keep this short, so: smoked and drank it. At first it was relaxing and calm. After a while, I felt the bloodcirculation go wild in my gums, so I took some painkillers. It was really bothering me. They weren't of any use. It took a while to 'fade away', but after that, wow! My heart was bumping euphoria! It was all just goood after that. It felt like it was cleansing my gums. Also it made my nose super runny. It really made me 'empty'. Good stuff! Next time I'm not going to consume it as much as I did

    E. H.

    i didn't feel anything diffrent after smoking the dagga. i doens't taste bad so now i use it in joint instead of tabacco. would recommend as subsitute for tabacco not for the dagga it self.

    C. R.

    very very bad taste
    very very bad taste, no effect at all. maybe for someone you never smoke weed will be effective

    K. G.

    J'ai mis 8g dans une infusion, le gout est amer mais on se sent posé bien bon 2h, je conseille !

    T. B.
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