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San Pedro Crested (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata)

 5/5 (58)

    Wie cool sieht der bitte aus? o.O
    Also ich muss wirklich sagen, Zamnesia überzeugt mich einfach immer wieder mit seiner unglaublich guten Qualität. Ich habe hier sogar bessere Kakteen erhalten, als ich in manchen Kakteen Fachshops bekommen habe. War wirklich total hin- und weg, besonders von diesem Exemplar, er ist wunderschön und befindet sich bei mir gerade in einem Bewurzelungssubstrat und sieht einfach nur mega cool aus. Mir macht das wirklich Freude, ihn anzusehen. Er erinnert mich ein bisschen an ein Hirn, meine Schwester meinte er sieht aus wie ein Po. Hahahaha. Auf jeden Fall bereitet er mir sehr viel Freude und ich freue mich schon, wenn sich genug Wurzeln gebildet haben und ich ihn in meine Spezialerde umtopfen kann. :D Danke Zamnesia

    L. V.

    Cactus fresco e ben lo immaginavo piu piccolo e invece sono stato piú che soddisfatto!!!

    M. A.

    Cactus único!

    J. S.

    einfach Spitzen Qualität !
    Ich habe einen wirklich tollen Steckling erhalten, groß und gesund und natürlich wie immer sehr gut verpackt. Der Stamm ist über 20cm lang!!! Sofort eingetopft und an einen ruhigen Platz gestellt, damit sich der Steckling eingewöhnen kann. Meine Kaktussammlung wächst........ Vielen Dank Zamnesia

    A. B.

    Mooie cactus
    Blij mee

    D. W.

    Ein wunderschöner sauberer schnitt der sehr gut verheilt ist, kleine wurzeln sieht man auch schon Kann mich keinerweise aufregen :) Hab sehr oft gelesen dass er größer ist Als in der Beschreibung, da Kann ich mich nur anschliesen Ahja, sehr sicher und ordendlich verpackt der Kandidat hat keine schäden oder druckstellen von Transport abbekommen. Hab schon sehr viel und oft bei zamii bestellt, immer ist es gut angekommen.

    E. G.

    Boo ya
    Epic cactus, very nice.

    S. J.

    Happy days

    L. F.

    The cactus is arrived quickly, beautiful , healthy. Thank you!

    A. S.

    Envoi rapide et beau produit
    Exellent produit, taille et aspect conforme, a commencé a faire des racines avant meme la mise en pot !

    L. H.

    Beautiful cactus
    Looks very healthy and fresh. Hopefully it will root well. Worst case scenario, I’ll eat it, but I’d rather have a living cactus. These can be so beautiful.

    D. K.

    Buen esqueje
    Me llego en perfectas condiciones ,bien envalado y sin golpes,tambien venia cicatrizado,llevaba varios dias cortado y es de agradecer para evitar moho dentro del paquete.Ademas zamnesia siempre es generoso y me envio un buen tamaño. Gracias

    R. V.

    unfortunately this little guy didn't last long. I did everything by the book and it just died...

    I. M.

    Una auténtica maravilla
    Sembrado hace unos ocho meses. Enraizó a las pocas semanas y empezó a crecer... Hasta la parada del invierno. Algo delicado al sol directo. Vino en perfectas condiciones y bastante más grande de lo que esperaba.

    V. V.

    Crested Echinopsis Cutting
    Beautiful clean cutting from a well cared for mother plant. My cutting is large -its the size of my palm - excellent for quicker propagation. I was tempted to cut it into two, but the fan shape is so appealing you want to see how it further develops… It’s nice to handle: smooth - no spines on my specimen. It’s cool and heavy : well hydrated. I potted it in cactus soil 3 weeks ago, and water sparingly. It is thriving in the window sill. It’s a grateful grower. It’s so pleasant to touch - I find myself stroking it every time I check up on it. Thank you for my new ( unexpected) plant/pet !

    S. B.

    Bin sehr zufrieden. Gesunde Pflanze und etwas größer als angegeben. Mir fehlt bloß eine detaillierte Anleitung zum einpflanzen.

    M. P.

    Echinopsis pachanoi cristata
    Bouture en excellent état déjà cicatrisée, elle a mis à peine 3 semaines à raciner

    P. D.

    Ik heb géén ander woord voor deze prachtige San Pedro stek. Nu maar hopen dat het aan gaat slaan.

    M. K.

    perfect everytime
    ive brought quite a few cactus from zamnesia now, and everytime they deliver a beautiful cactus. comes very quick to the uk, generally get the package within a week, and the servive is great. brilliant shop

    L. W.

    Goed, in zoverre verwacht kan worden. Enige (lichte) schimmel vorming op de snijwonde. (Gewoon voorzichtig afschrapen en dan in aarde zetten.) Staat nu al een week of 2, 3 wortels te schieten. Ik zou meer info geven, maar ey, de kortingscode voor de review wacht op niemand.

    N. M.

    San pedro a crête
    Parfait merci beaucoup

    A. E.

    Bouture MAGNIFIQUE!!
    Comme d'hab, les boutures envoyées sont splendides!! Pour la taille la plus petite à même pas 20 euros, la bouture est déjà très bien développée! En jardinerie classique ils ne vendent que des variétés plus developpées mais pour 70 euros!! Celle à est verte quasi fluo tellement elle est en pleine santé!! Rien à dire Zamnésia champion des boutures!!

    E. R.

    Cactus muy bonito

    M. C.

    Great addition to my collection
    I like cacti and wanted to grow a few rare species so ordered one as soon as i saw it, a bit different to the standard San Pedro

    L. T.

    Mutant echinopsis
    This beast was perfectly calyxed , I say beast because after no more than 2 weeks was this cactus rooted, then transplanted, and is now getting loads and loads of love and care! Which is already resulting in some growth! A truly magical cactus!

    B. D.

    Semplicemente stupendo!!

    N. M.

    Come da descrizione!

    A. B.

    Very nice cutting, rooted fast
    Cool stemless cutting, placed it in perlite and it rooted within a few weeks and is looking very healthy.

    S. S.

    come da foto
    arrivata in ottime condizioni

    R. N.

    san pedro a crete
    très beau et arrivé en bon état. Maintenant il faut de la patience pour le voir pousser

    B. H.

    Crested San Pedro
    Goed toegekomen en het plantje is erg mooi. Nu nog een paar jaar vertroetelen met mate en terughoudendheid, uitzoeken wat het minst vieze recept lijkt, en dan zullen we het hopelijk ervaren.

    O. P.

    perfecte staat
    Snelle levering, goede staat! Heel tevreden

    I. V.

    Good quality cutting.
    The cutting i have received was from a good quality, as with any cacti i left it in the open air for 2 weeks to reduce the chance for mold and rot, than after 2 weeks it found a new home in dry cactus soil to make it develop a root system. Overall, a good quality cutting, good packaging and fast shipping.

    T. R.

    beautiful cactus
    I really liked the shape of the cactus. The delivery was fast and the cactus was in a very good condition. Well done!

    N. M.

    Bella Talea ma...
    Come detto è una bella Talea ma abbiamo riscontrato della muffa sulla cuticola che ricopriva la polpa ed addirittura in un punto stava attecchendo anche nella polpa stessa, con un operazione siamo riusciti a rimuoverla e metterla a dimora comunque, speriamo riesca a radicare e crescere ugualmente

    M. M.

    Stemmed variant
    I ordered two pieces of this cactus, both stemless and stemmed. Two hefty pieces (nearly 2,5 kg together) arrived in perfect condition within a week. Great customer service as always. Already made the order for Lophophora...

    F. G.

    Forme martienne non identifié
    Bien reçus propre et non contaminé. Je l’ai planter il prend et pousse très vite.... . Me tarde de goûter et voyager sous mescaline.

    G. I.

    It came moldy
    I love this plant and am trying to save it but it did come very moldy so lost about 1/3 of it

    A. D.

    San Pedro crested
    The cactus came in heavily infected with molds. Zamnesia said they were sorry to hear that and without hesitation proposed to send another one, or give me a coupon for another purchase. I chose for another cactus and it arrived soon, in perfect state! Thanks Zamnesia!

    B. V.

    Lo esperaba más grande. Aunque en cuanto a salud, llegó perfecto. Se plantó y está enraizando perfectamente. Es un cactus precioso. Como planta ornamental es precioso. No sé decir en cuanto al contenido de mescalina, puesto que no lo he comido.

    M. B.

    I am a beginner for what concerns cactus, but, really, very easy to grow: just choose the right soil, put the cactus in, nothing, water only on accasion; well, at least, with me, that works, I have been following Zamnesia advices from the blog. But you are in another time frame: unlike weed or mushs, when you changes in days or weeks, here, you just see nothing, it will take months for the roots to develop and only then the plant will grow I guess

    C. V.

    Beautiful cactus, beautiful high
    Without a lot of research I decided to try this cactus by slicing it up and eating it as it is. I made slices which I chewed (with the skin and the core- all of it), was too lazy to make any research at that point. the high came slowly and it was very mellow, you are not tripping balls on this, just enhanced light, and funny euphoric feeling. A few hours later in the trip I puked (ofcourse) and then a hard headache followed. Visuals stayed beautiful and enhanced, ( nothing moving though, just enhanced surroundings)

    E. G.

    So nice, what a beautyfull cactus.
    Well what can i say, just as expected, a nice pattern and fast delivery, and it already started to building roots after just 4 days. I am sure it will be a strong and long lasting joy to see it grow. nearly 400 Gramm

    R. A.

    San Pedro Cristaat.
    Grote Cristaat voor € 19,95. Goed gedroogde cutting ~ afscheuring? Zag eruit zoals op plaatje en inderdaad, een plaatje. Nu gedroogd en gepot nog 9 cm. hoog en 8 cm. breed met een dikte van ruim 6 cm. Een hersenstam in 't groen. Verzamelaars en Liefhebbers, Aanrader!

    A. H.

    5 star
    Very happy with quality and delivery. Will be ordering again.

    J. C.

    Most beautiful cacti I've ever seen. It looks healthy, just waiting for them roots to show up now. Going to take some time, be patient! Thanks zamnesia I will keep on buying your products for sure. 5stars!

    M. M.

    Gorgeous Cactus
    I recieved the cactus in peerfect condition. It looked even better than in the picture. It developed roots without any effort after placing in soil in about a week. And of course the speed of delivery from zamnesia is fantastic!!

    S. S.

    Very pretty healthy cactus developed roots without any effort. Vary satisfied, thanks

    A. D.

    Great cactus
    Fast delivery. I'm very happy with the cactus it's a nice size just waiting to see if it roots

    D. B.

    The Cactus arrived in a very good condition, looks really healthy and it seems that it wants to live and make roots.Thanks for growing this beautiful cactus, it's one more, very special member of the family of medicine plants in my collection!

    P. T.
    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht