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Pocket Torch Lighter Freestyle

 4.00/5 (19)

    Goeie aansteker
    Goede prijs kwaliteit


    lo uso spesso è fa paura ottimo prodotto!!!


    Voor de kleine pyromaan
    Wel een beetje gauw leeg (door het vele gebruik, hehe). Bij mij ging soms de vlam niet direct aan bij het openen/indrukken. Je hoort het gas eruit gaan, zonder vlam. Even opnieuw klikken en dan doet 'ie het meestal wel. Gelukkig navulbaar.


    Muy bonito y buen funcionamiento
    Ha llegado muy rápido y funciona muy bien y un color muy chulo, verde


    Great looking, small lighter
    Very nice


    Better than expected
    The lighter opens up automatically when you click the button. With my previous lighters you had to remove a cap manually, which would get very hot when you put it back on after use, potentially burning your fingers when you decide you want more. Not with this lighter. It's a small difference, but makes it much more convenient. It also closes automatically when you release the button, extinguishing the flame immediately, even when the gas keeps running for a while. Other lighters tended to keep burning during that period, so this one is much safer. I'll have to see how long it lasts, but so far I'm very happy with it. The price is excellent too. The only downside is that you can't pick the colour. I got a bright pink one, which is the one colour I hoped I wouldn't get. But it's such a minor thing (and also mentioned in the description) that I don't want to rate it any lower for that.


    Couleur au hasard
    Dommage que l'on ne peut choisir la couleur... j ai eu du rose et c est bien la seule couleur que je n aime pas. Ceci dit, le produit reste fonctionnel.


    Very good lighter
    Excellent, doesn't fail to burn any kind of material!


    Excellent lighter
    It burns my product in the correct manner. Very nice!


    buon accendino
    buon accendino, considerato il prezzo molto economico, funziona bene


    Buen Producto
    Buenas calidades, potencia, capacidad, tamaño y precio. Contento


    not so strong... broken the switch..


    Excellent low cost torch lighters
    I love these little torch lighters. They are very handy and have a multitude of uses, They are easy to refill, and appear to be solidly built, so I expect them to last a long time. The low cost is a major plus.


    Works perfectly, choice of colour would be appreciated
    Works brilliantly but it is a bright hot pink. I don't mind too much but it'd make sense to be able to choose your colour.


    Naja... Für das Festival-Wochenende
    Preis Leistung stimmt ;-)


    Pratique et robuste
    Petit chalumeau bien pratique et de conception robuste, rien à redire. En revanche, ça serait bien de pouvoir choisir la couleur au moment de l'achat.


    Very strong and good shaped lighter!


    Petit mais fait le taff

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht