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Zamnesia Kweek Set (Zamnesia's Choice) 1200ml

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    Mystery Box
    Good option if you want to try new strains and save some money. Got Treasure Coast and PES amazonian. Just harvested first flush, it was all good. Awesome customer service as usual. Thanks guys.


    la qualité des champis était top, par contre soit j'ai fais une erreur, soit le kit était contaminé. Attaqué par la moisissure, je n'ai eu qu'une toute petite récolte avant destruction.


    Je crois avoir fait une bêtise...
    Après avoir suivi méticuleusement le mode d’emploi, j’ai tout de même réussi à noyer ma box... une semaine après la mise en place, je me suis rendu compte que le pain était gorgé d’eau, rien n’y fait, après trois semaine toujours rien... les boules, cette box m’a été offerte par Zamnesia après la réception d’une box ne fonctionnant pas.


    Loved it
    It's my first grow kit and am on my 3 flush loved it ordering again ?


    Great flushes!
    So I ordered two grow kits and set them up at the same time. The first kit started to show pins after 15 days and by day 20 the mushrooms were fully grown and the veils were beginning to rip so I harvested them. I was worried the second kit was a dud as it was getting the exact same treatment and conditions as the first box but I remained patient and pins started to show around day 21. By day 27 (maybe) this kit had even bigger mushrooms than the first kit. I actually harvested this kit twice without re-submerging it for a second flush. It had a lot of small mushrooms on one end of the box and huge mushrooms on the other end so I just harvest the big guys and waited 3 days and I harvested the rest. Both kits have now been set up for a second flush each. I have yet to test drive the fruits but I'm delighted with the amount I have gotten so far. This is my first time doing anything like this and it was relative simple. Oh I should say I did use the heat mat that is available on this site. Just one heat mat for two boxes was enough.


    Couldn't be happier then buying from Zamnesia
    originally i was a little con concerned with the kit as it arrived and it didnt seem as "fruitful" as my first purchase (again i could not of been happier with my first kit from zamnesia) but after contacting customer support they had SWIFT and EXTREMELY helpful response to my concerns with this kit and am now over the moon. will defiantly using zamnesia for future needs!


    Very Bad :((
    Hello Zamnesia i am very happy with others items from you.. but your grow kit is very bad, no steril, no much mushrooms and its shutgun method, no airfilter. I work sterile make selfmade boxes very nice grows.. have make more box from you but it was from supa grow and fresh mushroom.. every work very good. Please realease your mushroom kits!


    not again Zamnesia sets
    thats not acceptable i bought two of this boxes and i had almost no output. I worked verry clean and sterile, After two weeks i saw no pins but the mycelium looked. after 3 weeks i had 6 pcs in one box and the second box was still empty, so i started the process again. but vain... so 2 boxes 6 pcs ps: props to the guy from the support he tried to help me but without success. :(


    Did not work.
    Always handled the kit in a sterilized manner, and followed the instructions given however the ones provided were not clear. The mycelium continued to visibly grow for around two weeks which is then seemed to halt, no pinning occured after the 2 weeks which is what the guides say, however upon research, it stated that this particular strain can take up to 3 weeks so i allowed for this time. after 3 weeks still no further growth or pinning was observed and cobweb mould was beginning to form, and the bottom of the substrate was black and seemed rotten. I would advise to avoid these grow kits and prepare your own grow chambers and inoculate them with a spores syringe. Delivery took just over a week to the UK


    moi amazonien _ toute petite recolte !
    moi amazonien toute petite recolte ! 50gr frais bof - pourtant j ai respecté les regles ???? sinon tres content kit de truffes toutes pretes toutes fraiches

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