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Sour Diesel (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

 4/5 (13)

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    Alle gekeimt und wächst super


    au top
    bonne qualité


    Deden het prima buiten. Grote gezonde planten, veel grote volle toppen Gewoon gevoed met bio voeding van action


    not the worst, not the best.
    RQS version of sour diesel, short and simple. i grew mine short and bushy which they also wanted to somehow naturally. did not need LST that much. VERY bushy strain! they did not eat (fertilizer) that much in my experience and would quickly show if they had just a tad too much. not much to say about the flower run. they grew dense, not that tall and smelled like pine. they went hermie in the middle of the run and had a few seeds here and there. not totally stable i would say. the weed smells sour but no diesel notes or smells. its perfect for me with the average thc amounts, the high is happy, euphoric and slightly energetic. in my opinion, really nice weed! i will grow this strain again but not RQS version of it.


    Pessima pianta per outdoor
    Purtroppo con un po di vento i rami si sfibrano e si rompono. Da quel che vedo al momento i fiori sono miseri e con internodi lunghi, mi è venuta voglia più di una volta di tagliarle e buttarle via. Per fortuna avevo differenziato il giardino e le piante cresciute da altri semi stanno andando benissimo.


    Dommage ...
    Au moment de tout mettre à germer, aucun probleme. 4 espèce différentes, tout à germé. Il y a juste mes 3 graines de Sour diesel qui ont à peine sorties le bout d'un germe, mais rien de plus. Et voila, 20 euros à la poubelle... j'ai du tomber sur un mauvais lot... Est il possible d'obtenir un avoir ou quelque chose ?


    Sweet buds


    Just sprouted
    I planted just one seed and it sprouted within 24 hours. Can't say more than that for now.


    Super ertrag, super klebrig und brutaler geruch!!!


    Bester Diesel
    100% Keimrate ! Top gesunde Jungpflanzen, mal gucken wie es weiter geht !


    Arrived fast and a 100% success, will deffo be coming back for more !!

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