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Peruvian Torch (Echinopsis peruviana)

 5/5 (79)

    Rien a dire. Parfait.


    frisch und hochpotent geliefert
    Von der Bestellung bis zur Lieferung einwandfrei! Ich habe die beiden Unterarm langen Stücke in Scheiben geschnitten (Vorsicht Stacheln) und im Dörrautomaten getrocknet. Bei 40° Grad hat das ca. 48Std gedauert, bis ich sie komplett getrocknet in der Kaffeemühle zu Meskalinpulver verarbeiten konnte.Wir haben das Pulver mit heißem Tee vermischt, mit ganz viel Honig getrunken.Ich würde es kein zweites Mal machen, zu bitter schmeckt der Meskal auch mit Honig.Ich glaube das Pulver aufgeteilt auf mehrere Kapseln, macht es etwas leichter mit der Einnahme. Der Meskalingehalt ist auf jeden Fall super bei dieser Sorte, ich hatte 10-12 Std Rausch. Leider war der komplette Film mit Übelkeitsgefühlen begleitet, da ich nicht ko...n konnte. Ansonsten alles Top hier und sehr zu empfehlen Zamnesia!


    The cactus arrived perfectly, i ordered the 10cm size, the cut is really beautiful, now is growing roots so lets see how it goes.


    Sehr schnelle Lieferung der Steckling ist gut verpackt angekommen freue mich Ihn wachsen zu sehen


    Bonito cactus
    Lleva ya casi dos meses en tierra. Agarró bien y ya está empezando a crecer. Bonito cactus, tiene las espinas pequeñas y una tonalidad azul/gris, parecido al lophophora williamsii. Tal vez el crecimiento no sea tan espectacular como el del San Pedro, pero desde luego tiene algo que aportar al jardín psicodélico.


    Fast and well packed
    Very fast delivery and safely packaged!


    Envoi nickel
    Rien à dire sur l'envoi. Merci!


    Planté pas testé
    Je l'ai planté et non consommé il a super bien pris j'ai de belles racines


    sehr schnelle Lieferung, sehr gut verpackt, sehr schöner Steckling, sehr empfehlenswert!!!


    Ottima pianta
    Il trasporto è stato veloce e la pianta è arrivata in perfette condizioni. Ho dovuto dedurre quali erano i vari cactus comprati perché non c'erano dei cartellini per distinguerli.


    Good product
    The first ones didn’t arrive but they replaced them Immediately and I’ve potted all three up let’s hope they root


    Buen producto
    Llegó en perfectas condiciones y de momento va genial!


    Torcia Peruviana
    La pianta è arrivata perfettamente impacchettata e senza nessun problema.


    Torcia peruviana
    Ottimo, si è anche riprodotta


    Superbe, je recommande. Produit de qualité. Parfait


    Gutes Produkt und sehr guter Customer Support
    Durch Zustellungsprobleme wurde meine Lieferung ärgerlicherweise automatisch retourniert. Der Customer Support hat hier jedoch durch sehr gute und freundliche Unterstützung geholfen. Die Kakteen kamen dann auch gut verpackt in einem tadellosen Zustand an. Hier gerne wieder.


    Growing very fast, doing good


    Torche Péruvienne
    Le cactus est arrivé assez rapidement et soigneusement emballé. La bouture était prête à être repiquée. Je l'ai rempotée il y a 1 mois. A suivre...


    Perfect cactus
    Arrived well packed and protected. Perfect cactus for my collection. Arrived really quickly too! Customer service was amazing. Thanks again


    I am confused
    The cactus itself arrived in almost perfect quality. There were like 3 little holes on one rib but that’s the only thing that was „bad“. I just planted it with the help of given instructions. I am very confused when it comes to the potency. I have compared at least 15 websites and all say different things when it comes to potency. Some say Peruvian torch has a dry concentration of 6-20% and other say it barely has anything. Some say San Pedro is the strongest etc. what really gets me thinking though is that zamnesia claims the Bolivian torch to be one of the most potent cacti with a dry concentration of 0.56%. Zamnesia also claims that the San Pedro has a dry concentration of 2.375% which means that San Pedro is way more potent. Now peyote has 3-6% and Peruvian torch is supposed to have almost the same potency as peyote which confused me even more. I really don’t know how I am supposed to compare their potency when every source even within zamnesia says something different. Other than that I think zamnesia is a very good website with incredible customer service and offers.


    Stehts zufrieden damit. Immer wieder zu empfehlen.


    Semble avoir bien repris à voir évolution dans le temps l'époque à laquelle je les ai repiqués n'est pas la meilleure mais je pense les mettre sous led de 45 Watts pour leur donner un peu plus de lumière


    Rooted quick and growing fast
    I was told these are great to try as they're fast growing and I wasn't disappointed. I ordered in the end of spring as its the best time to root and get some growth before the winter makes them dormant, it was rooted in less than a couple of weeks and almost doubled in size after six months on a sunny windowsill.


    Echinosis Peruviana
    They arrived well calyxed so ready to start rooting, After less than 3 weeks they cacti rooted and were transplanted in their final pots after a week gave their first feed with some home-made rootbooster on an aloe vera base and they are already growing wonderfully! In my organic supersoil mix. packaging was ok is but some more foam to protect them would have been better!


    Ganz einfach den Kaktus zu pflanzen


    Come calused ready to be put in the soil. I bought 10 cm for growing, so don't have other experiences. Great shop, great choice, awesome customer service.


    tolles produkt:) 5/5
    Hab mittlerweille mehrer kakten von hier, und seid 1 jahr, diesen hier, wächst das doppelte in einen jahr, sogar ableger gemacht, unbeabsichtigt^^., wächst gut an, Hab auch den Dünger in pulverform von hier, erfreue mich sehr meiner kakten, habe die sicher mein leben lang:)


    Good healthy cutting.
    Proper packaging of the cutting. Overall good callus development, i'm a fan :)


    Good trip
    Quite potent, but eating the dried powder was quite disgusting. It was worth though.


    Beautiful cactus
    Just love the way this one looks, just waiting for root to set in!


    Good conditions and fast rooting
    Rooted in about a couple of weeks, good cuttings




    Looks Promising
    Packaging and delivery as smooth as it comes, got it in autumn, now in the end of winter no signs of growing but lots of nice roots did develop which should translate in wonderful growing next months... Those cuttings are definitely alive and kicking, nice blue tinge, which should mean appropriate PH growing conditions... Promising, very promising!!!


    Arrived in perfect condition
    Had the medium size arrived, it's just sitting on my desk at the moment looking very proud and erect. Am waiting for the wife to go away for a few days next week before making a smoothie, as theres no way ill be able to eat this beast of a thing as is. Looks nice and fresh and .... prickly.


    El Mescalito!
    A wonderful plant, attractive and psychoactive too! Possibly not as potent as the Bolivian Torch, but worthwhile none the less. Thanks again to the good people of Zamnesia for providing this wonderful product!


    Very healthy and beautifull cutting!!!
    Very healthy and beautiful cutting this item, very nice adorable colors the skin blue-green, the cutting is so much more beautiful than the image of the pictures. Zamnesia have excellent plants.


    Very good
    Gentle but profound, these cactus worth every second spent on preparing it, thanks Zamnesia for making us having these experiences so easily! (:


    Delicious! Tastes like fairies dancing on your tongue under a rainbow whilst Lord Jagganath flatulates perfume into your nasal cavity.


    Excellent 5 Stars!!
    Arrived quickly well packaged. Followed the "grow guide" and a few short months later I have at least 3 inches growth and a massive root stock on each, , just had to re-pot! Such an excellent service and beutiful specimins. Maybe one day "The great spirit" and I will discuss Zamnesia's awsomeness over a "Child" or two of one of these beuties, who knows? Loved it so much I ordered some other specimins!


    Fast delivery, nicely packed, healthy product..!


    Beau spécimen, livré rapidement
    J'ai reçu cette belle torche péruvienne avec d'autres articles, tout était très bien emballé, cette bouture mesur environ 27 cm donc c'est conforme à la taille indiquée, il ne présentait aucune blessures ou problèmes sur la peau, je l'ai planté pour l'instant depuis maintenant 2 semaines dans de la fibre de coco sèche à l'intérieur et à l'ombre afin qu'il produise des racines avant de le transplanter dans son substrat définitif et lui faire profiter du soleil et d'eau.


    Already wrote a review for the echinopsis macrogona; same here: Very good service, nice staff, quick responses to questions. Shipping went fast and without problems. I'm happy with my new plant(s). The only remark I'd like to add is that I ordered two cacti - one echinopsis peruviana and one echinopsis macrogona. The both look very similar and they came together in the same box. So now I can't say which one is which. I think I somehow managed to keep them apart but I'm still not sure about it. I'd love if you could label them somehow. Maybe a rubber band could help. And you don't need to write the whole name, a discrete P for peruviana and M for macrogona would totally do it... Just a thought. Anyway: All in all very happy! Thanks!


    Piantato appena arrivato e dopo due settimane ha iniziato a crescere. Molto bello da vedere. Grazie zamnesia!!


    Alles gut
    Die Bestellung hat etwas länger gedauert als gedacht, aber es kam alles gut verpackt und sicher an. Dieser und die anderen Kakteen ließen sich alle super einpflanzen, und gewurzelt haben sie auch recht schnell. Probiert habe ich noch keinen, aber ich bin zuversichtlich dass alles in Ordnung ist.


    The cactus arive at my place in good condition and i was very upset when i sacrificed him to get a mescaline extraction, but get a decent ammount of final product! so I'm happy


    Très satisfait !
    Bonjour, j'avais reçu une petite torche en Juin 2017. Il a rapidement développé un point noir au sommet j'ai alors contacté Zamnésia et ils m'en ont renvoyé un nouveau ! Les 2 cactus sont maintenant à la fenêtre de ma chambre dans un mélange de sable et de terreau. L'un d'eux à déjà fait des racines mais je dois encore attendre un peu pour l'autre à mon avis, cependant ils ont tout les deux l'airs de se porter très bien ! ( malgré quelques petites taches noires n'ayant pas l'air dangereuses, peut-être à cause du changement d'habitat ? ) Très bon produit ! Merci


    Le cactus a été livré bien emballé. Il a mis 3 semaines à vraiment faire ses racines et commence maintenant a bien pousser. Malgré quelques cochenilles le cactus est en bonne santé


    Hoffe er wächst jetzt
    Kamm sehr vertrocknet an, jetzt wächst er denke ich aber schöner Kaktus


    Meilleurs cactus du marché actuellement
    Le cactus a été livré de façon impeccable, il est en forme et de bonne couleur merci zamnesia


    Love it
    I've planted it seems happy so far :)

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht