Peganum Harmala (10 gram)


Peganum harmala (Syrische wijnruit) is een plant die zijn oorsprong vindt in India, Pakistan en Mongolië. De zaden van deze plant worden al honderden jaren gebruikt voor hun psychoactieve eigenschappen.

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Werkzame Stoffen van Peganum harmala

De belangrijkste werkzame stoffen van Peganum harmala zijn harmine en harmaline. Daarnaast bevat Peganum harmala nog enkele andere werkzame stoffen zoals harmalol, harmidine en pegaline. Het percentage werkzame bestanddelen in de zaden varieert tussen de 2 en 6%.

Een verpakking van Peganum harmala bevat 10 gram zaden.

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Reviews (63)

    Great companion for various tryptamines
    Some weeks ago I used this seeds to prolong my DMT experience. Instead of taking the effort to brew a tea out of them, I just chewed them right away (about 4 gramms), swallowed and waited until I felt a subtle body effect. Then I ventured into the divine experience. Quite underestimated the effects, though and got a rough time. Since then I am very careful not to dose too much of the DMT and most of the time I have pleasant stay on the cosmic hioghway. Never had any side effects from the seeds themselves, like nausea or vomiting. They seem to me to be the perfect trip attendant. Definitively will buy them again, when my supply runs out. Trying them with shrooms is next on my agenda. Trip well and return safely.


    Great seeds, Herbs of the Gods brand
    First time trying Syrian Rue, Very good experience. 2.5-3g is very nice. Vaporized them, they are really tasty - but not much effect like this. Making a tea with them = a very good few hours.


    Suoer danke


    Total confianza
    Siempre en buen estado y resuelven posibles problemas.


    Facile et efficase !
    La préparation de cette IMAO est rapide et le breuvage est facilement absorbable ! pour atteindre la Trance 10g ont été un excellent dosage dans mon cas en ce qui concerne une préparation de type ayahuasca. Encore une fois un excellent produit de zamnesia, Contrairement à 50g de caapi qui nécessite une préparation plus rude et bien plus long pour un cout financier 3 fois plus élevé , cependant la connaissance du caapi fait partie d'un cheminement essentiel et c'est pourquoi même s'il est plus cher et plus difficile à préparer je mis suis employé pour ma propre connaissance spirituel ce que j'ai trouvé très bon ...


    Grind 3 g in coffee grinder and chase with strong tasting fizzy drink, wait 15 - 30 mins, and drink well-filtered P. viridis tea (less silt/sand/bits = less overwhelming nausea, in my opinion)


    My easy dmt receipe
    I have to say that it’s very bitter it’s so efficient and so easy to get ready. I found a very easy and straight to the point mix. I make a tea with chalponga. 10 to 15 g. I warm it up a few times being careful not to burn it. Then I chew the sirian rue For a few minutes it’s very bitter probably half of the pack. Few minutes later I will drink the tea. And then I have an amazing trip. The word trip is not right because they are plants of power. They bring us to recognize what we are and which illusion we like to live in They bring us to recognize what we are in which illusion we like to live in I really consider this as medicine. The medicine that are use to let my soul express itself through this body. Thank you for providing this medicine.


    Simply the best
    che altro dire? datemi un mortaio e ci inondiamo nel mondo


    Harmine et harmoline
    Ne consommez surtout pas de poison dans les 24h avant! (Il y'a un risque d'intoxication). Sinon produit et livraison impeccable. Gratitude!


    great trip with only half the shrooms
    I read about using harmala to make shrooms stronger and longer. basically you can use harmala first and then only half the dose shrooms and it did for me. 3gr harmala seeds chewed and kept in mouth for 2-3 min. In 15-30min buzzing and tingling through body. After that half the dose of my fav shroom and had a fantastic time. Great combi for when you are low on shrooms.

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je niet ingelogd bent als klant

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stok 2013-09-23 16:54:01

Can i plant?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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Peganum Harmala (10 gram)
Peganum Harmala (10 gram)