Hawaiian Baby Woodrose


Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) is een vaste klimplant met grote hartvormige bladeren en witte trompetvormige bloemen. Oorspronkelijk afkomstig uit India, groeit het nu over de hele wereld, waaronder Hawaii. De grote harige zaden groeien in zaaddozen en bevatten de psychedelische LSA.

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Een verpakking Hawaiian baby woodrose bevat 10 zaadjes.


De actieve ingredienten in Hawaiian Baby Woodrose zijn D-lyserginezuur Amide en verwante verbindingen.

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Reviews (324)

    effet sympa
    Je les prends par 2 ou 3 pour avoir un effet sympa sans trop de nausée.


    Flight HBW to LSA
    This is my LSA trip report on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. I wrote this to share my process in detail. Specially the preparation part. Online you can find a lot of trip reports, but almost all lack the detail of the preparation. After trying this a few times, my last trip was the one that works for me. One of the best documentation I found was on PsychonautWiki - Simple LSA extraction (https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Simple_LSA_extraction). I hope my trip report will help you to achieve the same in a safe and loving way with respect for life nature. My trip was a very strong, great, wonderful and peaceful trip that lasted more than 8 hours after consuming 12 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (HBW) seeds via cold water extraction (CWE) without any nausea or vomiting. I did experience very little vasoconstriction effects and no visual effects. What I used ----------- These are the items for my trip: - Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds https://www.zamnesia.nl/971-hawaiian-baby-woodrose.html - Granite mortar 13cm https://www.bol.com/nl/nl/p/relaxdays-vijzel-met-stamper-graniet-kruiden-vermaler-groot-mortier-mortel-250-ml/9300000002330163/?bltgh=kiDq-29T5d9lGmC7X-VHgg.qOgr6o-0YPqm38WhhglK1A_0_30.42.ProductTitle - Sieve or muslin cloth 15x20 cm https://www.bol.com/nl/nl/p/kaasdoek-passeerdoek-neteldoek-passeerzeef-notenmelkzak-zeefdoek-15x20-cm/9300000039084258/?s2a= - Water cooker - Large and small glasses - tinfoil - A shard nife - Parper towels - Patience and love ;-) My thoughts before I started ---------------------------- After reading about these LSA seeds, I started to read a lot of articles, papers and trip experiences about Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. One thing that is mentioned a lot with these seeds is the nausea and vomiting. To avoid this, CWE is mentioned as one of the options. When you look at the HBW seeds, the wooden shell is really really hard and tough to break. That means that when you crack the shell, you will have all these little hard, sharp and small pieces. Another thing is the furry and white fungus on the shell. I can truly immagine that after eating this, I would definitely feel sick and that I have to vomit. My body would definitely not like that. And why do people eat the HBW? The want to get high fast. I like walnuts. and walnuts have these very hard shell which I have to crack to only eat the nut that is inside it. I also do not eat the whole walnut because that definitely would make me vomit as well. So I started to look at the HBW as walnuts. These basically the same, only one smaller than the other. And since the HBW small and with a very hard shell, CWE seems the way to go. Preparation ----------- The preparation is a three part process; mentally, planning and the CWE. The mental part is in my opinion very important. To prepare myself mentaly, I wanted myself to actually want to take the HBW seeds and have an LSA trip. I looked a week ahead to the weather report and saw that yesterday, Friday, was a sunny and warm day. And that ment that I could walk outside and enjoy the nature. In the days leading up to yesterday, every time I was thinking about the trip, I stopped myself because I did not want go get myself over excited. It is just like taking a plane to go on vacation. There are the sthings that I had to do and go through before I could enjoy my vacation. And really focus on enjoying the entire trip. Not only the vacation itself. Patience and love for what I was about to experience was a crucial part. I planned my LSA trip on Friday. So I could rest on Saturday and have Sunday as a buffer day in case of any unexpected things. The preparation of my LSA trip began on Wednesday by cleaing the seeds. I removed the furry parts of the shell and scraping all the white fungus of the hard shell using a sharp nife. I took my time for this. Then I cleaned the seeds in water and rinse off all the remains. While rinsing the seeds, I kept checking for any unwanted remains on the shell of the seeds. If any found, I scraped it off again with the nife. After I was done cleaing the seeds, I dried them using a paper towel. When the seeds are dry, I stored them in a new paper towel in a dark box for the next day. Thursday around 20:00 I boiled about 750 ml of water in a water cooker. I did thoroughly clean my water cooker. When the water was boiling, I kept the lid of the water cooker open and kept the water boiling for a minute or so. I read that this would get rid of the chlorine in the water. Chlorine breaks down the LSA. After boiling the water, I used a little bit of the hot water to clean the large glass and threw away the water in the glass. Then I filled the hot in the large glass and covered the glass with a glass dish. I left the glass for about two to three hours to cool down the water. Thursday around 22:00 Time to pack for my flight. After checking that the large glass felt lukewarm by holding it my hand (not taking of the cover), I took my 12 clean and dry HBW seeds and, after making sure that these are clean, I put them in the mortar. A few gentle smashes with the granite handle crushed the seeds into a powder. I put all powder in a new clean and normal size glass. Then I pour 100 ml from the large glass into the glass with the HBW powder. Gently making small circles with glass without lifting it up to mix the powder with the water. Then fully convering the glass with tinfoil so no light can come into the glass. Light breaks down the LSA. Then placing the glass in the fridge. Every 30 min or so I gently made small circles with glass without lifting it up to move the water in the glass. Friday around 00:00 I went to bed to sleep for my trip to come :-) Friday around 10:30 Woke up and started my day by eating only two croissants and drinking a cup of coffee. I walked outside for a half hour to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Keeping everything calm and relaxed. A little reading, doing groceries, you know, all the little things. Friday 14:20 Arriving a the gate for flight HBW to LSA. I took the glass in tinfoil out of the fridge and placed in my bathroom. Then I took another clean glass and placed the muslin cloth over it and pushed the top inside. This makes it easy to take it out. I closed the bathroom door to make it almost dark so no light can mess up my extracted LSA. I removed the tinfoil from glass with the CWE and pour all, including all the mushy remains, the content into the muslin cloth in the other glass. Then gently raising the muslin cloth above the water and leave it drip out. Then take away the muslin cloth. I did not squeeze the mushy part out. all that mushy powder feels very greasy and sticky. The remaining water is dark brown and has an earthly smell. Like walking in the forest in the fall after a rainy day. I like that smell. Friday 14:40 Passengers for flight HBW to LSA, please board the plane. I drink 50 ml of the cold CWE water into my mouth but did not swallow. The remaining 50ml I left in the glass that I then covered with tinfoil again. For the next ten minutes, I gently hold the CWE water in my mouth and softly moved the water around. The best way to do this is by doing something else. This distracts my mind of looking at the clock. This makes it much easier and makes me 'forget' the urge to swallow. 10 minutes later I swallow the water in my mouth. Personally, I like the naturally earthly tase of the water. Immediately after I swallowed, I put the remaining 50 ml of cold CWE water in my mouth to do the same thing. Friday 15:00 Ready for take off. Cabin crew take your seats and fasten your seatbelts. I went outside to walk around to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the nature around me. This to get my mind of the fact that I'm about to experience another LSA trip. Friday around 15:30 I felt the plane climbing higher and higher. A glide into my trip. It is very difficult to describe. But it definitely is a peaceful feeling. Getting more and more in touch with myself in a baby step manner. Friday around 17:00 Still climbing higher and higer. And I'm definitely fyling my way to the LSA friendly skies. Friday around 18:00 Oh yeah, this is all the way to the top. I feel great, a warm feeling inside me keeps me moving. I cannot sit still. Music sounds great. This music video is the best to describe how I experienced my trip: Broods - I Keep (feat. Tove Lo) (https://youtu.be/Q0vSlRozwSk) Friday around 23:30 I'm physically tired and went to bed. Saturday around 03:00 I still cannot sleep but my body is really tired. But I do still feel so great. My trip is still going but not so strong anymore. Saturday around 04:00 I finally fel asleep. Saturday around 07:00 I woke up and I was exausted. But I listen to my body and keep laying in bed to rest. And soon I was asleep again. Saturday around 10:00 I woke up and get up to eat and have a cup of coffee. I was feeling good. No headache or anything like that. My advice to you if you dicide to fly HBW is; prepare wisely, listen to your body and do not panic. Enjoy every moment of your flight. And if you are not ready, postpone your flight. There will be always another flight available for you.


    Water extraction worked pretty well
    7 seed water extraction a weird feeling bit like lsd just a body high nothing more and slightly nauseous no visuals


    Goed spul
    Ze voelen echt precies hetzelfde als de trip-e capsules (die poeder van deze zaden gebruiken). Ik zou zeggen dat drie zaden ongeveer gelijkstaat aan één trip-e capsule. Goede trip! Pas wel op, want je kan ook redelijk misselijk worden van deze... zelfde als met de trip-e.


    Conseil avant utilisation
    Pour ma première expérience, j'ai mangé 3 graines sur plusieurs heures. Mais ce que je ne savais pas, c'est qu'il ne fallait pas manger. Un peu comme quand on prend des champignons hallucinogènes. Car la graine hawaian woodrose a un réel effet sur le corps. Je vous conseille donc de ne pas manger avant d'ingérer les graines et le trip se passera mieux ! Mangez 1 graine et attendez que ça vienne...Have a good trip!


    Ne ho presi 5 in combinazione con 2 pastiglie di Garcinia Cambogia, 2 di Guarana, 1 di the verde ed 1 di Maca...una bomba durata 10 ore... Da provare...




    Attention à bien les eplucher
    Les effets sont bien présent néanmoins si vous ne les épluchez pas vous allez le regrettez et vous sentir très malade avec une grosse vasonconstriction et des palpitations


    Sehr Empfehlenswert!!!!
    Hab 3-4 Packungen gekauft. Erstmal ein fettes Lob an das Team Versendung war top! Hab jedes Mal Verfolgung gecheckt und war sehr froh als es ankam Gleich am Anfang hab ich und ein Freund sich 3 Stück reingehaut und gewartet nachdem nix passiert ist haben wir uns die restlichen 7 in der Packung reingehaut und sind rausgegangen nachdem misch hat es richtig begonnen waren sehr lange drauf Hahahha ich würd am Anfang 7-8 empfehlen oder gleich die ganze Packung Die Samen sind hart aber nach Zeit leicht Kaubar wir haben sie durchgekaut bis es sehr kleine Stücke waren haben aber auch paar Stücke verschluckt (es ist weiße Haut dran nimmt das ab sonst könnte euch übel werden, ist auffällig) mir wurde 2 mal schlecht war aber aushaltbar. Seit Euch sicher das ihr in einen guten Umfeld seit (Freunde etc) weil das boosted es noch mehr. Sehr empfehlenswert werde bald nachholen !


    Crazy Trip!
    Hi guys, this is gonna be a longer, pretty detailed review, so be sure you have about 10 minutes of spare time to read it. My girlfriend and me tried the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose for the first time - and we have to say: This was one of the most interesting and mutifaceted trips we ever had. We discovered that there were different phases with different effects on us. Since we didn't know how our bodies and minds would react to it, we would decide to wash the seeds thoroughly and peel off the thin layer of white "skin", which was often told to cause nausea. We started our trip at around 2:30 pm by taking 4 seed each. My girlfried has a sensitive stomach and reacted with a bit of stomachache and nausea after about 20-30 minutes. I didn't have any problems at all. After 90 minutes, my girlfriend's nausea was completely gone and we started to notice the first "wave": Basically a strong fatigue, accompanied by very heavy legs. Long story short, we both had almost identical experiences until about 5:00 pm. The "waves" that we discovered were the following: 1. Tiredness and a heavy body feeling 2. Sweating and Goosebumps, followed by a comfortable warmth 3. Oxitocin-Rush (a hypersensitivity of our tactile sense) We hit the peak at 5:00 pm and were already in a very good mood: awake, clear-minded, but definitely "high". Yet we thougth that an increase is possible - we wanted to feel a stronger effect - and so we decided to take another 3 seeds each. So, we ended up having chewed a total of 7 seeds each. An hour later our pupils dilated like crazy - it was as if we had two big, dark plates in our eyes. The "waves" that we experienced were basically the same, except for the fact that the 3rd stage (Oxitocin-rush) was much stronger than the one we had under the influence of only 4 seeds. The feeling we had was incredible: The drug slowed down every single movement we made. We felt the need to touch each other and gave us an unbelievably intimate massage. Whilst doing so, my girlfriend said to me that this massage was beyond any doubt the most intimate thing she has ever experienced - and I felt exactly the same. Every touch was 100 times slower, stronger and more loving than "normal". We agreed to feel "unconditional love" and felt very happy and satisfied for a couple of hours. I personally felt an effective similarity to MDMA. At 8:00 pm we reached a "turning point". The comfortable feeling turned into a feeling of sickness. Our bodies would become extremely heavy again and we would feel powerless to resist the need of laying down. We even had a hard time standing up and going to the kitchen for a drink. Speaking of drinks: If you decide to take the Baby Woodrose: DON'T FORGET TO DRINK AND EAT! Whilst the "7-seed-Oxitocin-rush" we haven't felt any hunger or thirst anymore, which became problematic later on, since my girlfriend was dehydrated and developed strong circulatory problems. We recommend to either drink up to 2 liters before the trip or to have a big bottle of water with you whilst the trip! Otherwise the risk of a circulatory collapse can be given! We didn't mix the Baby Woodrose with alcohol and we don't recommend anybody to do so! The last stage of our experience was also strange: As our bodies felt completely exhausted, our minds were unusually active. We couldn't sleep, even thought we very much wanted to. My body felt like it was burning - I have no better description: I felt all my energy rising from the center of my body to the surface of my arms, legs and hands. I didn't check my blood pressure, but I'm sure it was pretty high. When I was closing my eyes, there was a strange pressure in my forehead - as if some took his thumb and pressed it against the center of my forehead from the inside. But that feeling didn't last very long. In order to sleep I had to take a strong pill of valerian. My girlfriend couldn't sleep at all. However, we both felt a positive side effect: The day after the trip we felt extremely awake and concentrated. That came as a surprise, since we hadn't forgotten about the exhaustion in the evening before. I can say that my mood was perfect for another 3 days afterwards. Conclusion: The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose was definitely a "ride on a rollercoaster"! Our reaction ranged from light nausea (only my gf) to euphoria and deepest intimacy to sickness and exhaustion. 7 Seeds are (in our humble opinion) a very strong dose for beginners, and it should not be mixed with any other drug. In case you take any prescription drug, please inform yourself about possible side effects! My girlfriend and me (she's in her mid-20's, I'm in my mid-30's) are physically and mentally healthy, and since we've read so many different experience reports, we cannot and will not advocate this drug for everyone! A day after the trip we reviewed it and found a couple of things we would change next time: 1. Personally we thought that 7 seeds were too much for the first trip. Next time we will go with 5 or 6 (at the most)! 2. We will definitely drink more next time - 2 liters or more are our recommendation! 3. We weren't sure how to go about food. We both had nothing but a bit of Thai-soup before the trip, but now we think it would be better to establish a good base before consumption. We can, however, give no general recommendation for that, since this drug seems to work very differently in a lot of people. 4. One of our clearest conclusions was: We would not want to take thus drug alone or on a party. But this decision is also up to the personal reaction of other consumers. Maybe someone finds it to be the perfect drug for one of these sets. We hope you can get sth. out of this review. Best regards B. and M.

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht
Vragen (3)
Bastian 2014-07-20 16:33:17

Wie lange sind diese Samen haltbar?


The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be stored at least 2 years after purchase

Tom 2014-05-14 15:02:51

How much seeds are in the packet?


A pack of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contains 10 seeds.

Luca 2013-08-03 11:04:15

Can i plant this seeds?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose