Calea Zacatechichi 10x Extract


Algemeen bekend als droomkruid, staat Calea Zacatechichi erom bekend levendige en heldere dromen op te wekken. De Mexicaanse Chontal stam van Oacaca gebruikten deze voor op dromen gebaseerde waarzeggerij.

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Meer informatie

Een pakje bevat 1 gram Calea Zacatechichi 10x extract.


De werkzame bestanddelen in Calea zacatechichi zijn:

  • Sesquiterpenes calaxin en cilarin
  • Germacranolides
  • Caleochromene A en B
  • Calein A en B
  • Caleicine I en II
Reviews (46)

    Fumandola il gusto non è per niente gradevole, ma personalmente ha avuto un ottimo effetto sui sogni


    I wish take it every day. Very nice dream.
    I smoke 0.5grams of calea zacatechichi mixed with a CBD weed with less than 0.2% of THC. I recomend not to smoke regular weed with THC because it have the potential that you can't remember dreams. I take too valeriana and pasiflora for sleeping that probably makes you dream more because the relaxation and the conecction with REM. In my dream I was more clever and lucid than ever, I was very surprise for that. It's amazing for introspection and know more about youself and the posibilitis tht brings the world to you. It wasn't at all a lucid dream because I can't do wathever I want but it's excelent experience for me at all. Probably if you make a tea the efects will be more powerfull. I only smoke and it works. I'm from Spain and I recive this to my house perfectly and fast.


    Produit testé
    Produit très différent des Kratom ...


    la planta MADRE para los sueños lúcidos y vividos
    pásate de la dosis que no pasa nada es tomártela TODO EL DÍA a todas horas, tranquilo. Si tienes suerte, bien, sinó prueba otro día tes, ingestada, tintura, lo que quieras Lo que es muy amarga y muy asquerosa, tanto que te darán ganas de vomitar, yo estuve años sin tomarla por que era asquerosa hasta que me he adaptado, pero, repito, es muy muy muy muy mala, y la gente al final ni se acaba una simple taza de te. Lo que he hecho yo es tintura con alcohol y dejar la calea que deje sus propiedades y me tiro gotas en la boca para que haga su efecto. Debes tomarla a todas horas, nadie te asegura nada, PERO FUNCIONA, lo que no al 100x100, es tener suerte, como tener un sueño, algun día puedes acordarte como no, éste te hará potenciar, vivir, y tener mil detalles más. Mi planta onírica es ésta.


    Not working for me
    I brew a tea from the whole bag for 15 minutes. I drank it before going to sleep. But no lucid dreams or what so ever. Maybe I have a high tolerance. I'm a male, 88kg. I's a shame I really was looking forward to this.


    très amère
    en tisane, les effets sont là, bien que difficilement descriptible. Ma nuit a été agitée, des cauchemars. si l'on veut faire ou aider des rêves lucides, entrainez vous d'abord sans produit puis faites vous une infu. Sinon pour rendre acceptable l'amertume de la tisane j'ai remarqué que si je buvais la tisane tout en respirant l'odeur de la tisane cela le rendait plus supportable.


    I tried to vape it, and the night after i dreamed more vividly, like 3 dreams in a row where i was able to interact as i wish. Cool substance.


    Vapen works totally fine with the herbs
    Just like others I was quite surprised when the baggy that arrived was filled with herbs instead of powder, still I made myself a tea out of it twice both times I couldn't sleep afterwards not even with meditation. Then tried smoking it which wasn't effective either. I did not want to gape it until yesterday because I was afraid it would melt like a lot of people write but it worked perfectly fine didn't melt and for the first time I had about 4 very realistic dreams which I can clearly remember and I was able to sleep just minutes after the consumption. Going to experiment some more but now I'm quite impressed


    I will give u answer why it dont work
    I wont work on u cause governments givin to water fluoride to block our proper work of pineal gland do not use it, and if u guys smart and heard pineal gland produce DMT , and its our third eye. In meditation u activate ur pineal gland but thanks goverments we cant use it propely. And when u goin sleep did u think what happening ? Its trance state getting ur mind out of body but but when we woke up we don't remambre our dreams cause FU fluoride. Ancient Egyptians know about those stuff EYE of horus was representations of pinealgland (third eye) and only elite have that sign as they was usin it . Same we got now in our culture only few know about those secrets. And about Calea Zacatechichi on me work very well I got about 4 lucid dreams. Cause I know how to protect my body. Sample Buy organic totth paste cause if u use that with fluoride its work rubbing cocaine into the gums but rubbing fluoride by brushing with this type of paste.And fluoride affect as well DMT states Meditation states Dreams


    Weak effect
    Taking half of the pack (.5 gr of the 10x) gave just a bit more vivid dreams but nothing outstanding. I took it as a tea with honey. Next time I will try to eat/swallow the extract at once but so far this is not really satisfactory.

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Calea Zacatechichi 10x Extract
Calea Zacatechichi 10x Extract