Kanna 10x Extract


Kanna 10x Extract is een zeer geconcentreerd Kanna poeder, 10x sterker dan standaard Kanna. Kanna is een traditioneel Zuid-Afrikaans kruidenmiddel. In het Westen is Kanna populair als middel om te relaxen na een zware dag. Kanna 10x Extract bevat 1 gram geconcentreerde Kannapoeder.

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Kanna 10x Extract: Een krachtig en geconcentreerde stemmingsbooster

Kanna, de gedroogde plantenmaterie van de Sceletium tortuosum plant, is een traditioneel Zuid-Afrikaans kruidenmiddel. Kanna 10x Extract is een zeer geconcentreerd middel en het poeder is 10x krachtiger dan een standaard Kanna extract.


Kanna 10x Extract kan worden gekauwd met kauwgom, gesnoven of in een thee worden verwerkt. Een gemiddelde dosering ligt tussen 50-200mg. Elk pakje bevat 1g Kanna 10x Extract.

Kanna 10x Extract Product Informatie
Gewicht 1 gr

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Reviews (54)

    Skip your expectations, and enjoy
    If you are used to stronger substances, you might be in for a disappointment. It's all about expectation management. Also, Kanna might not have any effect at all in the first couple of tries – keep giving it a chance. And finally, anything below this 10x extract is likely a waste of money. And this? It's wonderful. I use it on occasions where others consume alcohol, which I don't do anymore. About 20 mg 10x bring me to their level. 50 mg equals a shot for me. Sadly repeated dosage hardly does anything for me. But the pleasant effects do last some time, and while sleep might be difficult, I always have an "anti-hangover" the next morning: awake and energetic. It's wonderful.


    Pas mal du tout
    Sympa pour se débarrasser de certaines mauvaises habitudes


    The 10x extract surprised me in a good way
    So I wasn't really expecting to get super High by this, and I wasn't, but it really brang out the nature of the drug,(I would say its an amazing feeling, relaxed and a bit stimulated) what Kanna powder couldn't. I'm really looking forward to taste the stronger extracts some day.


    Kanna 10x
    Jai essayé le kanna X10, je n'ai pas trop apprécié. Vu les avis, je ne pensais pas que cela me ferait de l'effet. Donc j'en ai pris 500 mg, je l'ai sniffé et 30 minutes après j'ai eu la nausée et je me suis sentie très mal. Puis l'effet s'est dissipé 1h après.


    Ottimo prodotto, gli effetti sono quelli che mi aspettavo.


    Pas mal du tout
    Cela stimule en effet tout comme ça pose en même temps !


    No effect at all
    I first ingested 200 mg with chewing gum, waited one hour for an effect, then ingested 400 more, waited for another hour. Still no effect. It seems, I'm the kind of person for whom Kanna just does thing at all, for whatever reason.


    No Effect
    I have snorted, smoked, eaten and drank this extract with varying doses. I can safely say that so far I have had no effect at all. I'm going to try a dose of 100mg snorted tomorrow and see if it changes anything.


    No effect.
    Tried various different doses and methods of ingestion. No effect at all. Complete waste of money.


    War ne gute Erfahrung
    Wollte mal was anderes ausprobieren, statt immer nur Alkohol. Mit anderen Drogen hatte ich bisher noch keine Erfahrung, also hat mir ein Kumpel Kanna empfohlen. Habe drei Lines gezogen und war wirklich gut drauf. Irgendwie gut gelaunt, aber nicht so vermatscht im Kopf wie bei Alkohol. Konnte trotzdem gut schlafen. Einziger Minuspunkt: ein kleiner Kater war trotzdem da. Deswegen 4/5 sterne!

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    Het gebruik van: Kanna

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Kanna 10x Extract
Kanna 10x Extract