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Mimosa hostilis, of jurema, is een dichtbegroeide boom met witte bloemen, afkomstig uit het zuiden van Mexico, Midden-Amerika en Brazilië.

25 gram

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Meer informatie

Een jurema cultus die drankjes maakte van mimosa werd beschreven in 1788 en men dacht dat het gebruik was uitgestorven, maar het wordt opnieuw steeds populairder. Jurema wordt ook gebruikt door de Afro-Braziliaanse culten van de Candomble en Macumba.


De stam en (vooral) wortel schors bevatten de visionaire tryptamine DMT en diverse saponinen die biologisch actief zijn.

Een verpakking bevat 25 gram mimosa.

Reviews (106)

    Bonne expérience


    I wasn't able to extract that much dmt out of the bark. Only about 100mg/batch. I thought it would be higher, maybe something went wrong in the process though.


    Super schnelle Lieferung, super Produkt


    Great service, great company


    Great quality of the plant "Jurema"
    1st: The product arrived perfectly in time, surprinsinly fast despite of COVID crises. 2nd: The product was well packed 3rd: The root barks are redish, vivid in color, the plant is amazing, I love it. Extraction are going well, fingers crossed for my subsequent pulls! I wish luck to everyone


    Amazing Plant, good quality batches from Zamnesia.
    Amazing plant, even from a batch that was labeled 2019 (I'm writing at beginning 2021), I was able to acquire a good amount of The Molecule. That proves that the quantity of precious Alkaloid is definitely considerable. A powdered form would be even more useful (with a good blender, after freezing material, a good pulverization is achievable). If you kwon the magic formula this plant kindly provided by the good fellas of Zamnesia can give you some great rewards!!


    Pas déçu
    Mimosa de bonne qualité, bon résultat après extraction


    Vg quality. Fresh
    Vg quality, powerfull. Just a little beat costly... I think a little lower in price will be very very apprechated and could extend the culture of this plant imo


    Very good
    Good yield and fast delivery to my country. Will definitely order more, loved it!


    great product thanks

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht
Vragen (3)
Israel 2019-05-30 09:09:37

Buenos días! Como se prepara para tomar con la peganum.harmala? Gracias


Hi, Ayahuasca is actually not legal here and this is why we can't give you any advice on preparing this brew. The herbs we sell are actually legal until you start processing them. It's recommended to do some more research on this.

pscyn 2013-05-15 19:02:20

Is this root-bark or stem-bark Mimosa hostilis ?


This product is root-bark based.

CG 2013-03-15 16:41:17

È possibile acquistare i semi di questa pianta?


Sorry, we currently do not sell the seeds of this plant, nor will we in the future. Unfortunately there's simply not enough demand for them, nor can we find any suppliers that can guarantee their germination.

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Mimosa hostilis | Jurema Preta
Mimosa hostilis | Jurema Preta