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Mondo Sporenspuit Psilocybe Cubensis B+

 4.5/5 (53)

    rapide à venir
    rapide à venir et entretien facile


    bon produit
    100% des bocaux colonisés


    sono soddisfatto, nessuna contaminazione e crescita rapida del micelio


    As I hoped
    Clean and good mycelium growth in all of the jars. Very satisfied!


    100% réussite, mycélium de haute qualité.


    Helthy mycelium but one Syringe was contaminated
    The B+ Syringe was good very healthy mycelium is growing but the other GC Syringe i ordered Contained contaminations


    Micelio resiliente
    È riuscito a portare a compimento la fruttificazione nonostante il monotub fosse per piu della meta coperto di uno spesso strato di muffa verde mentre hawaii e cambodia si erano arresi alla prima comparsa di un puntino blu


    B+, envio rápido a españa y buena cosecha.
    El envío llegó en menos de una semana a euskadi. La jeringa es de 20 ml, suficiente para inocular muchas mycobags. Aunque a simple vista parece que no hay ninguna espora flotando, las mycobags han colonizado a una velocidad rápida y la cosecha ha sido decente (a mi me gusta hacer mis propias jeringas bien cargadas, llenas de color morado). Cosecha en mini monotubs, setas de tamaño medio pero decentes, (no le he cogido el punto a controlar la humedad, así que es mi culpa que no sean bien grandes). Buena cosecha por area y rápida velocidad de crecimiento. 57g secas por bolsa de spawn colonizado (50%) y mezcla de vermiculita, fibra de coco y estiercol de caballo (50%). Desde inoculación a cosecha no ha pasado un mes. Volvería a comprar otra vez.


    A joke
    The amount of spores in these 20ml syringes is a joke, and arriving to me they had already started forming culture in the syringe. waste of money don't buy




    100% de réussite
    Très satisfait. Chaque bocal de substrat que j'ai colonisé avec ces seringues a été colonisé dans un laps de temps que je n'ai pas mesuré mais qui m'a paru très raisonnable. L'un des bocal est déjà en pleine fruitaison, les autres sont en cours, plein de beau mycelium blanc. Je recommanderais.


    Sono rimasto soddisfatto della qualità di questa siringa, ci sono state poche contaminazioni e il micelio cresce bene.


    Keine Fruchtung !
    Habe es in 100% Sterilen Roggen angesetzt bis heute ist nichts passiert , keine Myzelbildung! Schade habe mir mehr davon versprochen.


    Das sah mehr aus wie nur Wasser drinnen
    Abgekochte Gerste in der Plastikbox um in Glas nach 30 Tage (luftdich) kein schimmel. Temperatur war 23-26 Grad. Es ist war enttäuschend nichts zu sehen. Ja die Abgekochte Gerste habe ich auf 23 Grad abkühlen lassen bevor ich die Spritze benutz habe ! ICH HÄTTE MICH auch auf grünen schimmel gefreut da war aber nix!!!!


    Gute Qualität!
    Für den Preis unschlagbar. Man hat eine unbegrenzte Möglichkeit über Flüssigkulturen mit nur einer dieser Sporenspritzen ein nicht endendes wachstum von myzelium anzubauen.


    Geen geluk!
    Mijn spuit met B+ heeft niks gedaan, Zamnesia heeft mij een nieuwe aangeboden, bedankt! :)




    No luck with B+
    I bought B+ and Golden Teacher Spore Syringes and innoculated using uncle ben's tek. While Golden Teacher went realldy well, not a single B+ bag out of 8 managed to colonize. Maybe i just had bad luck with this one as the golden teacher was pretty good.


    Absolut Top! Wahnsinn
    Ich nutze nur noch 5 ml pro Glas. Das reicht vollkommen.. Mit ein bisschen mehr Zeit könnte 1 ml für ein ganzes Glas schon ausreichen. Nach nur 10 Tagen was das Glas komplett bewachsen. Unglaublich. TOP


    Great product and great site
    Thank you guys for existing, you have the best site full of quality products and excellent customer services. Keep on delivering happiness to people!


    Spitze die Spritze :-)
    Schnelle und Diskrete Lieferung! Gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältniss und Ordentliche Ergiebigkeit! Immer wieder gern!


    Gute Sporen
    Die Sporen sind sehr sehr gut, finde die von Mondo auch am besten im Vergleich zu anderen Marken


    Colonizing incredibly fast. Zamnesia delivers as usual! :)


    Bonne seringue
    Je ne met que 4 étoile car la première seringue n'as pas colonisé très vite,trop lentement,mais le sav très réactif ma renvoyé une seringue dans la foulée,c' top merci.


    Producto perfecto, vivo, fresco, listo para usar. Demora un poco en crecer pero supongo que fue por utilizar poca concentración. El envío fue impecable ;)


    good quality.


    Good product
    Very good product, I used them to inoculate brf cakes. I got very nice flushes and beautiful potent fruits. It is possible to inoculate more than 20 jars with only one syringe (that means tons of mushrooms ) I recommend to clean them on agar to get better cultivation and infinite fruits


    Very nice product!
    Good quality spores for a cheap prize. Also it´s easy to use.


    Very good syringe
    When the syringe arrived, all I could see was that no black clumps/points were visible. However, a microscopic observation showed that spores were very well mixed with water thus they were invisible to the naked eye.


    B+ is a positive experience indeed.
    Man I love B+. It's a mild mushroom but it's easy to cultivate and gives high yields. I would say it's a beginners best friend. Both for growing and tripping. ^^ I take about 5g dried, but for a beginner I think 2g is perfect. Work your way up the ladder (0,5g each time) with at least a months break between the trips. Have a nice trip!


    Good spores!
    Great quality product, A given five star rating. Thanks guys =)


    Whith 1 Syringe I ade 5 Jars Whith Mashrooms!! And They Hole Goine Well!!! Now I Wate The Mycelioum To Fil Up The Jars And After The Mashrooms!!! FANTASTIC


    Great Quality!
    Great sterile syringe! Packaging, delivery and overall service all 5/5!


    En attente du résultat
    Bien reçu et rapidement. Je suis en attente du résultat du premier essai de ma première inoculation.


    Really good. Thank you :3


    Quality sample for research
    Arrived quickly and was packaged very well. Super clean and very fascinating to look at under the microscope. Would recommend to my fellow weirdo.


    Darn good
    Perfect package and uncontaminated contents.


    B+ spores
    Firstly great speed on delivery and with no damage well packed guys. Yes these spores take a little extra time to spawn approx 2 wks for my self on wild bird seed. And big thankyou zamnesia for my birthday gift out standing. You have me for life.


    Good spores
    Nothing more to say:) 5/5


    Great service!
    Delivery was fast and stealthy, Customer support was golden and the products were as described. Havnt innoculated yet but i expect the spores to be good since this store is trusted by growers worldwide. My only constructive critisism would be to pack in a smaller box with different packing material. A given five star rating. Thanks guys =)


    a quality product


    well packed
    It arrived here in germany with no problems whatsoever. The package looked like any package ut was very discreet. It was packed really nicely and the shipping was very fast. They will be used for microscopy. Thanks Zamnesia!


    Great Product
    The best Website to buy Syringe :) !! Thanks Zamnesia you are the best!!!


    Bon produit
    Livraison rapide et discrète, bons flushs les B+ sont sympas et faciles à faire pousser.. :) Petit bémol sur le temps de colonisation qui est plus long que ce à quoi je m'attendais (3semaines - 1mois pour avoir une colonisation complète)! Merci Zamnésia


    Great Syringe
    I must say that B+ is slow colonizing strain, however with this syringe I got %100 colonization in 2 weeks. :) Now they're about to fruit and I see about 10 pins ^^. Thanks Zamnesia.

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