Mondo Sporenspuit Psilocybe Cubensis B+


De populariteit van deze B + variatie komt door het feit dat ze enorm kan groeien, tot wel 30 cm, dus zorg ervoor dat je een goed gehydrateerde substraat gebruikt om het meeste eruit te halen.

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Meer informatie

Deze B+ variatie wordt beschouwd als een goed gedomesticeerde en langzamer groeiende soort, relatief vergevingsgezind en in staat om te groeien onder diverse temperaturen en omstandigheden. Al deze voordelen maken B+ een goede keuze voor beginnende telers.

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Reviews (26)

    Very good syringe
    When the syringe arrived, all I could see was that no black clumps/points were visible. However, a microscopic observation showed that spores were very well mixed with water thus they were invisible to the naked eye.


    B+ is a positive experience indeed.
    Man I love B+. It's a mild mushroom but it's easy to cultivate and gives high yields. I would say it's a beginners best friend. Both for growing and tripping. ^^ I take about 5g dried, but for a beginner I think 2g is perfect. Work your way up the ladder (0,5g each time) with at least a months break between the trips. Have a nice trip!


    Good spores!
    Great quality product, A given five star rating. Thanks guys =)


    Whith 1 Syringe I ade 5 Jars Whith Mashrooms!! And They Hole Goine Well!!! Now I Wate The Mycelioum To Fil Up The Jars And After The Mashrooms!!! FANTASTIC


    Great Quality!
    Great sterile syringe! Packaging, delivery and overall service all 5/5!


    Really good. Thank you :3


    Quality sample for research
    Arrived quickly and was packaged very well. Super clean and very fascinating to look at under the microscope. Would recommend to my fellow weirdo.


    Darn good
    Perfect package and uncontaminated contents.


    Fast delivery of this wonderful strain. Well-packaged and no contamination. Thank you!


    B+ spores
    Firstly great speed on delivery and with no damage well packed guys. Yes these spores take a little extra time to spawn approx 2 wks for my self on wild bird seed. And big thankyou zamnesia for my birthday gift out standing. You have me for life.

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Mondo Sporenspuit Psilocybe Cubensis B+
Mondo Sporenspuit Psilocybe Cubensis B+