Mondo Sporenspuit Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher


Het is goudkleurig en staat bekend als een meester, het is Golden Teacher! Een klassieke cubensis en zeer tam. De herkomst ervan is onbekend, maar het werd waarschijnlijk ontdekt in de Golf regio van de VS. Sommige Golden Teachers worden vrij groot en kunnen een tepel op de bovenkant van het hoedje ontwikkelen. De duur van kolonisatie en vruchtvorming kan een beetje langzamer zijn dan gemiddeld.

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Reviews (44)

    0% contaminasion very goood


    bon suivi
    Très content des services Zamnézia les kit de culture et les seringues sont parfaitement emballés, aucun problemes de contaminations.. Promesse tenu


    Great growth, really good visible spores in the syringe fluid.
    The order is very tidy and well put together in one small box along with my other items to get me up and running. The spores inoculated within 3/4 days. I was impressed to spot a good cluster of black spores floating in the syringe which is a very good sign and means there are ample spores. Keep an eye out on yours and for later inoculation, Syringes should always show floating spores according to my research (in the case of white spore strains then this doesn't apply). This one showed, gave it a good shake and all went smoothly since!


    nearly zero
    inject in 5 differents jars with different substrat 1 growth = poor spore density = bad conditions stockage before send just shit... don't buy there, the conditions gived to have some reparation by SAV are just unreachable, even with you're staff that doesn't work. like a scam?


    Good Grow
    These were successful for both uncleben's tek and rye tek. Good starting species.


    Good stuff
    Everything is very professional as usual.


    I ordered this syrige for my first grow atempt. Came out very well. I still got pins, but they get bigger very fast. There were some problems with other stuff in my order, but Zamnezia team was very considerate, helpful and everything went out just fine. Thank you for this experience




    professionnal as usual
    Perfect in delivery and quality


    Quick, perfect and descrete
    Quick delivery and perfect product. Collonization started 3 days after inoculation.

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Mondo Sporenspuit Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
Mondo Sporenspuit Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher