Blauwe Lotus Extract 25x (1 gram)


Dit extract van de Blauwe Lotus is 25x sterker dan de gewone Blauwe Lotus bladeren. Ons Blauwe Lotus 25x extract heeft een hoge concentratie aporphine en nuciferine. Blauwe Lotus werd vroeger gebruikt om het geheugen te verbeteren, als seksueel lust opwekkend middel en om gevoelens van euforie en extase op te wekken.

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Reviews (47)

    Put some in your Joint or make a Tea
    Great mood enhancer, great for sex. Intensifies Cannabis too.


    L'ho messa nel vaporizzatore (Pax 3) e non è stato affatto facile fumarla, allora l'ho tolta e ho notato che la polvere scaldandosi si è compattata tipo caramella che figata! Poi l'ho mangiata sembrava zucchero filato wow! Comunque se prendete l'estratto vi consiglio di farci un infuso, per fumarla è meglio prendere le foglie essiccate


    Era un regalo
    No lo he probado. Lo he regalado a alguien especial. Si recibo su feedback, os lo haré saber. Por cierto, lo del envío discreto, a ver, sí que lo es, lo único que las personas que compramos en zamnesia ya conocemos el tipo de empaquetado y, cuando recibes un paquete en la oficina a nombre de un compañero de trabajo lo reconoces. Sólo lo sabemos los que lo hacemos, pero bueno, igual a la otra persona le importa.


    Love it love it love it
    First of all, Zamnesia's customer service is top notch. I made some tea with this and a joint as well to have at the same time, then went a walk in nature. I wasn't sure what to expect but it's literally made me see life in a different light now. It's subtle and mellow but if you are in touch with your intuition then it's powerful. Well worth the money


    Définitivement un aphrodisiac, j’´etais super excitée et sensible en bas , c’était mon premier aphrodisiac


    Bon produit
    Bon a consommer en tisane.


    no effect
    just nothing, basically. I've tried to take 1/4gr, then 1gr - no effect


    Sin resultados
    Llevo tiempo experimentado con Loto azul y ningún producto de Zamnesia ni ninguna de las técnicas explicadas ha tenido un efecto sobre mi. Con el extracto de Loto azul tampoco he tenido resultados


    Nice as a tea
    It comes as a very fine powder, so not suitable for vaping. Used it in a tea (0,25g pp as recommended) and it definitely sparked some fuzzy feelings, feeling more sensitive to touch and also helped for a good night of sleep.


    Relaxant and deep
    This product is a very good one for a preparing ceremony, event or just for having a deep relaxation with ourselves. No visions, nor physical visual effects(I used all the paquet in a 50ml hot water) but for those who works with plant in a spiritual way, lotus is a second plan working plant. I mean it works in integration and unconscious very softly, so be aware of yourself and insight the days later. It can be a bit aphrodisiac too. My friend and I felt both of us a little high of our libido

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Nicola 2013-08-01 11:47:47

Come puo essere assunto?


Most customers use this product by making tea with it. Alternatively it can be mixed in with wine. Instructions are provided on the packaging of this product.

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Blauwe Lotus Extract 25x (1 gram)
Blauwe Lotus Extract 25x (1 gram)