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Psilocybe Cubensis A+ sporenspuit Mondo

 4/5 (6)

    Bad batch
    No spores in the syringe, first time this has happened but they happily replaced it with another

    M. S.

    Une bombe atomique !!!
    Une puissance de dingue à doser avec précaution et facile à cultiver 100% satisfait je recommande vivement

    P. Q.

    Un peu déçu de la quantité de spores
    Salut à tous, franchement la seringue fait peut être 20ml, il n'y a pas beaucoup de spores à observer au microscope... Dommage, la variété mérite 5 étoiles mais le produit est avare en spores...

    S. H.

    Quick and great
    I first bought a golden teacher spore syringe, that didn't produce anything, not in spawn, liquid culture or agar/malt petri disk.. then I was in contact with Zamnesia and they offered me this A+ insted. What a relief, these spores was quick!! from when I used it on agar, it only took a day to show visible growth, and the grow bag with spawn was fully colonized within 2 weeks, and just got into coir today. Amazed so far, the mycelium smelled sweet like candy or honey, now I'm exited about the fruits

    M. K.

    Good mss without any issues
    I bought it, and when it came I was baffled, it didn't seem to have any spores, but when I transfered to agar mycelium occured fast.

    M. E.
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