Salvia Extract 40x


Dit middel is alleen geschikt voor ervaren gebruikers en Mexicaanse sjamanen. Dit Salvia-extract is één van de sterkste in ons assortiment. Je bent dus gewaarschuwd!

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    Bisogna andarci con i piedi di piombo... Fumata insieme al tabacco sfuso, 20% Salvia, 80% tabacco (3 tiri)... Formicolio potente a braccia e gambe, brividi di freddo e allo stesso tempo vampate di calore (questa sensazione non mi è piaciuta), testa pesantissima, mi sono sdraiato sul letto per una botta improvvisa (simile a Super Skunk) il tutto è durato circa 5/6 minuti...


    Short but strong experience
    I tried with gravity bong twice few days apart. Had similar experience in both cases. I loaded 0.1g, lit it and inhaled all at once. Then held the smoke in for around 20 seconds while making sure I was seated comfortably. Geometry of space around me started to fall apart, I felt like I was being taken for some crazy ride in 4 spatial dimensions while experiencing strong acceleration, then everything started to calm down and quickly came to normal. It was only couple of minutes. Maybe tea would provide longer experience, this felt too short. I noticed some after effects that lasted about 30 minutes, but it was no more than a buzz. It felt like 1 minute, but was around 5 according to clock. Potent stuff and very interesting strong smell and taste.


    Provato la 40x, l'ho fumata in una pipetta, effetto rapido e molto potente, ma è durato poco. Riproverò in altr maniere


    My favorite psychedelic
    I'm just anxious and can't make myself to smoke higher doses. Though small doses gives my body weird, high like feeling with needles and warmness. And my eye sight was kinda like it had thie fisheye filter in them. Hard to explain


    Non per tutti
    L'estratto è molto potente, personalmente trovo la pipa ad acqua o bong gli strumenti perfetti per questo estratto, tenere il fumo nei polmoni almeno 6 secondi è fondamentale per ricevere l'effetto desiderato. L'estratto è molto potente, dopo un tiro usando una pipa in vetro gli effetti non si sono fatti attendere... Dopo pochi secondi sono stato catapultato in una dimensione 2D in cui non era presente la profondità, mi sentivo schiacciato in una sorta di schermo/foglio mentre tutto attorno a me era indescrivibile. Abbiate sempre un trio Sitter con voi, il vostro corpo farà movimenti incontrollati mentre voi siete nel viaggio ! Rischierete di rompere qualcosa o farvi male Prodotto eccellente


    Franchement génial
    J'ai commandé ce produit plusieurs fois sur Zamnesia et pour l'instant je n'ai jamais été déçu... la puissance de l'extrait est au rendez-vous et les trips sont excellents à chaque fois... Cependant en ce qui concerne la tolérance inversée propre à la salvia elle n'est malheureusement pas au rendez vous...


    I went on a date with death
    Have you ever wondered what dying must feel like? I imagine that we will not be able to comprehend when or where we are , who we are or even what we are. Salvia extract will provide you with that exact feeling - a monstrous experience that many people will only want to try once. However, it is highly recommendable that you DO try it that one time.


    Thoroughly disorientating
    Highly recommended


    Oh boy!
    Have always heard horrors of this drug from watching youtube videos, but i can tell you that it is nothing like that if you dose it properly and have a friend nearby. Me and my roommate started off with about 50 milligram each, placed in a pibe and held in the smoke for about 30 seconds, and the effect is instant! i quickly lied down on a rug and had a very nice 20 min trip with no psychedelic effects. After 1 hour we took another hit, this time about 75mg each and oh boy was I in for a treat! I ended up have an out-of-body experience and felt like i was looking down at myself, it was insanly trippy and the trip lasted for about 1 hour this time. My roommate had a similar experience, but even more intense than mine! Do not take if you are felling depressed and do not smoke it all in one sitting, unless u are very experienced with the drug. Enjoy!


    Produit extrêmement puissant..limite a me faire flipper pourtant consommateur de psycho depuis longtemps deja..mais là c'est hard... Etre bien accompagné est nécessaire la 1ere fois

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Salvia Extract 40x
Salvia Extract 40x