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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'B+'

 4.5/5 (474)

    Supagrow did not work once for me
    As said, Supagrow never worked for me. I'll just go for any other next time. I had good results with the brands Fresh Mushroom, and Zamnesia.

    Q. S.

    Ausbeute = NULL
    Nicht ein einziger Pilz. Trotz größter Sorgfalt und Hygiene. Das Set wurde Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitsüberwacht mit Temperatur nie unter 22.7 °C, rel. Feuchte nie unter 84%. Trotzdem NULL Ausbeute. Dieses Set ist nicht zu empfehlen.

    A. F.

    Niente da fare
    Ho seguito tutte le istruzioni al 100%, ho aspettato 4 settimane e non è cresciuto nulla.

    G. S.

    Rien donné
    Après 5 semaines d'attente toujours rien, par contre le 2ème pain d'une autre variété à était plus fructueux... je suis peut être tombé sur un pain défectueux... j'ai envoyé mail au "SAV" à voir....

    L. H.

    Great product, thank you

    T. C.

    very happy with this product
    very happy with this product, arrived in 2-3 days in DE. Discreet package. Very good quality, I recommend!

    O. R.

    Unfortunately did not finish growing due to contamination....

    C. K.

    Très peu de champis
    Bon effet cependant

    M. D.

    Leider nix
    Bei mir kam leider nix raus, hatte aber auch eine reduzierte Box und musste knapp 3 Wochen auf die Lieferung warten. Vielleicht hatte ich auch abgelaufene Ware bekommen. Sehr schade.

    F. G.

    Probably user problem…
    Unfortunatelly couldn‘t create a enviroment where the temperature was within the recommended area. Pins started growing but never went on from there….

    M. Z.

    1 flush only
    only got 7g and then went dead - followed the super gro instructions to the letter.

    A. F.

    Excellent kit and even better customer service
    Had a great yield with this kit and unbeatable customer service

    I. A.

    Still waiting !! Great produce but not idiot proof ;(

    S. B.

    B+ are great!!
    It's the best Shrooms for the first shroom-growing and they had a great full and high fruits

    T. H.

    a comment

    A. G.

    Will try again
    There was an issue with my first grow kit, which I was going to put down to experience and try again at a later date. A member of the team reached out and offered to replaced the item. I had not expected them to do this and was very grateful. The second kit worked really well and I am on my second harvest. The service I have received has been exemplary and I cannot recommend Zamnesia highly enough.

    M. W.

    De belle pousse avec des de beau flush on attend les autres, très belle effet

    J. B.

    Service client au top ! Reactif et compréhensif ! Je recommande

    A. L.

    Excellent service après-vente
    Après un essai infrectueux car le kit était défectueux ou contaminé par la pourriture de la toile de l araignée, zamnesia m'a bien expliqué d attendre et de voir l'évolution puis m'a renvoyé un kit. Merci à vous le kit n'a pas mis longtemps à démarrer et j ai eu 9 sec à mon premier flush je m attendais à plus mais c est déjà ça ! Merci encore Zamnesia pour votre service clientèle

    T. C.

    Looks okey so far
    Not fully grwon yet, but its already 2 weeks past. Hope they still gonna grow bigger.

    P. G.

    Easy peasy
    Arrived on time , followed the instructions, kept them warm and Shrooms arrived. So much easier than starting with spore syringes

    B. M.

    I think I messed up, but will try again
    I’m giving this product 4 stars, because I found out too late that I shouldn’t have been misting the bag after the pins appeared. My bad, but I really could have done with having precise and accurate steps regarding how I should be treating my my mushroom kit after that part all on the information I was encouraged to print out. When I went to the ‘contact us’ section on the site, there’s loads of information, which is great. I think I can imagine why my first grow were so tiny. I’m going to try again. Thank you Zamnesia for selling these really simple kits, just would you consider asking the producer to put more advice on their manual please?

    S. K.

    Kit super facile à faire et explications parfaites pour un effet au top pendant des heures, joie de vivre et rigolade assurées ! Trop satisfait, je n'ose pas en essayer d'autre tellement ceux là ont été appréciés !

    C. C.

    First fail from me
    Way to low heat in my apartment 23C Got 2 grams, thats my own fault for not ordering another growbox that requires less heat

    M. P.

    Buono ma poco aoecifico
    Nel manuale viene scritto tutto tranne quanta acqua

    J. C.

    Beim ersten Versuch wurde es nicht. Dank des Zamnesia Teams konnte ich einen zweiten Versuch waagen. Dieser Grow verlief bestens und ich konnte zwei Flushes ernten. Sehr sensitive Pilze, aber es ist es wert.

    E. H.

    Grow kits
    Extremely nice shrooms you need very little Grams for a nice giggling experience

    K. B.

    La guida non è abbastanza accurata
    Il prodotto è certamente ottimo e sicuramente delle persone già pratiche con questo tipo di cose riescono a sfruttare al meglio il kit per un buon raccolto. La guida però non è in grado di prepare un inesperto a questo genere di lavoro, ad esempio non spiega cosa è il side pinning, e da cosa è causato, o come si manifesta la avrei messo anche delle immagini nella guida per far capire i vari processi di crescita.

    A. M.

    Quick, simple, perfect!

    J. K.

    Supa grow b+
    Considering that I did everything wrong due to not getting instructions and sourcing the wrong one. I managed to grow 150g of mushrooms and it was great fun. Fyi. From first pins to mushroom veils breaking took 4 days so keep a regular eye on them. Fyi 2. I soaked container, didn't use cardboard box and used a heat mat which I later learned was wrong.

    Z. K.

    Excellent support team!
    Everything delivered pretty fast. Did everything as in the instructions, first pins appeared after 10days +-, shrooms were fully ready in about a week after that. Harvesting was a little bit tricky as I was growing for the first time :D Did a little bit of damage to mushrooms and substrate :( But got 200g fresh from the first flush and now waiting for the second one. Dried in a dehydrator and got about 20g dry. Had some questions during grow and wrote to support and they were really nice and helpful, answered all of my questions. Thank you Zamnesia for a great experience! :)

    D. S.

    100% good product
    Had my first flush in 3 weeks... 106g fresh ... now waiting for 2nd flush ... happy with ZAMNESIA! delivered to UK in few days... 100% recommend!

    P. F.

    Première box qui n’a pas fonctionner !
    L’équipe zamnesia après leur avoir fait part de mon souci m’ont renvoyé une box de culture. Encore merci pour le geste. j’espère que celle là va fonctionner. Je vous ferai un retour après la récolte.

    L. B.

    Mr Patres
    Unbelievable nice grov. Fast and easy just had 1 flash got 140g wet. Thank you for support from customer team 10**********

    P. H.

    Everything fine
    Superb product. Good stealth. Also very nice to have a complete instruction how to use it at the website. You will get nice shrooms and your brain will have a benefit. I prefer microdosing. Which is also feasible with this kit. I can’t wait until we can order the truffle sets also to my country. That’s the next thing I will try.

    N. S.

    Super kit
    Au bout de 10 jours les premières têtes sont apparue ça commence à bien se remplir je pense avoir une belle récolte pour un débutant c’est super merci zamnesia

    B. F.

    Belle réussite
    Première expérience avec un kit et pourtant deux flushs réussis (pas plus à cause d'une erreur de ma part, pensez bien à récolter avant que les voiles se déchirent) le tout pour une quinzaine de grammes une fois séchés. 1 étoile en moins car la notice manque vraiment de détails pour le prix.

    N. S.

    Amazing support
    After having 2 replacements for my defective kits one which didn't grow anything for 21days+ and the 2nd which only produced 1 mushroom (0.3g dry). Zamnesia have provided me with a 3rd refund this time I've taken culture's to avoid the potential disappointment again. Cant fault Zamnesia great service and delivery times highly recommend

    K. O.

    good surprise
    I ate my first crop after three weeks. The kit is easy to make, fun and quick. However, I was only able to make one harvest because I picked my mushrooms too late and they had released their spores.

    M. L.

    Au top !
    Je suis très satisfait pas ce kit et cette variété. J'ai obtenu une superbe récolte et j'ai fais de magnifiques voyages.

    Q. S.

    Could not be more happy
    You guys are the best! The product is consistent and amazing! B+ is now one of my favorite strains. Thanks Zamnesia!

    J. W.

    Pretty Good
    They came fast and growed even faster

    R. T.

    No está mal!
    En la segunda semana ya empezaron a salir las primeras, pero no esperes a tener una producción como en la foto, simplemente salieron por los bordes del tupper unas cuantas y ahora en la segunda cosecha no parece que vaya a mejorar, quizás la temperatura haya tenido la culpa pero ha valido la pena

    D. T.

    Not good, not bad...
    First harvest was real good, but the second harvest was disappointing. Also the kit started developing white cotton fungus on top real quick, and I use plastic gloves and are very careful, I've been growing for years! I prefer the Zamnesia housebound kits The first harvest mushrooms were real good and strong though!

    M. G.

    Nice shroomies
    Nach ca 1 Woche fingen kleine Pilze an zu wachsen, danach wenn sie schnell größer und mehr! Super einfache Pflege und hohe Ausbeute !

    F. S.

    This kit is easy as 123. Kids old probably grow this .... no experience necessary.... just take the lid off and keep clean and boom!

    S. G.

    I bought a Mckennai and B+ super grow, The Mckennai seems to be fine, The B+ is contaminated within a week, both are in their bags in the same grow tent with exactly the same conditions Disappointing more so as I’ve had great results before from Zamnesia.

    J. W.

    Efficace sur la durée
    Premier point positif on gagne son temps avec ce kit! Vous vous épargnez une étape de repos de 12 heures au frigo. Vous installez le kit et très vite les premières têtes sortent de terre. Le kit est autonome. Cependant, j'ai respecté les conditions recommandées et j'ai pas eu des flushs de malade non plus...en fait j'ai eu les même quantités qu'avec un kit simple. La différence c'est que les champignons poussent en continue les uns derrière les autres. Je recommande ce kit plus que les "simple" car mine de rien on gagne son temps. Je reprendrais ce type de kit pour voir si je peux faire des flushs plus conséquents à l'avenir.

    V. L.

    Good packaging, quick delivery, easy activation, very friendly customer service. When the instructions were followed, everything worked. Perfect for beginners.

    M. Š.

    1. mal
    Fürs erste Mal war der erste Grow gut und relativ schnell - beim 2. Mal hab ich es nicht genau nach Anleitung gemacht - da sind dann nur mehr paar Pilze nachgekommen aber im ganzen weiterzuempfehlen

    J. B.
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