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Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'B+'

 4/5 (213)

    Nice starter kit
    Arrived perfect and quick too in good condition with free scratch card give me free stuff. After 8 days had first pins coming and fruit after 10 days were abit small but fine got 3 flushes but not so big. However manual not great and could have done things better just look up YouTube on what to do. You would get way better result then. Overall class for a starter kit and very fun with some shrooms worth.


    The best order so far!
    Bought kits 5 times before but this time all 4 kits (3 different kinds) I ordered gave amazing yields, on the 4th round now. First 3 flush were extra ordinary both in numbers and size. Don't know if it did something different except I was traveling with my first flush. Had to bring the all with me on a city trip in the back of my car since harvest would otherwise happen while I was away. harvesting 2-3 times a day for 3 days. Then going back home adding water, 12 hours in the fridge and it all happen again. Now big harvest in my freezer. Very happy!


    Yield of 4g
    This was my first mushroom grow. Stable room temperature of 22 °c and followed the directions of the website. First flush was 4.5g dried and the second flush pinned but stopped growing suddenly for no apparent reason. I did take some sporeprints from which I made some agar plates, I'll have to see how that turns out. For me it definitely wasn't worth 55€ and I'm kind of disappointed.


    Naja was soll ich sagen hatte vor ein paar Tagen meinen ersten Flush der aber sehr gering war (40g frisch) (3g getrocknet) Habe mich jetzt beim Support gemeldet und hoffe das ich ein neues Kit bekomme


    Got 2 nice flushes
    First i made a mistake soaking this kit before 1st flush, as i have done w earlier kits. There should be instructions in the kit. Because this kit didnt need soaking. Luckily i got 2 huge flushes anyway :) 3rd flush pins are on the way!


    Nicht wirklich was geworden...
    kamen leider nur 2 Schübe mit insgesamt 8g trockenen Fruchtkörpern...hatte durchaus schon bessere packs


    Very user friendly
    Loved the kit, very easy to set up and with a good manual. my first time growing mushrooms, so I missed the flush and only got one batch. But still happy with my result. Will buy again!


    Top Produkt
    Dies ist meine erste Box gewesen, ich bin also noch sehr Unerfahren. Die Lieferung erfolgte sehr schnell und Unbeschädigt. Heute habe ich meinen Ersten Flush geerntet. Er ist echt gut, sehr prachtvoll und fast eins zu eins wie auf den Bildern. Leider sind sie auch aus den Seiten gewachsen deshalb werde ich bei der nächsten Box einfach Schlauer sein und die Seiten abdunkeln. Die Wirkung war auch echt gut, Ich habe da es mein erstes mal war auf Microdosing gesetzt (2 Kleine Pilze Frisch) es war ein angenehmes High Gefühl mit ein paar ganz kleinen Hallos :D Insgesamt ein Top Produkt das man sich gerne wieder bestellt.


    Not perfect, but still good.
    Had a few issues with my last kits, but that could just as well be linked to my own actions. The support from Zamnesia usually makes this right within a few business days though!


    First harvest 150 g fresh, big and beautiful mushrooms. Now going with the third flush... The first and the second flush are the most productive. Many sides mushrooms, i just exit the substrate from the original box and put it on a little support for make them growing freely... Just my method not an advice!


    Easy to grow
    It's easy to grow and handle these schrooms - and the can bring magig H. A.


    Meh. Great service but bad harvest
    First i got a kit which didnt grow at all but zamnesia responded very fast and i got a new kit. Did only get about 11g dried on 2 flushes and the biggest shroom was only 4cm. No third flush. 22 degrees c and used a heatmat in a room with good sunlight but no direct sunlight on the kit. Was expecting more.


    Tough luck?
    Before I pour out my disappointment with the kit I’d love express my love and gratitude towards Zamnesia and their stuff! My previous experience with a fresh mushrooms kit wasn’t great to say the least, yet zamnesia immediately reached out to me, asked about my experience with the kit and some pictures, recognized that something was wrong and offered me a new kit free of charge with free shipping! They even shared some personal experiences when asked for advice regarding my next kit. That goes to say, Zamnesia isn’t just some average fun shop, but a community of enthusiasts who take care of each other! Great customer service! Now to the kit. I love that fresh mushrooms is extremely low maintenance given there’s no need to spray water or let the bag get a breather until you set it upright, nothing to mess up, plug n play. But this time I got even less harvest than with my first fresh mushrooms kit. It came looking good, handled it in disposable gloves, ambient temp around 22-24 all of the time, no direct sunlight on the kit. Yet the first yield was about 4g dry and the second flush isn’t even pinning. And that’s with everyone saying B+ is the easiest shroom to grow. Out of luck, it seems.


    Réception rapide


    Sehr zufrieden!
    Beste Pilzbox die man sich kaufen kann! Immer wieder gerne :)


    Muy satisfecho con el producto y la atención al cliente.
    Escribo esta reseña porque estoy realmente satisfecho con la atención al cliente que he recibido. Hace unos meses compré un Kit de setas B+ no me salió nada, me enviaron otro y fue lo mismo, un tercero y fue igual. En última instancia ya pensaba que no funcionaria pero el último que he recibido ha cumplido todas mis expectativas. Nunca antes me habia encontrado con una empresa tan comprometida con la atención al cliente ya que me han enviado el producto nuevo sin ningún coste adicional hasta que he estado plenamente safisfecho. El último micelio se veia realmente poblado y muy compacto y han salido cosechas estupendas. Recomiendo mucho mucho esta web por la atención al cliente ya que no cesan hasta que el cliente está 100% satisfecho. Gracias Zamnesia


    Contento per metà
    È stato il mio primo kit è quindi nessuno nasce imparato, però seguendo alla lettera le istruzioni ho avuto solo 2 gettate di funghi e spesso ai lati del kit, quindi la resa è risultata veramente scarsa....10 grammi secchi.... Quindi deluso dalla quantità ma contento per la qualità


    Ma première boite, j'ai eu 150 grammes frais et ils étaient super chargés en psylocybine.


    Easy but not my cup of tea :)
    Easy to grow, One flush and aprox 110g of fresh mushrooms. The potency its not what iam looking for but for beginners it can be a nice choice.


    Never again
    Very disappointing. Followed given Instructions and grew one other successful kit next to it so i have a direct comparison. But in this one there was nothing at all that you can harvest before it has gone bad. Absolute waste of money, wish i could refund


    Top Kit
    Wie in den guten alten Zeiten.... Der erste Flush sieht aus wie auf dem Produktbild. Zum trocknen aufgehängt eine Girlande von fast 1 Meter. Bin gespannt, was der 2 Durchgang bringt...


    I am currently trying out new strains of these mushrooms since they have given me incredible experiences. Usually „fresh mushrooms“ are the best and most reliable ones but the one I have received had only one flush with 4,5 Gramms dry and then grew mold. It had perfect conditions for growth. The advertised size of up to 30 cm was not even close. The „tallest“ one was around 3,5 cm tall. I am sure that they can be very mind altering but this kit wasn’t even close to what has been advertised.


    Good flushes!
    could have been a lot moe but im happy anyways!


    SIde Pin Nightmare
    These kits are OK , but the side pinning issue is sooooo tiring ! Its unbelievable that these guys have been selling kits for so many years but absolutely no effort into trying to solve that problem! There is a host of youtube mushroom growers, that have solved the side pin issue, so why cant you Zamnesia?


    Moyen mais pratique
    Je trouve ça très intéressant car il n'y a rien à faire, juste patienter, seulement la deuxième récolte a été très faible, dommage..


    Good kit
    Multiple flushes, easy to grow. Zamnesia never dissapoints!


    The biggest one reached about 10 cm. And it gave me only 70grams first time,less second time. Don't know what I did wrong


    Super easy to grow
    This was first my attempt to grow shrooms and it was super easy. Just follow instructions from the website and stick to the basic hygiene rules. The kit produced 160 wet grams through 4 flushes. First was after 10 days and the other flushes were every 6th day. I used Zamnesia heat mat which certaily helped. I bought two kits and the other one was faulty. Solution of this problem was that Zamnesia sent me a free rerplacement after i contacted them. Their customer support is really top notch. I will definitely buy again from Zamnesia.


    Wow !
    Dear Lord, what an lovely expirience.


    Faciles à faire pousser, récolte correcte et champis efficaces !


    Excellent SAV and product
    I bought 3 kits and I did something wrong, a misunderstanding between Fresh and normal kits growing method. Zamnesia replaced them and it's producing good harvests, thanks a lot for the help !


    tout est dans le titre


    good staff
    I had problem with the grown of kit. I asked Zamnesia and it delivered me one new kit. Super


    Great job
    I'm overall really satisfied, I just expected more flushes for that price.


    Lieferung erfolgte innerhalb von 3 Tagen, alles diskret verpackt und keine Probleme. Der Support antwortet regelmäßig auf E-Mails und hilft, wo er nur kann. Einfacher als mit einem Kit von FreshMushrooms kann man keine Pilze züchten. Eine Heizmatte hilft den Vorgang zu beschleunigen, allerdings würde ich diese nicht 24/7 laufen lassen. Ich habe gute Erfahrungen gemacht, indem ich die Matte nur nachts bei kühleren Raumtemperaturen eingeschaltet habe. Ansonsten muss man einfach nur abwarten und bei Arbeit mit dem Kit auf Hygiene achten. Die Mushrooms erzielten bisher immer eine schöne Wirkung mit visuellen Effekten und einem sehr ausgeprägten Gefühl tiefster Entspannung.


    The favourite of my friends and I
    Favorite effects. Very good to those who go on their 1st psilocybin trip. Be careful just : big mushroom size means big spores ! The spores copulate very quickly once their caps are open, so don't wait too long before picking them!


    Excellent product
    3 flushes, very satisfied with this product. ONE TIP FOR THE BEGINNERS: the best way to get incredible flushes out of this kit is treating it like a big cake: soak for 12 hours, take it out and put it in a big tub with big holes filled with cotton providing good misting and fresh air exchange. Don't contaminate it!


    Very nice
    Had a great success with this box!


    rien encore...
    Cela fait 5 semaine que j'ai démarré la culture dn suivant toutes les indications, seulement, toujours rien... normal? Ca commence à faire long, j'ai peur que rien ne finisse par pousser...


    My box came out with a hole on the lid caused by hot glue, which went into the box damaging the inside too. hope zamnesia will consider my reclaim and i'll update my review


    n'a produit qu'un seul flush
    j'ai récolté 20 grammes en 1 seul flush, ensuite le pain s'est trouvé contaminé malgré les précautions. Sinon c'est de la bombe à 15 gr. bien perché.


    Fresh is the best
    I only have good experience with Fresh mushrooms grow Kits. Supa gro and zamnesia grow Kits has been dissapointing to many times for me. But fresh mushrooms kits always produce good flushes everytime


    Goede kweekset
    Ik heb een aantal kweeksters geprobeerd echter is dit wel de beste. Altijd een succes


    Anfangs TOP, danach Probleme
    Der erste Flush kam schnell und üppig, allerdings kam es zu schwarzen Verfärbungen in der Box. Beim zweiten Flush kam nochmals ein halbes Dutzend, danach tat sich leider nichts mehr. Die Wirkung war ein gewaltiger Energieschub mit starkem Bewegungsdrang, sehr positiv, partiell überwältigend. Schade, dass die Qualität nur für 1,2 x Erne reichte. M. Y. T.


    ca marche bien


    B+ and all my shrooms orders
    Hello everybody! I put two stars rate cause the last my order was so different! I've ordered 5 kits of B+. It has come fast. I put all 5 kits in one place (room), all of them were on heat mats. But 2 of my kits were grow and shrooms were there the same like Ecuadors type shrooms, one kit has shrooms looks like McKennai and only 2 last kits were looks like B+. Other problem was that in one kit shrooms have grown down into kit (inside it) and on the top were only 7 shrooms. After all procedures to reboot flashes the kit stops flashing anymore (it was only 1 flash). And last awful thin was that 2 kits which have B+ type shrooms have only 2 flashes and there were 25 shrooms in total. But my previous orders were normal! Last growing I followed all the conditions to make more flashes but it didn't live up to expectations. 4 of 5 kits were harvested before spores come out. But that one kit which made shrooms spores flashes more than other (4 time). I am satisfied, but there are no pleasant memories like it was at 2 first orders, and it leaves much to be desired! P.S. I have one question! I wana order next couple kits, but do not know which one : Golden Teacher or Mexicans...Could somebody advise me?


    Fresh Mushrooms B+
    Schnelles Wachstum und schon der 4te flush. Würde aber empfehlen wegen den sidepins den Kuchen aus der Schachtel zu nehmen... Erzielt bei sauberem Arbeiten exorbitante Erfolge ;) Die Pilze an sich sind sehr stark, weiss gar net warum die b+ heissen, ist für mich ein a+++, leicht zu growen, guter Ertrag, (400g erster flush) und echt stark in der Wirkung


    Prodotto affidabile
    Al momento sta in crescita per la terza gettata, la prima è stata molto abbondante, sono usciti quasi 300g di funghi freschi = 25g di secchi...


    nice product
    Impressive yields, also easy to use.


    Nice first flush
    It's the second time I try a growkit (first time was with Oister mushrooms) this is the first time I got a yield. first flush was nice, but 2nd flush only gave around 5 shrooms. still waiting for the 3th flush. after first flush I have almost only seen side pins. I'll try to buy a syrringe next time.

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