Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'


De magic mushroom Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher maakt zijn opwachting in de laten jaren 80. De afkomst is onbekend, maar waar de naam naar verwijst is wel duidelijk - de hoeden hebben een gouden kleur en het effect leert je nieuwe perspectieven. Je kunt meerdere bloeiperioden verwachten - je hebt alleen maar geduld.

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Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher': Leert je nieuwe perspectieven

De magic mushroom soort Psilocube cubensis Golden Teacher maakt zijn opwachting in de laten jaren 80 van de vorige eeuw. Zowel de afkomst als de ontdekker zijn onbekend, maar hoe hij aan zijn naam komt is wel duidelijk. De hoeden hebben een gouden kleur en kunnen je nieuwe perspectieven laten zien.

Paddo kweeksets Fresh Mushrooms bevatten enkel 1200 ml gekoloniseerd roggesubstraat. De set is klaar voor gebruik op het moment dat je hem in handen krijgt - je hoeft alleen maar wat geduld te hebben

Handleiding Fresh Mushrooms


  • 1200 ml kweekbox
  • kweekzak
  • 2 paperclips

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Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher' Product Informatie
Volume 1200ML
Merk Fresh Mushrooms
Strain Golden Teacher

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Reviews (496)

    Great customer support, great product that they grew by themselves:)
    Shipping is super fast and secure package. This was my first ever experience with Golden Teachers, both growing and consuming! and I am so thankful for Zamnesia, because their customer support is amazing. Plus they have great articles in the website regarding how to grow, step by step, and also how to harvest and how to dry them once harvested. Thank you so much! I am very happy with my purchase. Only kind-of-a-mistake from my side was that I ordered golden teachers and Mckennai together and they were not labeled. So I am not sure which one is which, but I ate from both batches anyway. And both grew very well, and tried both in the end. A.G.


    Top Ware, nach genau 7 Tagen bei konstanz 24C und 95% Luftfeuchtigkeit, 12stunden LED Tageslicht (9watt) guckten die ersten kleinen Fungi's aus dem Boden 🤞


    Golden teacher
    I am satisfied with the product, but I need a little more training in it, how much warmth and how little water.


    Mauvaise qualité
    Commande effectuée Sac de culture percer, de la cole sur les boîtes 200€ envolée car je n'est pu de sac de culture bravo !!!


    Baisse de productivité
    Habitué des FreshM ils sont toujours aussi faciles à utiliser tant que les paramètres température / humidité / hygiène sont respectés. Par contre niveau productivité on est pas du tout sur ce qui est annoncé, sur les 5 dernières barquette les premiers flush n'ont jamais donné plus que 60g frais ce qui fait plus ou moins 5-6g secs. Les anciennes barquettes étaient beaucoup plus productives je ne sais pas ce qui a changé mais le rapport quantité prix n'est plus aussi intéressant.


    Eccezionale kit fai da te
    Spedizione rapida e accurata nei minimi dettagli prodotto valido al 100%


    Good customer service, unsure about the product
    I bought this kit and saw pinning after around 5 days of receiving the kit. First flush was around 90 or so grams of fresh mushrooms which turned into 8,6g of dried mushrooms. Second flush was very small and only produced around 2-3g of dried mushrooms. The mushrooms are however nice and potent. I am waiting for the third flush but I don't have high hopes for the box. Luckily I contacted Zamnesia customer support and am being sent a new box which will hopefully produced more bountiful flushes.


    great delivery and service, bad kit
    the kit was only growing from the sides and the cake was rather sensitive. The quantity and volume of the product were very low. Always go for the supra kits.


    erg makkelijke methode
    Deze paddestoelen set is erg makkelijk te doen. weinig omkijken naar en goede productie.


    Another great product for me.
    I order my kit like 2 mounts ago, they came super fast 5 days after ordering, and the best is that I still have the kit it is now his 4th flush, the last 2 werent as big as the first one {120g}fresh 11g dryed, but overall strong and healthy kit, thanks for the fats delivery and warm advices from Zamnesia Support, you guys rock!!! Wish u all happy holidays from a true psychedelic fan!

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht
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Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'