Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'


Golden Teacher is een grote, schitterende en compacte cubensis die indruk maakt met uitstekende opbrengsten. Dat is echter niet het enige. Dankzij de mysterieuze herkomst heeft Golden Teacher een uniek uiterlijk met gouden hoedjes en dikke, ivoorkleurige stelen.

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Meer informatie

Zamnesia - Golden Teacher: Deze Les Wil Je Niet Missen

Laat Golden Teacher je een les in spirituele verlichting geven die je nooit vergeet! Golden Teacher is een buitengewone Psilocybe cubensis-variëteit waarvan de exacte afkomst tot op heden een mysterie is. Ondanks de onbekende genen, straalt hij elegantie uit met ongebruikelijke kenmerken. Hij heeft levendige gouden hoedjes met gele spikkeltjes en een vlezige steel die naar de basis toe dikker wordt.

De kit bevat alles wat je nodig hebt. Er zit een laag perliet in voor optimale drainage en waterretentie, plus een volledig gekoloniseerde roggecake met vermiculiet als casinglaag. Ook is er een eenvoudige handleiding inbegrepen in de set. Hierbij worden van kwekers slechts twee dingen gevraagd. Allereerst een paar weken geduld en ten tweede is het nodig om de kit dagelijks te besproeien om de omstandigheden optimaal te houden. Golden Teacher vraagt niet om extra huiswerk en onderwerpt je niet aan een gruwelijk examen. Hij biedt alleen een les in psychedelica waar je graag voor nablijft.

De paddokweeksets van Zamnesia worden gekweekt door onze eigen mycologen en hebben een uitermate gezond mycelium. Elke kit levert minimaal twee flushes (met een maximum van vijf).

Handleiding Zamnesia Grow Kits


  • Instructies
  • Perliet
  • Volledig gekoloniseerde roggecake
  • Vermiculiet (casinglaag)
  • Kweekzak

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher' Product Informatie
Volume 1200ML
Merk Zamnesia
Strain Golden Teacher

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Reviews (378)
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    G T
    First flush was ok. See what the next few weeks bring. Excellent customer service as always.

    R. C.

    Gute Anfängerunterstützung
    Sehr zufrieden

    D. L.

    Very nice service
    I got first kit and first one was contaminated, but this is my first grow, so Zamnesia team sent me new one, and it started to grow now, i am very happy already, hope the harvest makes me happy as well.

    M. S.

    Ein Pilz der wachsen will, schnell und unkompliziert.

    G. R.

    Leider kam die Box mit Schimmel an, der sich rasant ausgebreitet hat. Der Versand lief gut.

    P. S.

    The kit arrived with no instruction manual (was told to find the link) and no paper clips or clips supplied but a sticker which makes opening and closing more difficult. Could be much more client friendly and clear.

    A. B.

    Great customer service
    This company really looks after its customers. Had a problem with the 1st kit but they are sending a new one straight out

    D. B.

    Golden Teachers
    Great kit. And great customer service. Thanks again. E. G.

    J. D.

    10/10 dumb proof
    Very happy with the kit. Super simple instructions and it started pinning in about a week. Very good harvest despite me barely paying attention to the thing. Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine. The kit is simple but very well designed

    J. E.

    Leider kamen keine pilze
    Nach drei Wochen ohbe einen Pilz bildete sich höchstens ein Schimmelpilz Dann lieber etwas mehr Geld ausgeben und die haiwaianer den. die waren in der Zeit schon beim 4ten flush Versand wie immer top

    M. E.

    Professionisti del settore!
    Ho acquistato questo kit ma alla prima spedizione il mio pacco è scomparso, Zamnesia mi ha subito spedito un altro kit gratuitamente. Seguite bene le istruzioni e tutto andrà bene. L' unica cosa da tenere a mente, se volete microdosare questi funghi con le capsule, vi consiglio la misura 00 perché tritati o polverizzati, sono molto volumetrici.

    F. P.

    Absoluter Reinfall
    50€ verbrannt, habe alles nach Anleitung gemacht. Passiert ist nichts.

    T. W.

    Does what it says, the more practise you get the better they get

    T. B.

    Wonderful, i recommend it
    Initially, I was concerned when, after one to two weeks, I observed only two minuscule pins that hadn’t shown growth for several days. However, by the third week, not only did these pins start to flourish, but numerous others also began sprouting. I waited an additional week for them to mature and for the veils on the largest mushrooms to begin separating. Subsequently, I commenced a harvest, gathering mushrooms once or twice daily for approximately a week. The yield was substantial. While most of the mushrooms were dried, I opted to use the last few freshly after picking — they were truly remarkable. Regrettably, I noticed a trace of mold on the bases of the last few mushrooms, even though I took precautions using latex gloves and a mask during harvesting. I'm hoping this issue resolves, allowing for a successful second flush. In sum, it's a superb grow kit producing top-quality mushrooms!

    A. N.

    Item arrived super quick and in perfect condition. Really easy to use and perfect for a beginner. It’s been so fun watching the kit really come to life and see the mushrooms grow! Excited to harvest soon.

    G. T.

    Easy to grow, nice harvests and very nice experience
    I first received a probably defective kit (or as it was my first kit ever, did I do something wrong ??) but Zamnesia didn't let me down ; they helped with much assistance and advice, and sent me a free replacement. I've waited until I could experience both fresh and dry mushrooms before leaving any feedback. I clearly prefer dry ones ! I feel it's much more grace than "work". 30gr of fresh fruits had me have somewhat of a fight with "oddities", mixed with a feeling of grace. I globally felt like a baby animal, with very little mental faculty and a profound sense of biological self. I guess it takes time to know one's personal doses, but I tend to not fear new experiences. 3gr of dry mushrooms made me feel very very ""blessed" ; a sort of "who am I, little anybody, to received so much grace and concience of beauty"... A feeling of extreme fragility too, like "life is very fragile and can disappear with less than a sigh". Life is to be cherrished. I kind of understand why these little things are called golden teachers. A big feeling of gratitude to them and to Zamnesia. Present days are crazy but there's something in the depth of humanity that only needs to be uncovered to allow everything to bloom back strongly.

    L. D.

    Huge Experience
    Mega mushroom ate 8 grams dry and after 2 hours I saw the surface of Mars in my apartment. I got a kind of organized overview of my life and had out-of-body experiences. Thanks to the Zamnesia team for this otherworldly experience

    P. P.

    Beautiful mushrooms with beautiful effect. Grew quickly without any issues.

    I. K.

    Golden Teacher Growbox
    Super Artikel!! Jederzeit wieder!!! Ich habe 3 Flush erreicht! Super Artikel!

    L. G.

    Wow, that was fun!!!!
    First timer at everything (growing and trying mushrooms) and it was a walk in the park. Got the kit after just 3 days Followed the instruction on the site and also found some videos on the net just to be sure. Very rich first flush in approx. 10days, second flush took less and I have just started the third. Mushrooms are just something else. I have always been scared of duing anything othre than weed but this was just wow, colours and happy feelings galore!!

    B. P.

    Genau was erwartet
    Du Pilze sind richtig gut. Ich bin mit Freunden im Wald rauchen gegangen und vielleicht war das zu viel Rauch und Pilze, aber selbst auf Acid war ich glaube ich noch nicht so high wie vorletzten Sonntag lol

    L. S.

    Classic golden teachers. . A favourite amoungst my clients

    N. W.

    Geweldige set!
    Na 1 set golden teacher te hebben besteld viel deze enorm tegen in opbrengst en potentie. Na 1 review te hebben geschreven, is er direct contact met mij opgenomen om te lijken voor 1 passende oplossing. Na 1 duidelijke uitleg van weerszijden heeft zamnesia besloten mij 1 nieuwe growkit te sturen. Ik heb hierbij gevraagd 1e van hun eigen merk te sturen. Na ontvangst de kit op gestart. Na 1 traag begin kwamen er 3 middelgrote mushrooms. Samen 10 gram. Geen nood, set gereset en in een nieuwe, bij zamnesia bestelde, xl zak gezet. 2 weken later flush van 285 gram!!! Daarna wederom gerest, na 1 dag al vol pins!!! Zal deze set zeker nogmaals bestellen!!!

    M. A.

    Super easy

    C. T.

    Super growkit. Definitely getting again
    Very yummy shrooms, easy to grow, crazy visual effects. First flush yielded nearly an ounce. 2.5 - 3g is the sweet spot to feel all visuals and the full trip experience, but even low doses of 1.5g are fun and super energising. Very gentle too :)

    F. A.

    3 fluchs sans passer par le frigo, des petits champignons en touffes mais une bonne quantité à chaque fois, très bon kit. Je fais du micro dosage et ça convient bien.

    L. D.

    Pretty good
    Ordered this twice first 1 grew fast, I got 4 flushes out of it and the trip was good didn't go overboard because first time and all. 2nd time I ordered the container was cracked I taped it and emailed Support Team they said it should still work. Long story short it didn't work emailed them again and they sent another to replace it. Excellent support service and product quality is excellent quality to.

    A. R.

    Awesome Zamnesia GT kit
    All good , first flush 2 picks so far, nice first harvest , looking spot on for 2nd flush and deserves 5/5 all day long. looking forward to trying another strain from Zamnesia .

    J. S.

    Solid grow kit
    I bought the inoculated golden teacher block and just harvested my first flush. They grew well and had unusually thick solid stems that stained dark blue. I’d recommend while you wait for your other mushrooms or liquid culture to finish colonizing.

    D. H.

    Makkelijk in gebruik
    Super uitleg kan niet mis gaan

    T. B.

    Service client reactif
    Après avoir eu un kit qui n'a pas fonctionné correctement, le service client de zamesia m'a gracieusement offert un kit de replacement de mon choix et ce fut une réussite. 3 récoltes de champignons énormes !

    E. S.

    Golden Teacher
    Prima esperienza con un growkit, andata discretamente. Basta seguire le istruzioni per avere un buon risultato nel raccolto, anche se penso che avrei potuto ottenere di più, ma ho sicuramente sbagliato io qualcosa a livello di umidità. Sicuramente proverò altre volte per acquisire maggior esperienza. Per quanto riguarda il trip, davvero un'esperienza interessante e da ripetere!

    S. C.

    My first grow kit
    I orderd this for my wife because she need to micro dosing. This product is amazingly easy as ABC! Im very glad and happy with my first grow kit. Thank You Guys You making am amazing job!

    A. M.

    Excellent stuff!
    Quick delivery and quality product, couldn't ask for more

    G. C.

    V. A.

    Great customer service and great shrooms
    My first grow didn't happen. I followed the instructions but no yield. Contacted customer services with a few photos and they quickly sent me a replacement. Followed the instructions and this time had pins within a few days and a crop ready to harvest in around a week. It was a small yeild but took some and had the desired effects. Filled my tub with water and 12 hours later placed back in the hot room. Within a few hours I had pins and within a week some nice fat shrooms ready to harvest. They weighed in around 15grams. Not sure if that's good. Repeated the process again but sadly my crop is finished and just has white fur growing after 3 days. I'm gonna order more though. I've really enjoyed growing and taking them.

    C. B.

    Baked beans in a can
    from the start, the staff behind the scenes, have been amazing answering all my questions, with our fast instant way of lifestyle ,the team at Zamnesia have you covered easy quick payments systems in place, with very discreet packaging, the delivery system is also flawless , allowing you to track each stage of your package even out with the EU. With these products always find the downloadable free pdf as different kits and strains use different growing conditions. which is perfect for the novice as it helps you learn along the way. the products them self are brilliant, and like a can of Baked beans they do exactly what they say on the tin(Box) patients is the key to this, if like me your starting out grab these kits, learn and grow with the fungi and as you do you will blossom into fruitful beings

    D. A.

    Immer wieder gerne
    Lieferung war tadellos. Zweiter und ebenso üppiger Flush wie der erste ist frisch abgeerntet. Hoffe noch einem dritten rausholen zu können.

    S. B.

    Great yield
    Would recommend!

    E. L.

    Great company, great product
    Great grow kit, Zamnesia sent me a second one after the first was contaminated and it arrived very quickly. Great first harvest, second flush on the way. Would recommend.

    D. T.

    Nice kit
    Nice mushroom kit and a professional customer service.

    A. R.

    Wonderful product!
    At first I was feeling impatient because it took more than 2 weeks for the first pins to appear. But after that, they grew up super fast and everything was magic! Super recommended! I would buy it again

    A. A.

    Awesome. Zamnesia versions never dissapoint.
    This js my second grow bag from Zam and i always go for their own brand grow brags. Before the GT's i had B+'s and i had massive yeilds and multiple flushes from them as I'm having now from the Golden Teachers. The Golden Teachers are so much more potent than the B+'s. Very happy with the grow bag and sinplicity of growing my own magic. Thanks Zamnesia once again

    L. J.

    Super Sache
    Der zuchtprozess war sehr einfach mit mäßigem Erfolg beim ersten und stabiler Ertrag beim zweiten flush ich habe als erstkonsument 8.5 gramm auf den ganzen Tag verteilet konsumiert und hatte eine "mindblowing" Erfahrung ich habe viel gelernt über mich und meine Umwelt sehr empfehlenswert

    S. S.

    Positive surprised about the success!
    I'm positive surprised how successfully my first experience with the golden teacher grow kit went. I used a heating pad and a silicone mat for the grow kit (the ones you can order here on the website) I think this was a very helpful for the mushrooms to always have the same temperature and humidity. It was a looot of fun watching the little babies growing bigger and bigger every single day and wow! They grow so fast! I was following carefully the instructions from the website. Considering that this was my first mushroom growing experience I really can't complain about anything! Thank you zamnesia:)

    C. M.

    Absolutely perfect
    Sad that I cannot upload my pictures, I wish to share my first flush. When I tried my first and only 1 single mushroom just to try to potency, I believed that I will have a very gentle microdosing. But in 20 minutes started to feel the effect, the energie changes in my body and after had a very intense deep trip. Super surprising from only 1 shroom boy. Very happy with them

    L. H.

    Good things come to those who wait
    First ever go at growing cubes. Arrived promptly and instructions on website simple and easy to follow. I duly followed them and waited…nothing, apart from some cotton wool looking stuff…… contacted zamnesia, who quickly examined a photo I sent of my barren rye cake and told me all was ok. Started pinning few days later. Was like awaiting the birth of my actual kids. Just harvested second flush. So far, with good chance of more to come, I’ve gotten 40g dried. These generally sell for around £10 per g, so even my maths tells me that this is a VERY economical way of obtaining cubes.

    N. D.

    Très bonne qualité
    Pour avoir déjà achetés d'autres kits de culture d'autres marques. Je peux confirmer que ceux-ci fonctionnent beaucoup mieux. La quantité est présente et plutôt facilement à qui sait porter des gants et faire un minimum attention à la contamination. Au niveau de l'effet, il n'y a pas de différence, cela dépend de la quantité. Je conseillerai de consommer les champignons avec respect car ils sont sacrés. Et celui qui est prêt à accepter ce qui est et/ou mourir (symboliquement ;-) ) en tirera un enseignement puissant pour son épanouissement, son bonheur et celui de ceux qui l'entoure.

    T. G.

    Maestri d'orati
    Tutto perfetto

    V. K.

    Mr Aaron Moore
    I got my Golden Teacher grow kit(2 only ordered one, told zamnesia and they was fine about it)it arrived within a week to Hull in UK and I've had 2 harvest in just under 5 weeks! Here are pictures from 2 different flushes! I look forward to ordering another though this week! Thankyou very much Zamnesia!! (I have even emailed pictures from the 2 flushes)this 2nd flush I swear, it came out the fridge Sunday morning, and today I have mushrooms as long as my fore are(10-13" long!) 2 days ago, they was the size of my fingers(I'm 6ft, average build, so not not massive fingers)and in 48 hours was 4 times bigger!.... People, make sure to harvest before the skin(veil)breaks between stem&cap, I did that and I have got more in 2nd flush and in less than a week!! THANKYOU GUY!!!

    A. M.

    Golden medicine
    Great product. 3 great yields. Super quick grow . Even great for beginners

    H. L.

    Golden fou rire
    Très facile à faire pousser, bon rendement, les golden teacher ne sont pas trop forts, légères visions et barres de rires obligatoires ;!

    J. T.

    Was good
    Very easy instructions and good yield

    S. A.

    I got 3 flushes from my golden teachers
    Delivery was fast enough and I got 3 flushes from them. I simply followed the instructions and viola! Im happy with my product

    F. S.

    Absolutely easy to grow and use. Easy to follow instructions, minimum effort needed on my part to help the shrooms to grow. The recommended spray bottle is not needed, save your 3$. What is needed instead, I guess, is to highlight more the need of buying the instruments needed for drying the mushrooms. I really don't recommend eating the whole kit at once if you are alone and without previous mushroom experiences. So if you don't follow and buy one of the ways for making the mushrooms dry you can just eat few pieces of your harvest and the rest eat the next day or just throw them away. You really just can't "dry them on the sun" they need more intensive heating for longer period of time. So if you want to get most of your effort, buy one of the ways to make your mushrooms dry and store them for later.

    M. ÄŚ.

    truly superb.....
    first point...... BUY a Zamnesia MUSHROOM HEAT MAT .... I did and these little beauties speed up the whole process, shrooms love their little bag greenhouse!! I added the wonderful MUSHROOM HEAT MAT after a day or two and zero movement even with a hot placement, once the mat was underneath they were really moving and after my first flush the next pins were showing a day out of the fridge (12 hours soak) and I've cropped my second flush in less than a week!! And they are proper fat boys this time round so I cannot fault it. One mistake I made was to try the first time with too much food as I didn't want to bring them back BUT lesson learnt and they taste pretty good on thier own so I know now that's ok... I'm going for a hero dose next as I messed up with 3.5g and added to get lift off but as I said, food diluted them so wanting more of the spiritual trip I'm going big!! Overall I'm super pleased with this strain and I'm really looking forward to trying others... and I'm really pleased Zamnesia are back delivering to the UK again.

    S. S.

    Bonne première expérience mais ....
    Alors envoi nickel. Départ de la culture un peu lente pour un début d'été. Plus de 2 semaines avant les premières tête d'épingles. Puis rapidement une première récolte de 140 g. Le problème c'est après. De petits champi avaient commencé à pousser ( surtout sur les côtés...un autre soucis a gérer). Du coup attendre qu'ils maturent avant de relancer un rinçage ou bien tout cueillir et relancer question est en suspend. Pour le moment j'ai attendu un peu et les champ ont bien grossis mais d'autres apparaissent de nouveau et le pain rétrécie donc se dessè ne sais pas trop quoi faire! Maintenant au niveau puissance c'est vraiment moins fort que la cueillette en nature mais c'est bien agréable quand même.

    S. F.

    Golden Teacher
    4 récoltes abondantes, très satisfait!

    S. S.

    Beyond the heroic dose
    My mushrooms grew well. At first i got impatient and after a few days i put back to the fridge. From then it grew extaordirnarely fast. I decided that i would my first flush taken all at once for my first psychonaute trip. So i mixed the 90 grams of fresh mushrooms (and a bright blue came out of it so i knew they were pretty potent) and add some lemon juice, roll 3 spilfs during the 20min wait and then proceed to take the mushroom juice and smoke one. Well the trip was great but not quite what i expecting. I could have guessed so since 3times the high dose. I was having a hard time with my stomach, wanting to eat or throw up but couldnt, until i got the light out. Then it was like i enter the mushroom dimension, all was energy and i would be dissapering and reappering on different location in the field, i believe we could revere to it as the 1st D. If i would focus on the energy i would see geometric form which might psylocibyn atomic form. I prayed with my mushrooms and played some music, watered and fanned them everyday, they are pretty incredible

    B. M.

    Génial, bonne expérience
    Première fois que je pense cette sorte et j'en étais très content d'ailleurs le deuxième est la troisième réponse vont arriver. Avec l'explication sur le cité c'est l'idéal. Je recommande ce site a beaucoup de gens..

    G. D.

    War gut
    Keine probleme einfache anwendung :)

    J. L.

    New to this!
    I'm an absolute novice in growing mushrooms but after a lot of research decided on zamnesia for my first try...Great easy to follow instructions great price I'm excited to start my journey of microdosing...thankyou!!

    E. D.

    5 STARS!!!
    my first shipment got lost but that was no problem, got a new round without any hassle or expense! The new shipment was very fresh, very rewarding in the first flush!! so once again Zamnesia shows its qualities and good service!!

    J. K.

    Took 3 weeks to start growing, but really good first flush so far
    I was a bit worried because after 1-2 weeks there were only 2 tiny pins that hadn't grown for a few days. But by the 3rd week, they were growing nicely and many more were coming up too. Waited another week for them to reach size and the veils to just start separating on the largest ones, then started harvesting 1-2 times daily for about a week. Got a really good bunch, mostly drying and used the last few fresh after picking. Amazing stuff. Unfortunately got a bit of mould growing over the bases of the last few (despite using latex gloves + mask while harvesting), hopefully this dries out and the 2nd flush will still grow ok. Overall, great grow kit and great quality shrooms!

    P. R.

    Golden teacher
    Belle leçon de vie, pas trop fort, monté progressive vous n'avez qu'à suivre le cours du professeur.

    J. D.

    Kit golden teacher
    Ci hanno messo un po’ a venir fuori però una volta partiti hanno fatto molto presto. La prima ondata mi ha fatto quasi 20g, è stato molto bello dare vita a degli esseri viventi così magici!!!

    C. C.

    Trust GT
    I have just put the kit on the plastic bag to growing. I trust this kit because i have been grow before many zamnesia Golden teacher growkits , and get very nice & good results. My record is 10 flushes. Now need just to wait ~3 weeks for a first shrooms of this new box, and i hope all going good and get nice big flush

    J. R.

    Golden Teacher grow set
    Der erste flush kam recht schnell. Mal sehen ob ich noch ein zweites Mal ernten darf. Der Preis ist leider viel zu teuer meiner Meinung nach!

    D. W.

    A little bit slow to grow compared to other brands i tried. Still, large crop of huge mushrooms is on the way.

    S. B.

    Tip top!
    Kit completo e facilissimo da far partire, ho raccolto 113gr la prima volta e 120gr la seconda, sono alla terza gettata. Proverò anche tutti gli altri kit. I golden teacher mi hanno aiutata molto in un periodo difficile. Li uso per connettermi profondamente alle mie emozioni, per ridere o piangere! Arrivano momenti di grande che chiarezza e calma mentale… mi portano in un flusso fisico in cui inizio a fare yoga secondo le necessità del mio corpo. Adoro!! Felicissima

    G. F.

    Après 2 semaines a brumisé tous les jours. Des monstre sont apparus et ont littéralement éclaté le pain ! J'ai jamais eu un kit comme ça sachant que c'est mon 3eme ! La 1er flush s'annonce fructueuse ;) je pense plus de 100g easy avec ces monstres (on dirait des morceaux de gingembre/ pouce/ zgeg mutant)

    J. A.

    In osservazione
    Il kit è arrivato nei tempi previsti e con imballo perfetto. Metto quattro stelle per quello, mi riservo di aggiornare la recensione non appena i risultati arrivano : sto aspettando di vederli spuntare!!

    G. M.

    total gut
    beste Qualität. Schölnes Wachstum. Glanzende Verpackung, hohe Ansprüche! Sehr schön, ich freu mich sehr auf's durchprobieren

    O. A.

    Great first yield
    Worked perfectly, first flush 18,6grams dried. Only microdosing so far, 0,1 - 0,15 seems perfect for a good start in the day.

    M. S.

    Kit golden teacher
    Comme toujours, 1 récolte hallucinante, suivie de 6-7-8,c'est incroyable que les chapeau s'ouvrent et pourtant les spores ne tombent quasi pas sur le pain,puisque il y'en a d'autres en dessous avec 1 grosse épaisseur de mycé du top en "cubensis"les MC KENNAÏ sont 1 peu plus dur à faire, mais j'ai sorti un champi de 46g sec!...entre le gros psylo et l'amante panthère,énorme...les golden teacher font entre 5 et 15-20g sec/champi...Greg

    G. B.

    Perfectas para un viaje
    4 veces la dosis normal y te fundirás, recomendada para psiconautas

    G. O.

    Premier essai de culture réussi.
    Première culture réussie. Le kit 'GOLDEN TEACHER' pardonne les erreurs de débutants. Petit bémol, Pour moi, le guide de culture devrait être un peu plus étoffé (passage à la deuxième vague, ...).

    R. D.

    Amazing service helped me every step of the way with the payment process and couldn’t be happier with the final product I bought a heat mat, a hydrometer and Golden Teacher, nearly 2 weeks in and everyday they are doubling in size. Will definitely be using Zamnesai for all my future purchases.

    B. F.

    Nothing to complain great quield.

    A. E.

    I followed the instructions and got my first flush (18 days after the package arrived), here's hoping for the future flushes!

    A. H.

    A great trip inducer, happy and euohoric followed by contemplative.

    K. K.

    First time growing and an already on the 3rd flush from the kit. Kept things totally sanitary and had 2 solid harvests thus far, and a rather strong product!

    S. K.

    Muy recomendado
    Acabo de recibir mi kit de golden teacher, pero este, no es cualquier kit, sino un kit de reemplazo que Zamnesia con toda la confianza me envió... yo compre un kit anteriormente, que venia ya en mal estado ( son suposiciones mias), y al ver tremenda contaminación de moho, tire el pan directamente a la basura con miedo a que me la liara..... al siguiente día, contacte con zamnesia, ellos necesitan aparte de testear como ha tratado uno el pan, unas fotos para ver directamente lo que esta pasando.... pues claro, yo con el rollo de la contaminación, ya no tenía el pan conmigo... les conté a Zamnesia, y con toda la confianza me han enviado tremendo reemplazo!! Gracias por el gran servicio que dan... recomiendo 100% este lugar

    A. D.

    First time purchasing grow kit from Zamnesia & I must say it didn’t go to plan. However Zamnesia were quick to respond & sort out my problem. They sent me a replacement within a day of bringing up the issue to the customer service team. I am a customer for life & recommend Zamnesia to anyone & everyone. Thanks Zamnesia, Keep it up, Abu

    A. K.

    Gutes Zuchtset
    es war mein erstes Zuchtset und ich bin begeistert. Mein erster flush war schon Zwei Wochen nach erhalt des Sets fertig und betrug 15.15g getrockneter Pilze,der zweite flush war nach einer weiteren Woche erntereif und hatte ein Trockengewicht von 13g Pilzen.

    P. K.

    Super easy
    This is an amazing kit, perfect for first-timers like myself. Also, shrooms are so pretty.

    C. O.

    very good strain and product!
    on the 2nd flush now. looking great. first flush, 20g dried mushrooms. they are not that strong though; I had good fun with the kit, more success than with the supa gro. keep up the good work!

    J. T.

    zamnesia golden teacher
    all perfect, abundant harvesting, great product!

    F. M.

    Looking great so far both tubs pinning after a few weeks. Really high quality kits , think I'm gonna switch from supagro to zamnesias own by the looks of things

    B. D.

    Tolles zuchtset
    Schnelle Lieferung,innerhalb von zwei Wochen wuchsen die Pilze heran Unkomplizierte Anzucht

    E. S.

    Nice and Easy
    Well, 1st time I bought a kit, it didn't produce anything so I decided to buy a 2nd one. Man, this 2nd kit, it's just growing and growing. Healthy mushrooms and lots of pins. I'm not done with the 1st flush and I already harvested 65g. No complaints at all.

    M. C.

    Très satisfait
    Très bon produit, Un peu long à démarrer, mais mycélium de bonne qualité, rendements (3 bonnes récoltes minimum, 55 Gr sec ) Je recommande pour les amateurs de Golden Teacher Merci Zami ;)

    G. B.

    Great customer service and awesome quality!
    Zamnesia really has the best support from all the internet shops i know. Always discret packaging and fast delivery. Every problem is solved within 2 days. Big thumbs up!!!

    G. K.

    Gute Erfahrung
    Schon die Pilze zu züchten war eine neue Erfahrung hat Spaß gemacht. Mit dem Set war es sehr einfach und man kann fast nichts falsch machen, wenn man die Anleitung(en) auf der Zamnesia Website befolgt. Kleiner Hinweis: Was einigen wenigen Tage auf der Oberfläche des Substrats aussieht wie weißer Schimmel, ist gar keiner und völlig normal. Also keine Panik und etwas Geduld haben… Interessant ist natürlich auch die Wirkung der Pilze. Mein erster Versuch war eine eher "düstere" Erfahrung, aber durchaus erkenntnisreich. Eingestellt war ich eher auf ein euphorisches Gefühl – also offen sein für alles was kommt! Ich werde auf jeden Fall weiter experimentieren…

    F. W.

    This strain is fairly easy to use, with robust cultivation and low contamination issues. Especially with this Zamnesia substrate, sturdy with regular flushes until the cake is like a soap bar. The high is a potent onset of physical euphoria turning into a more psychological experience. With similar vivid colours to the Terrance McKennai strain. A go to mushroom for self awareness or philosophy.

    J. L.

    MĂ­stica y reveladora
    Desvelando bellos mundos tras sus enseñanzas, al principio un tanto duras, pero eso es porque yo había sido travieso... Jejeje

    J. M.

    Top Produkt
    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Growkit! Super schnelle Lieferung und guter Ertrag beim ersten flush. Der zweite ist bereits in den Startlöchern.

    C. B.

    great kit with the heat mat together
    I had a kit that didnt do great and did some troubleshooting with support. They were so kind to help me and I got another one which is doing great. Thanks for the great customer support, it means a lot!

    F. L.

    First pins have appeared
    As the title suggests, the first pins have appeared for me, so I know that the kit is growing as intended. Unfortunately however, the included grow bag had a tiny puncture which made it leak. I therefore had to take out the grow kit out and locate and repair the puncture, which was more trouble than neccesary. Afterwards I could then refill it, and mist the sides again. otherwise solid product

    M. S.

    Amazing teacher
    Zamnesia did it again! In a week i get my order, GT growkit and with a nice price. Im so happy. Now I read one More time growkit guide and start to grow a medicine and therapy things for me! :) Later when first flush is ready and can harvest, i will write here how much dry shrooms i get. ;) lets growing begin! For all Zamnesia People, have a great week!

    J. R.

    arrived quickly, nice harvest, 5/5

    L. H.

    Golden teacher shroom kit
    Excellent service! Was worried it was a scam, absolutely not. Comms excellent reassurance right until the parcel arrived. Very very pleased! Have yet to see anything due to time scales but am excited to see the end result. Will defo order again. Thank you!

    L. H.

    prompt exchange
    GT Zamnesia grow kit seemed to be 'asleep'. After 21 days of not pinning, we contacted Zamnesia and after answering the questions and providing photos,they promptly sent us a new kit which worked perfectly. Satisfied with the customer service.

    L. B.

    Excellent customer service
    I ordered one of these, it didn't grow. I sent a few photos and answered a few questions. It was promptly resolved with a replacement or voucher. I took the replacement offer and it is starting to take off after 3 weeks. Will order again.

    D. M.

    Nice Golden Teacher first flush
    Haven't tried them yet, but the first flush gave 15 gr. dried. Just followed the manual. This was my first flush ever. Good customer support when I had questions.

    J. G.

    Die Lieferung lief problemlos ab und auch das gelieferte Produkte ist qualitativ sehr gut. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen und werde sicher wieder bestellen !

    E. K.

    made 3x100g medium flushes and it's not finished

    K. J.

    Facile si on suit les instructions
    J'ai suivi à la lettre les instructions jointes dans un pdf téléchargé sur le site, en respectant particulièrement les conditions d'hygiène et en une poignée de jours j'ai vu apparaître les premières têtes. Croissance plutôt tranquille pour la première récolte, et malheureusement comme j'ai de longues journées loin de la maison, je n'ai pas pu être là au moment crucial qui m'aurait permis de récolter quand les champignons virent de couleur et deviennent plus clairs et juste avant que les premiers déchirent leur voile. Du coup j'ai tout cueilli et procédé à la préparation d'une deuxième levée. C'est beaucoup plus rapide ce coup-ci, et ils poussent, ben... comme des champignons! Là je veille au grain et comme je suis plus dispo, je les cueille un à un au degré de maturité optimum. Je dois avouer que comme je suis une newbie et que je n'ai jamais fait beaucoup d'expériences psyché (je me contente de manger un peu de weed quand j'ai vraiment besoin de dormir) je veux attendre de bonnes conditions de sécurité - un gardien de confiance pour veiller sur moi et rien d'important à faire dans les jours qui suivent- pour tester leur effet, donc rien à dire là-dessus, sorry about that. Je veux que ce soit une expérience à part, un peu mystique pour moi qui suis radicalement athée et pas un cauchemar. Je vais lire un peu sur le sujet aussi, Huxley et Michael Pollan et puis me lancer ensuite. Histoire que les étoiles soient alignées. Du coup je les fais pousser, je les cueille et je les fais sécher pour que tout sois prêt quand je le serai aussi. à l'odeur, ils sentent un peu le roquefort (blue cheese for the English speakers) ce qui est sans doute en lien avec leur couleur bleu outremer quand on les ouvre et qu'ils s'oxydent. Have a safe trip. Bon voyage :)

    A. J.

    ...super Top! Ich habe die erst Ernte eingefahren und ich bin sehr zufrieden! Was ich noch positiv bewerten muss ist das das einfĂĽllen von Wasser direkt in die TĂĽte ...ich weiĂź nicht ob es daran liegt aber ich hatte zum ersten mal keinen seitlichen wuchs.

    F. S.

    Amazing first flush!
    Amazes and very pleased, discreet sent , easy steps to follow. My grow partner did a lot to make a good growing area,and he made a yeld bin that we used instead of the bag, and our first flush was absolutely good, fresh 200 grams, dried 21 g. And we're excited for the second flush as it has started right away when set to grow. We are Soo happy 🥰

    M. .

    Wächst super laut Aussage vom Kollegen. War sein erster Versuch und hat direkt mit den mitgelieferten Anleitungen geklappt.

    J. K.

    Very fun to see the whole process, I found a new passion & hobbie. Got 198g fresh in the 1st flush. I fan them for 24h, then bought a food dehydrator and it took 4hrs for the small ones, 6/7hrs in total for the bigger ones

    N. S.

    Simple, follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. Don't worry the magic will happen just takes time. Looks like it's doing nothing and the next day it's alive. Amazing to watch them develop.

    R. B.

    Happy Happy 🧙‍
    Eerste flush was bijna 140gr en is aan het drogen, nu wachten op de volgende verse oogst Het wordt een vrolijke kerst 🧙‍🥳

    F. B.

    So good
    Super easy to grow and incredibly exciting to see them bloom. I’m on my second flush and they are growing just as strong. I’ve had a nibble and they are lovely shrooms.

    J. R.

    Beginner's mushrooms
    This was my first experience with magic mushrooms. Very easy to grow, quite resilient. I had a really good time taking them with friends, good vibes, good laughs. I recommend this kit for beginners as the effects of the mushrooms are mild and growing them is easy.

    K. S.

    First time
    I always had a fascination for magic mushrooms and truffles. And so i bought my self a grow kit of of Golden teachers. With some extra bits an bobs, My first flush was every small ( not knowing that is pretty common with golden teachers) but Luckily the second flush was pretty dam good. I got a sweet 220 grams fresh. it was very easy to maintain and I think i found a new simple hobby. Highly recommended.

    D. V.

    nicht mehr das was es wahr...
    ich habe mich schon mehrere Male für Zamnesia Zuchtsets entschieden. Die Ausbeute wird immer geringer (ich habe von zwei Zuchtsets die Menge von etwa einem halben ernten bzw. retten können!) Immer wieder Kontaminationen, viel Schimmel, obwohl ich sauber arbeite (Heizmatte, Feuchtigkeitsregler, Handschuhe, Mundschutz etc. - bin Chemikerin, also weiß ich worauf ich zu achten habe bzw. "wie sauber ich zu arbeiten hab"). Bei einem der Zuchtsets waren beim Auspacken schon starke türkis/blau/grüne Verfärbungen auf dem Deckel sichtbar und das Gehäuse war bereits von Schimmel bedeckt. Habe kein gutes Gefühl mehr hier... Außerdem habe ich extra XL Filterbeutel bestellt, auch hier kamen zwei unterschiedliche Arten und kein XL bei mir an...

    M. Y.

    All looking good so far
    Had to deal with a little bit of contam but the 3% h2o2 sorted all that. Looking forward to harvest. 1st flush/a week away. Idea for a quick enlightenment and those all important spores to continue the cycle. Good stuff!

    J. G.

    Amazing Costumer service
    I got a GT kit fully colonized, but the mush's that developed in the kit were not what i excepted, they were quite small. So i contacted the support and they asked me a few questions, for ensurance i think. I replyed with all the answers and they told me to "please try again and contact if you got any questions and if the results are not what i excepted", and i did it and got better but quite the same results. So i contacted them again and they got me a choise, between a new kit or a voucher in the store. Waiting for the new kit and hope i got better results. This team is amazyng, they reply emails quite fast and with full responsability with their product. Definitely a store of choice !!

    D. G.

    Super service commercial
    Super !!!

    R. K.

    pousse bien, belle forme, productif, bel effet

    A. R.

    Golden Teacher
    Very impressive yield. First flush was 32 grams dry. Grows at what I would think is average speed. The effects are on par with the description of Golden Teachers. Mild, philosophical, but fun. Made me very talkative.

    J. G.

    Perfect as always

    F. M.

    De set doet het megagoed

    C. C.

    Great kit + trip
    Very good Grow kit, first mushrooms was ready in 3 weeks and I get about 20g+ dry mushrooms from first flush. :) I try to eat 3g wet shrooms (straight to mouth from kit) and shrooms was very strong, I get much stronger trip what I was waiting for..:D and my friend tested eat 1,3g dried mushrooms and he was like "whaat the f%#*..;O " ;D Golden teacher is very easy to grow, and gives amazing trip with even a little dose. 5/5

    J. R.

    A caballo regalado, amas a zamnesia.
    Me envĂ­an un pack de estas setas, por que no me afectaron bien las trufas, reitero el servicio al cliente ULTRA EFICIENTE, en serio, yo de mayor quiero ser como vosotros. De parte de un admirador anonadado que os quiere con locura.

    A. C.

    Funktioniert super
    Ist mein erstes Set, und da gerade ein warmer August ist, bleibt die Temperatur auch ohne Heizmatte ziemlich konstant bei 23-25 Grad C. Gestern begann der erste Pilzkopf aus dem Substrat hochzukommen. Das war Tag 11 nach dem Aufstellen. Mehr kann ich noch nicht sagen. Bis jetzt alles easy und so wie in der Beschreibung.

    A. O.

    Reiche Ernte
    Obwohl ich eigentlich keinen grünen Daumen habe sind die Pilze super angewachsen. Die zweite Ernte war fast genau so gut wie die Erste. Warte gerade auf den 3. Schub - die ersten Köpfe sind schon zu sehen.

    E. H.

    Top das geht sehr schnell und gute Qualität!

    A. P.

    golden teacher
    ich hatte einen pilzbefall den ich mit ordentlich zimt wieder wegbekommen habe. bei der dosierung wäre ich vorsichtig. ich habe ein gramm genommen und war echt überdosiert. eine freundin hat auch ein gramm genommen und hat bloß ganz wenig gemerkt. die pilze haben also unterschiedliche mengen an wirkstoff. wenn ihr bei einem gramm nicht so viel merkt versucht es mit größ0eren pilzen - ich würde nicht gleich die dosierung erhöhren ansonsten kann es absolut zu viel sein. die golden teacher haben mir ein großartiges gefühl gegeben. ich habe mehrere dimensionen gesehen und gefühlt. auch die optik ist fantastisch. nicht allzugroße halluzinationen. der geruchs-und geschmackssinn verbessern sich. auch die augen. bis heute so geblieben. lieben gruss Silko

    S. P.

    All around good.
    Yield wasn't impressive, but beautiful effect.

    C. C.

    Toller Einstieg in das Thema
    Mein erster Versuch und ich bin zufrieden. Von meiner Seite aus gibt es noch viel zu Lernen, aber da Kit hat wie erwartet funktioniert. Ich bin im Moment beim zweiten Flush.

    J. R.

    golden teacher 1200ml
    lieferung kam schnell an und ist super gewachsen. danke!

    M. C.

    N'a pas poussé
    Je ne peux rien dire sur les champis car le kit a moisi et rien n'a poussé. Sans doute que je m'y suis mal prise, mais il serait bien que Zamnesia mette un tuto en vidéo, ce serait beaucoup plus clair.

    R. R.

    Sehr gut!
    Das Kit war sehr schnell da und ist fast genauso schnell gewachsen. Sehr gerne wieder und kann ich jedem nur empfehlen.

    T. T.

    Pas mal mais recolte moyenne
    Premières pousse après 2 bonnes semaines. Puis les champignons ont arrêté de pousser avant le detachement du collier de spore et certains semblaient mourrir. Peut etre aussi qu'ils n'ont pas trop aimé la canicule de Paris. Voilà pourquoi je mets quand même 4 étoiles.

    T. S.

    Top top top
    Alles super

    J. S.

    Golden teacher
    Bon rendement environs 20g pour la première récolte. Envoie en 5 jours.

    V. T.

    Happily ever after...
    At first I've got unfortunately a contaminated kit: It already had green mold in it... I had no idea at that time, that this was a sign of contamination. After a few weeks I contacted Zamnesia and we managed to work it all out. I've got a new kit and it took a little while, but after a few weeks, the first little mushrooms showed up. From there on it all went pretty quick: The first couple of mushrooms were ready after one more week. We had an amazing experience with them. Now the second couple are growing right after our first harvest and we are already looking forward to our next session. Thank you Zamnesia for providing this product, for your customer-satisfactory oriented service and for this amazing experience

    D. N.

    Bonne culture, plusieurs passages ( 4 ). Tres bon trip egalement. Tres heureux de mon achat, j'adore ce site.

    B. B.

    Très satisfaite !
    C’est mon premier kit de culture et le résultat est très satisfaisant ! La première récolte sera très bonne, j’ai hâte de voir ce que les autres récoltes vont donner

    O. H.

    Very Nice harvest... Around 30 g dried

    K. B.

    Good yield and customer service
    I got a good yield on my second go. The first kit I tried didn't yield much but that was most likely because I didn't follow the instructions. I was sent a second grow kit free of charge when I wrote and explained what had happened.

    M. N.

    Erg goed!
    Heel tevreden met deze Zamnesia grow kit. Ik heb dit jaar ook een aantal andere merken geprobeerd, zowel van Zamnesia als van andere aanbieders, maar deze geeft het beste resultaat. Volgende keer weer!

    W. R.

    Bon rendement
    Très bon rendement. 20g sec sur premier flush et le second démarre. Les champi sont assez gros (j en ai récolté deux gros avant la fin). Le substrat est un peu trop compacte

    B. C.

    Easy and fun
    Super easy instructions to follow. Great yield. Thought it was a really fun experience.

    N. S.

    Foresta di funghi
    Questi kit danno una vera produzione grande e potente

    D. D.

    Kit hat nicht funktioniert aber Support hat sofort geholfen
    Das golden teacher grow Kit was ich bestellt habe war von Anfang an defekt aber der Support hat sofort geantwortet und mir ein neues Kit angeboten.

    P. S.

    fluctuating quality but this time good yield
    First Kit had almost no pin after 3 weeks -> service Team sent me a new one Second Kit was green at arrival, completely contaminated -> service team sent me a voucher Third kit is actually very good. First Flush 100g Second flush 125g Third flush has some nice big specimen of 25 g each, not fully harvested yet but i expect similar around 100g. Potency not tested yet. Be patient and kind to the service team from Zamnesia and you will end with some results. But quality is definitely with high fluctuation and you´ll need some luck.

    F. A.

    One of the best customer service !
    Nothing but praise for the zamnesia team, Joëlle very nice and responsif ! Always a good harvest :) I recommend this strain of golden chill and trippy ! And I recommend zamnesia for sure !

    T. L.

    Très qualitatif
    C'était mon tous premier kit de culture et franchement bonne 1ère récolte avec de bons effets, actuellement la 2e récolte est en train de pousser. Je recommande fortement pour tous ceux qui veulent commencer à faire pousser leurs champignons.

    D. Y.

    I first got a SupaGrow-Kit, and it didn't work at all. I read in forums that the SupaGrow genetics are exhausted and the new boxes dry up, but I'm not sure that's true. Anyways I got this zamnesia kit as a replacement 26 days ago. I harvested 150+grams in the first flush after 14 days and then the second flush with 170+grams within 7 days. It's still looking good and I'm expecting at least another flush, but I'm very happy with the kit, it was super easy and great results.

    M. R.

    Extremely low yield, but nice potency
    It was my first attempt, i did 3 flush the 1st gave tiny shrooms, second one was the same, and the third one gave one huge potent shroom !

    V. B.

    excellent produit
    bonne pousse gros spécimens facile à entretenir merci

    M. F.

    Fast delivery
    My first experience with mushrooms and i have not tried them yet but the kit works very well and i’m on my third flush now Fast shipping and delivery!

    A. S.

    good service, nice harvest
    The first time I got this grow kit, everything grew like gangbusters - with 3 good yields. They were dried and ground for microdosing. As a gardener, I enjoyed the process of growing these little babies, too. My 2nd grow kit order didn't grow much at all (that's Mother Nature for you!). Zamnesia customer service was super nice and sent a replacement (after I showed photos of what wasn't happening...). I will keep on buying from Zamnesia, for sure.

    C. T.

    second flush now forming
    The grow kit arrived in UK without problems. I followed the instructions referenced in my confirmation email (there are different instructions elsewhere on the website), that include pouring 150ml of water into the plastic bag. My first flush started 10 days after opening the Grow Kit and I harvested 5 days later. I ate one mushroom immediately and the effect was striking, lasting about 3 hours. I put the Kit into the fridge for a day and then started the second round. Pins started to appear on day 4. Very happy so far!

    S. B.

    Setas grandes y potentes
    M quedado satisfecho con este producto que fue el remplazo al producto que cogĂ­ anteriormente y m saliĂł defectuoso. M dieron buena respuesta y estoy contento con la respuesta. M han salido unas setas gigantes "he flipau". Merece la pena, al principio pensaba que por ser de marca zamnesia seria algo mas bajo de calidad q de una marca famosa, pero m equivocaba

    A. A.

    J’avais 2 kit de champignons. Pour l’autre je vais faire ma troisième récolte. Pour celui là j’attends encore que les champignons poussent . Je me demande si vous avez pas oublié de mettre les spores . Si j’avais eu que celui là je me serai remis en question mais un pousse parfaitement et l’autre pas du tout. Bruno

    B. P.

    Quality product

    W. S.

    Excellent Customer Support
    I got a mouldy Grow Kit and the Customer Support got me a very friendly voucher. Very fair.

    F. L.

    Service Top Growkit ausgezeichnet Endprodukt bei richtiger Dosierung fantastisch🤭

    M. S.

    Reçu des mexiquain à la place

    Y. G.

    Disappointing yield
    Payment and shippng perfect! Couldn't be better. Shrooms are as potent and friendly as expected. But... I don't get 3 yields, not 2, hardly even one. Maybe 10 or 15 heads and then it's all gone moldy. Not a container full of shrooms as on the photo. Your guide should mention how much the container should weigh, when soaked and drained of water . Disappoint.

    E. J.

    Dieses Growkid ist zu empfehlen. Einfache Handhabung, guter Ertrag. Danke auch fĂĽr die schnelle Lieferung.

    F. M.

    a good place to start
    It took time for me to appreciate that level of care needed for a good harvest and subsequent flushes. I've tried various kits. For someone who is new at this, the golden teacher is a good place to begin. The kit is easy to set up and easy to maintain. Make sure you read the instructions for each specific kit. Shrooms start to bud within a week or two, and then the take off -- so fast is the growth that you may, like me, miss the optimum time to harvest. It is sooner than you think. For once the "umbrella" looses its curvature and spores release, the whole project gets contaminated. That happened to me the first time around. On a second try I did get a good harvest. As for the quality of the experience, I'd say that depends a lot upon you. Treat the medicine with respect and it will do the same for you.

    E. D.

    Assistenza super
    Ho avuto problemi con un kit, ho scritto una email all'assistenza che mi ha risposto subito. Dopo avergli descritto i problemi, hanno spedito nuovamente il kit il giorno stesso. Complimenti, siete una grande azienda!

    A. I.

    Cultivation set
    Fast shipping! Great result!

    D. P.

    Excellent ! je recommande
    J'étais hésitante à cause des avis négatifs mais je voulais tester par moi-même... Et bien je suis très très contente ! Livraison rapide, la boîte est arrivée en parfait état, prise en main facile (pour ma première culture). 1er flush récolter au bout de 20 jours, il a duré plusieurs semaines, total plus de 150gr frais ! 2ème flush alors là... des champis juste énormes ! plus de 30gr par pied, j'ai pas compris... j'en ai une bonne dizaine. J'ai lancé le 3ème mais pour l'instant rien. C'est l'hiver et il fait froid chez moi, je l'ai mis dans une pièce lumineuse (sans soleil direct), près du chauffage avec le tapis chauffant acheté chez Zam, apparemment ils ont adorés ! Pour les effets, je suis aussi très contente ! De la bonne humeur et du rire, des conversations à n'en plus finir, un superbe voyage intérieur, des fractales et un bien être total ! Merci les champiiiis !!

    C. G.

    First fail but second was perfect
    I received my first kit but it failed, it was full off green/blue mold after 2 weeks, I had to throw it away. Zamnesia send me a replacement kit for free, so that's quite nice from them. The second time it worked perfectly and I had a beautiful grow like on the picture. Now I have like 100g of fungus + more than thirty spore prints, that's cool. Thank you. Just don't forget to follow all the steps described in the documentation : fill the kit with tap water, 12h in the fridge, remove the water from the kit, fill the bag of water, put it in sunlight. Having it near by a window protected by a paper sheet is a perfect place if you want to have enought sunlight, and for the water I put a lot of water (5dl) inside the bag (but not in the kit). Beware it's not really clear where to put water in the documentation, it's in the platic bag not in the kit, otherwise you will drown it.

    J. A.

    Primi in classifica
    Forse sottovalutati perchè semplici da coltivare ma la qualità del viaggio é impeccabile… AVETE MAI PROVATO A FAR ASCOLTARE LA MUSICA DI MOZART AL VOSTRO KIT ? Provare per credere

    J. M.

    Alles Top
    Schnell geliefert, alles wie beschrieben!

    C. F.

    Tip Top
    Einfach, schnell, diskret

    J. P.

    golden teacher grow kit
    quick delivery, all that's needed to start growing is in the box. i find the instructions easy to follow. just started the growing process so don't know the results yet, but i feel confident.

    J. B.

    Super Set!
    Gleich ausprobiert, erste Ernte nach knapp 3 Wochen, dauerte etwas länger aber für mich kein Problem! Tolle Pilze, sobald sie getrocknet sind, werde ich mich auf Reise begeben....!

    M. M.

    N a pas pousser
    Apres une culture infructueuse, Zamnezia a de suite proceder a une compension avec frais de port inclus ! Je suis tres satisfait du SAV de Zamnezia, tres reactif !

    M. C.

    Don't grow anything
    I take the box and I follow the instruction to prepare the box. I've wait 3 weeks and nothing happens. Where is the problem?

    G. C.

    Leuk om eens te proberen
    De opbrengst van mijn eerste flush is droog misschien een gram of 3. Weinig pins en ze bleven vrij klein. Hoop dat de volgende meer oplevert. Als je gewoon wilt trippen kun je beter een paar doosjes truffels kopen voor het geld, maar het is wel heel erg leuk om je babies te zien groeien. Lees je even goed in is mijn tip en klooi wat met de omstandigheden (frisse lucht, temp, sproeien enzo)

    A. G.

    Petite récolte
    Difficultés pour pousser et petite récolte premier flush 80g frais ?

    P. C.

    golden teacher
    still waiting for the second round but very nice and easy so far. really good product

    E. M.

    Bien content !
    Le produit et propre et facile à mettre en place, je n'ai pas encore récolter, mais je suis déjà comptent

    M. C.

    So and so
    In the first flush only one third of the kit grew anything. I’m getting ready for the next flush, hope it will grow some more.

    L. B.

    great product :)
    I put them in the fridge for 3 weeks because I went away and couldn't start to grow them right away and still they've been growing after about two weeks after I started the process!

    L. S.

    Tolle Pilze
    Das erste mal probiert und gleich eine gute Ernte. Super Beschreibung, auch für den Laien leicht verständlich. Macht Lust auf mehr!

    P. H.

    PhD trip
    Les Golden Teachers portent vraiment bien leur nom. Avec un trip j'ai pu comprendre vraiment pas mal de chose. J'ai d'ailleurs grâce a eux un PhD en Déconne aujourd'hui. J'aimerai continuer l'apprentissage en vue d'un deuxième PhD orienté vers la communion universelle : ). Faites comme moi et ne restez pas ignorant, apprenez !

    S. V.

    mushroom kit golden
    Je best product ,its grow so fast ,it s already the second bloom,and i had very cool trip Thank zamnesia

    J. L.

    be-IN-g LOVE
    I have been waiting for this moment for so long, I wanted to grow the love mushies in the traditional way, but there is always so much more that I want to learn and discover and I am not the most "esterile" ambient host... So I am very grateful for this lovely Zuchtset that grows and expands as also do my kefir, kombucha and sourdough... we live happily all together and celebrate and honor life daily. We are the Love Reevolution and we are here to Heal our Home, free bodies and territories, freedom, love and trust, that's all Life is about!

    M. H.

    golden teacher grow kit
    be very careful with the hygiene and the kit does yield good results, as mine did

    N. S.

    Bon Kit de culture Attention de suivre le bon protocole entre kit Zamnesia vs Fresh mushrooms.

    A. B.

    Mauvaise expérience
    Très mauvaise récolte avec ses champignons. De plus les champignons sont restés petits.

    L. G.

    Almost Top Product
    It would be perfect if you can add a black plastic liner under the substrate, to prevent side pinning. I know that's not a big problem but it would make the product simpy perfect.

    A. F.

    langzaam op gang, maar toch beweging
    Ik heb een maand geleden een kit aangeschaft en deze operationeel gemaakt volgens de handleiding. Duurde wat langer om de boel op gang te krijgen, maar nu komen de eerste vruchtlichamen uit de grond. De handleiding is prima te volgen met simpele stappen. UItstekend voor een beginnend psychonaut.

    P. P.

    Trop Bien ça mère
    L'ivraison rapide,efficace trés bien emballer les instructions sont claires et précis je recommande

    C. G.

    Super simple kit, great yield in my case, but I also monitored temperature and humidity the whole time. Yielded me about 50g of dried potent shrooms. 4 flushes each (except the last) more exciting than the previous one.

    M. S.

    With the golden teacher strain I always had some difficulties which I think has to do with the strain. They’re a bit slower and reduced in the amount of harvest but in return you get a truly outstanding experience. I grew them for 3 times. First one was sleepy, I got it replaced by Zamnesia. Second one was contaminated, maybe my fault, still it got replaced by Zamnesia. The third one is now in the middle of growing and I’m super excited to watch them grow. The first sleepy kit gave me 3g which still was enough for a proper experience. This is why I chose the strain again, never had such a colourful, wise and ecstatic trip experience with shrooms as with the GT. Thank you Zamnesia for providing such a great customer service

    K. M.

    Extremely satisfied with the shipping - but no outcome of the batch
    The package arrived within 1 1/2 day after purchasing my grow kit. But it’s been almost 5-weeks now and the kit has only given a moss-growth but no psilocybins. I know it’s always a chance with grow kits that they will not produce, but it always sucks when it happens. Hoping for better luck next time.

    H. R.

    Great kit
    The 1st flush took about 3 weeks. About 25 grms. Very good expirience. The 2nd flush is running. I recommend for shure.

    L. C.

    Sav très réactif
    J'ai eu un petit soucis sur ma box le service client a été tres reactif et m'a renvoyé aussitôt un bon d'achat plus livraison offerte. Merci beaucoup pour le geste :) très professionnel !

    R. P.

    Zamnesia Zuchtsets
    Zamnesias Zuchtsets machen Ihrem Namen alle Ehre. Ausgzeichnete Boxen für jede Menge heilige Pilze! Bisher keine Fehlschläge und immer große Erträge.

    D. H.

    Very satisfied customer
    The kit got contaminated after the first flush for some reason, but after communicating the issue to customer service, they immediately agreed to send me a new kit + free delivery, absolutely amazing customer service.

    N. N.

    Alles super geklappt. Es hat allerdings fast 5wochen gedauert bis die ersten Resultate zu sehen waren. Also so lange nichts gammelt abwarten.

    S. T.

    Very good product
    The kit arrived on schedule. I immediately started the cultivation procedures following the clear and detailed instructions. Mushrooms are popping up these days, in longer times than expected, however I think it depends on the tempreatures that are not always optimal. However, for now everything is going well, I think it is really a good product. Zamnesia's service is flawless.

    M. P.

    Worked really well!
    This was my first grow kit ever and was not disappointed. I followed the grow-kit guide to the letter making sure I washed my hands as thoroughly as possible every time I handled anything inside the bag. I got no contamination whatsoever. My first yield covered the entire grow-kit and after drying this came down to about 20 grams. The second yield is still drying as i write this review but it looks to be about 1/3 of the first yield. I tried the mushrooms from the first yield with a conservative dose and it was quite pleasant and entertaining. I can definitely recommend this grow-kit for people that just like me have zero experience with magic mushrooms. Just for the fun of growing fungi I would recommend this kit.

    B. V.

    Great Kit
    First flush yielded me 361grams of fresh mushrooms. About 49g dry. Did set these up for a seconds flush - currently its looking a the kit is producing about the same amout as with the first flush. Great Kit.

    S. F.

    Challanged but got help.
    Had a single little flush which seemed stuntet, had a good exchange with the support who made sure i got a kit which then gave me everything i needed. 5/5 for service and good Karma.

    K. L.

    usually works great, bu this time it didn't spawn. I'll try to transfer it into a monotub on a sterilised coco coir substrate, maybe it will work there. The last time i bought it it worked quite well, so I can still recommend trying it. I was reembursed the full amount and will continue supporting zamnesia

    O. M.

    Alles bestens
    Hat super geklappt

    R. F.

    Servizio impeccabile
    Sempre eccellente il servizio, prodotti affidabili e facili da operare. Meno bene i secondi e terzi raccolti.

    V. R.

    Hat gut funktioniert!
    Das Zuchtset hat getan, was es sollte: Im ersten Flush konnte eine gute Ernte erzielt werden, obwohl es auch etwas mehr hätte sein können. Handhabung ist einfach und unkompliziert.

    S. O.

    Sadly kit didn't work for me. Zamnesia staff is amazing.
    Zamnesia service is great, they all seem like nice people. Communication is very good and I will buy on Zamnesia store again. However this kit did not work for me. I had an opportunity to set 2 growkits of this kind. Following the rules by Zamnesia, no one didn't work. Every time I used different kind of water too, just to be sure. I grew kit from different manufacturer before and it all went good. So I don't know why this didn't work for me. Next time I will try Fresh mushroom growkit they have on the store.

    M. S.

    Nice grow kit
    Went good and nice strain of shrooms.

    N. S.

    Magere Flushes - Handleiding onduidelijk
    Ik heb mijn eerste growkit gekocht. De plaatjes met volle flushes leken nog veelbelovend, maar de daadwerkelijke opbrengt is vooralsnog erg mager. Ook de handleiding en blog artikelen over groeien en oogsten lijken elkaar tegen te spreken. Hier mag wel iets meer zorgvuldigheid aan besteed worden om de klant te voorzien van eenduidige en juiste informatie.

    M. D.

    best batch ever, quick powefull, loved it !

    J. P.

    went good
    i watched a video on how to spawn the kit and the instructions were slightly different, it started pinning on the first week and harvested some shrooms in the end of the second week the mushrooms had a satisfying effect following zamnesia's shroom dose calculator walls were melting shapes were forming brain was on overdrive overall a good trip from a medium small dose, although the mushrooms didn't look like in the picture they had smaller and round caps

    I. V.

    Didn't work
    I know how to work with these kind of kits, but this time it failed and didn't even spawn a single pin

    A. F.

    Nice flushes but ineffective mushrooms
    I must admit the flushes were great however the mushrooms were quite bad. I don't know if I did something wrong but neither me or my friends were satisfied by the effects of those shrooms.

    A. N.

    Product failed
    efficient service, the package arrived in 2 days but following all the rules provided by zamnesia, the product failed

    F. G.

    Leider kein Ertrag, 6 Wochen vergangen
    Hat leider nicht funktioniert, schade ums Geld. Da diese Growboxen sehr anfällig sind kann ich nicht genau sagen worans liegt aber meine Box ist leer, seit über 6 Wochen tut sich hier nichts. Heute leider die ersten bräunlichen Stellen entdeckt. Schade um das Geld. Beim nächsten Mal würde ich einen anderen Hersteller bevorzugen, das ist meine 3. Box die wohl nichts geworden ist leider.

    L. K.

    Kundenservice unschlagbar
    Ich hatte mit meiner Growbox ebenfalls das Problem das sich nach drei Wochen nichts getan hat.Das ist zwar im ersten Moment ziemlich ärgerlich jedoch macht es der Kundenservice wieder gut.Die Mitarbeiter haben sich dem Problem angenommen, Antworten auf meine Nachrichten haben nicht länger als eine Stunde gedauert. Habe mein Problem geschildert,der Grund für den fehlenden Wachstum ist dennoch unklar.Meine Growbox wurde mir anstandslos ersetzt.Die Kundenbetreuung bekommt von mir 5Sterne.Hier kann man sich gut aufgehoben fühlen....

    D. B.

    Pas fonctionné :/
    Ca n'a pas poussé malgré le fait que j'ai respecté chacune des consignes à la lettre :(

    G. W.

    Better off
    You are better off buying the fresh grow kits

    E. S.

    Juste nickel, plusieurs bonnes récoltes, très facile et effets puissants

    L. M.

    Kit arrivé contaminé
    Malheureusement la bonne moitié de mon kit était déjà contaminé quand je l'ai reçu, mais zamnesia c'est vite occuper de moi pour m'envoyer un nouveaux kit de mon choix. Le personnel de Zamnesia et le SAV est au top de toutes vos espérances !! Maintenant y'a plus qu'à voir si mon nouveaux kit serra au top of the pop ;) Merci Zamnesia !

    S. G.

    Absolutely crap doesn’t work at all I’ve had mine for ages now and not even a single mushroom has grown from it. I’d like a refund please

    A. W.

    funktioniert gar nicht
    schade dieses set wurde mir von einem bekannten empfohlen ich kann das jedoch nicht trotz optimierter bedingungen kein resultat-griff ins klo kann ich nicht weiterempfehlen

    M. K.

    Doesn’t work!
    My second kit from you with this brown stuff on top and after 1.5 months in perfect condition it doesn’t give any shrooms, I bought a Mexican and they worked after 2 weeks.. and they didn’t have the brown stuff on top

    I. L.

    boite comtaminé
    aucun champi n'a poussés, juste perdu 45 €

    T. H.

    Keine von Fruchtkörpern/Pilzen
    Schneller Versand, jedoch haben sich trotz richtiger (durch die Anleitung vorgegebener) Anwendung keine Fruchtkörper/Pilze gebildet. Auch nach mehreren Resets tat sich bei beiden Zuchtsets nicht! Ich denke es hatte mit den verschiedenen Temperatur während der Lieferung (Winterzeit) zutun. Auffällig bei den Zuchtsets war zudem, dass wenig bis kein Mycel zusehen war, als die Lieferung ankamt.

    F. P.

    Ayahuasca achtige trip
    Eerste kit kwamen geen paddo’s vanaf. Toen ik dit liet weten aan Zamnesia hebben ze me gevraagd om een foto van mijn kit en naar aanleiding daarvan mocht ik kiezen voor of een nieuwe kit, of voor een voucher van de waarde van de kit. Top service. Ik heb toen een nieuwe kit besteld en een grote filterzak omdat ik de filterzakken waar de kits in komen niet zo goed vind. Van deze kit heb ik na drie weken een succesvolle eerste flush geoogst (ongeveer 65 gram vers). Ik denk dat deze flush groter was geweest als ik de zak meerdere keren per dag open had gemaakt om de paddo’s van zuurstof te voorzien in plaats van maar een keer per dag. Er zaten namelijk een heleboel ieniemienie paddestoeltjes tussen. Ik hoop dat ik alle kleintjes er goed uit heb gehaald om nog een goeie tweede en hopelijk derde flush te krijgen. De trip op deze golden teachers was echt fantastisch. Ik heb getript met blinddoek om en een playlist met icaros op en dit kan ik iedereen aanraden. Ik vond het vergelijkbaar met ayahuasca ervaringen. Tijdens de trip heb ik gecommuniceerd met andere energieën en heel veel geleerd.

    J. B.

    Nothing happened but got voucher
    Nothing happened, not contaminated but after two months, still nothing. i got voucher to get a new one with free delivery

    L. T.

    Experience réussi
    8g pour le premier flush. J'aurais fait plus avec de l'expérience. Super rapide une fois sorti !

    F. C.

    Geen Oogst
    Spijtig genoeg heeft mijn box niets opgebracht, wel zeer reactieve klantendienst die meteen voor een oplossing heeft gezorgd.

    S. S.

    Ho comprato due kit: questo e uno di Mexicans. I golden richiedono più cure (per i Mexicans praticamente non bisogna fare nulla!) e sono più lenti ma mi hanno dato un primo raccolto davvero abbondante! Li ho mangiati secchi con la Lemon tek, che funziona davvero! Ora sono alla seconda gettata e spero di riuscire a farne anche una terza!! Importantissimo è raccogliere i funghi al momento giusto e non troppo tardi se no si rischia di compromettere possibili gettate future (come mi è successo con i Mexicans dopo la seconda gettata). Davvero super!

    S. B.

    Rien après un mois malgré le respect des consignes Pas d’echanage ni de remboursement. Les graines même topo. Site à éviter je met une étoile parce que l’on est obligé d’en mettre une

    S. P.

    Buy SUPAGRO instead
    I've been buying kits through Zamnesia for years now, have had my bit of trial by error with earlier kits. I've been buying SUPAGRO kits earlier, and have had no problem. But these Zamnesia grow kits are not okay, nowhere in the guide did it say that you should cold shock your kits, so I assumed that these were done differently but they're not you need to cold shock em 12 hours in the fridge for the first flush. The guide tells you to soak em in water and then just put em up, nothing with the fridge. not cool. Then there's the oxygen holes, they come sealed, you can open and wave the bag every day for oxygen intake but it's super unintuitive, after a month, i punched holes through the bag myself and now a few started growing. I would not recommend buying Zamnesia growkits before they fixed their manual.

    I. O.

    Ottimo prodotto ottimo sito
    Nonostante i numerosi problemi causati dalle poste italiane il pacco è finalmente arrivato, grazie anche all'aiuto dei disponibilissimi assistenti di zamnesia. Ho già raccolto il mio primo raccolto di funghi golden Teacher

    L. D.

    Still growing... :)
    Still getting the grip of the perfect spot for them but they are going great. The box wasn't fully colonised though.. Not expecting a great yield but we'll see. The Zamnesia team has been great with my order issues and support. Thank you very much.

    S. B.

    Did not produce anything
    Unfortunately, even after following the instructions carefully, the grow kit did not produce anything. I'd try the 'Fresh' version of the Golden Teacher the next time, as the other grow kit I ordered (McKennai, Fresh Mushrooms) was successful.

    S. M.

    Nul. Difficile à faire pousser 3 champignons 1er flusch, IMPOSSIBLE. La boîte à moisis rapidement contrairement aux équatoriens. Je suis déçu.

    L. D.

    Kit culture Golden teacher
    Débutante j'ai foiré mon 1er kit, je l'ai contaminé ! Mais merci à Zamnesia pour son super service client hyper rapide et efficace !! Avec mon 2ème kit, aucun problème, mes bébés champii sont bien là :)

    M. E.

    Non riuscito! Ma servizio clienti eccellente
    Ho acquistato questo Kit perché ho un amico che compra spesso da zamnesia e lui ha avuto ottimi risultati. Purtroppo da questo kit io non ne ho ricevuti. Ho contattato il supporto clienti e entro 24 ore mi hanno chiesto info e foto. Ho mandato tutto ciò che serviva e di comune accordo , ho atteso ulteriore tempo per un flusso che purtroppo non è mai comparso. Zamnesia senza esitare mi ha dato la possibilità di scegliere tra un voucher o l’invio di un nuovo kit che è già in transito. Per il momento non posso dare più stelle! Consiglio a tutti questi fungo per le sue speciali proprietà introspettive. Se si ha bisogno di guardarsi dentro è ciò che fa per voi!

    D. D.

    Did not work
    Sadly they did not work for me. I followed all the instruction, had the temperature and humidity controlled, heated pad, etc. It was my first kit ever.

    A. N.

    Déçu par ce kit
    Le kit reçu n'était pas bien colonisé et il n'a donné qu'une récolte...

    S. P.

    100% sehr zuverlässigen Seite
    Mein Kit war defekt, aber dank dem zuverlässigen Support hab ich direkt ein neues bekommen! :D Also keine falsche scheu, selbst wenn das kit nicht richtig funktioniert, seit ihr wenn ihr den Anweisungen der Anleitung folgt auf der sicheren Seite! Dies geht aber wahrscheinlich nicht für schimmel :D Außer hat der Support mein Anliegen sehr schnell und zuverlässig bearbeitet. Danke dafür! :D

    P. L.

    Very Bad Product !!
    I won't ever buy from Zamnesia again. I wish I read some reviews before. Very bad product. I did every step carefully. The kit just did not grow. Very Sad. I was just looted off for 50 Euros for nothing. I recommend do not buy from here.

    P. T.

    Great Strain, growing no pain
    Okay so, guys, overall I think the kit and the strains are great, there's just a little problem with the instruction guide that Zamnesia sends you. Everything in there is correct but it's missing some critical information on how to set up your growkit, alright. So in order to get the many flushes you want you actually have to fill up the growkit with water after you received it and seal it. Put in in the fridge for about 12-24 hours and then, remove all excess water from the grow box. They're many very instructive youtube videos on it and they can help you achieve the growth you want. So I will give the product 3 stars because if you follow the exact instructions from Zamnesia your flush will most likely be bad. But if you inform yourself a little bit, these kits can work out perfectly!

    M. K.

    Pas de chance...
    Très déçue car ma box a mis énormément de temps à partir même en suivant toute les instructions à la lettre... je m’aperçois au bout de deux semaine que des couleurs commencent à apparaître et qu’elle est contaminée...super pour le prix, la patience et le temps a donné...

    L. J.

    Leider schimmel
    Leider direkter Schimmelbefall. Allerdings nach Absprache mit zamnesia kostenlose Erstattung. Mal schauen wie das neue growkit wird.

    T. N.

    Kit de culture Golden teacher
    Malheureusement nous aussi ce fut très décevant,le premier kit à donner quelques champignons juste un petit peu au bout de 20 jours et le deuxième avec le petit tapis chauffant n'a rien donné!Très déçu évidemment je ne recommande pas!

    R. I.

    Super produit et SAV
    Première commande reçu, problème car rien ne sort, je contact le SAV qui est très professionnel et me renvois un KIT, la production n'est pas top ( 25gr sec ) sur 3 pousse. Les effets sont pas mal mais moins visuel que d'autres . On va fait tout de même un beau voyage avec 2gr sec par pers.

    S. B.

    Golden teacher
    Kit reçu, au bout de 2 semaines toujours pas un shamps de sortie. Je suis les instructions à la lettre. Aillant commandé d'autres kit avant celui si, celui-ci je ne le recommande pas du tout. J'espère pouvoir trouver solution car cela fait plus de 3 semaines et toujours rien de rien qui pointe ça tête. Venez pas me dire que je débute car loin de là. Toujours et toujours de bon rendement et rapidement sauf celui-là. Comment faire ? Je vais péter un câble de commandé pour rien sur zamnesia

    R. A.

    good as usual
    Mushrooms grew big and strong. Had the best trip with only 2.5 grams.

    E. B.

    Easy and nice

    D. B.

    Marvellous GT
    easy pratical and efficient !!!

    M. M.

    Kit fatto a regola d'arte
    Semplice da coltivare e molto produttivo

    M. S.

    Got a kit and it is growing kinda slow. But they are getting huge and big so I'll expect some amazing results

    P. T.

    Bonne fruitaison
    Très content de mon achat, avec de beaux gros champis et de belles empreintes de spores à la clé

    A. P.

    Great customer service and pretty exciting growth
    Ordered 3 kits. One unfortunitly ended up contaminated, and the other hasn't pinned. - however after contacting zamnesia staff (who are really nice and fast responsive) they arranged to send me replacement kits. No hassle. The 3rd kit has got about 18-19 mushrooms growing right now in their first flush. Now overwhelming numbers but only first flush and reckon they will be pretty big too!

    C. A.

    Golden Teacher Kit
    Sono rimasto veramente sorpreso dall'efficienza dell'assistenza di Zamnesia. Dopo aver segnalato il ritardo della nascita dei funghi, ho inviato loro delle foto e con massima tempestività mi hanno consegnato un nuovo kit che è arrivato oggi dopo neanche 5 giorni. Sono rimasto sbalordito. E comunque nel kit in cui tardavano a nascere i funghi, sta iniziando comunque a nascere qualcosa. Farò una nuova recensione in cui parlerò meglio dell'effetto e della resa del kit. Grazie.

    P. D.

    Effective growth !
    Followed the instructions, i removed the lid ,watered the soil, then soaked the water out, let it overnight , then the next day i placed it in the bag and misted 3 times daily. The forst pins appeared after 3 weeks. Real good!

    L. M.

    facile ed intuitivo
    è arrivato tutto abbastanza infretta, sono già alla seconda gettata e il micelio continua a produrre, sono soddisfatta se non fosse che ci sarebbe bisogno di un manuale più dettagliato, soprattutto per gli ansiosi come me che avevo paura non uscissero e ho dovuto cercare istruzioni su altri siti e manuale dovrebbe arrivare direttamente con il kit a mio parere, quindi questa unica pecca, ma il resto assolutamente efficiente e produttivo!

    C. D.

    Helpful staff
    I had some troubles with the "Golden Teacher" but great service from the staff seems to solve the problems

    H. A.

    schnell da schnell gar
    In Tagen Da in 14 Tagen reiche ernte...

    M. N.

    Still in my first flush but gas truly delivered! Ate 3 fresh shrooms yesterday and loved The effect. Very visual.

    T. N.

    Todavía están en fase de crecimiento, pero se ven muy prometedores!

    E. M.

    Effets Top, production moyenne
    Livraison rapide de mes deux kits. Un a donné une récolte convenable, l'autre rien. Zamnesia répond facilement à ce genre de problème et m'en a envoyé un autre qui est en cours. Dommage impossible de faire partir une deuxième récolte sur le premier. Livraison, service après vente et effets des champis super, mais niveau production je suis pas ravi, pour 80euros j'ai eu peut-être 10g sec. Pas top.

    L. E.

    Grow kit défectueux
    Malheureusement le grow kit était défectueux mais après une prise de contact avec le SAV de Zamnesia qui est très professionnel j'ai pu recevoir un nouveau grow kit. Au top

    T. G.

    Growbox kam innerhalb einer Woche ohne Probleme. Nach 3 Wochen konnte ich die Pilze ernten, jedoch mit einem geringen Betrag (96g feucht aus dem ersten Flush) Sehr schneller, kompetenter, fĂĽrsorglicher und freundlicher Support.

    E. M.

    Fast delivery and helpful staff
    Fast delivery, intructive was missed but the staff helped me a lot with problems and they aswered everything I'd asked. The results were good but no how I expected, because I see another products from Zamnesia working really better. I think great customer service and just I would like to try another product next time

    P. S.

    Perfect Customer Service
    I have ordered 1 of these grow kits and this was the first time I received a defective kit and the customer service was great for giving me a refund after sending photos.

    A. V.

    Awsome customer service and great product
    I just started the growing process and I must say I am very excited to see how it goes. Zamnesia always delivers great products, and I have never had anything to put a finger on, so I am sure the shrooms will grow plentiful as long as I have followed the instructions correctly! Thank you for existing Zamnesia.

    K. M.

    Un buon inizio
    Un buon kit per incominciare a farsi un idea sul mondo dei funghetti.I primi funghi usciti erano 2/3 di taglia piccola ma già con il velo aperto, ma notato il substrato secco un paio di giorni dopo aver inumidito il terreno e messo il kit in un punto caldo ne sono usciti molti di più ed in modo più uniforme, state attenti se volete raccoglierli prima che il velo si rompa perchè crescono molto velocemente!!!

    F. #.

    Well packed and fast delivery and the customer service will help you at all problems and they answers almost before ask something

    M. E.

    Amazing Customer Service
    I have ordered around 12 of these grow kits and this was the first time I received a defective kit and the customer service was great for giving me a refund after sending photos and such if the kit! Already ordered more

    L. R.

    Champignons qui en courage le sommeil pour les insomniaques
    Je conseille fortemement de commander des gants jetable stérile, d'utiliser un distributeur de gel hydro-alcoolique, de l'appliquer sur les gants, et sur les avant bras des poignets jusqu'au coudes. Les molécules actifs du champignons sont uniquement présent quand le chapeau forme une tête d'épingle. Les champignons doivent être cueuillir avec ses mains et ses avant bras préalablement stérilisé au gel hydro-alcoolique en distributeur/pompe pour évité des contaminé les champignons et le substrat par des moisissures. Si vous ne stérilisé pas vos gants et vos poignet jusqu'au coude, votre substrat et vous champignon seront contaminé par la moisisure. Vous devrez stériliser votre boite contenant le subtrat et les champignons contaminé à la vapeur.

    S. H.

    Shipment was quick and discreet. The first pins appeared after 2 to 3 weeks, but a few days later it started to grow green/blue mold. I contacted Zamnesia and asked them if there was anything I could do about it, and thankfully, they offered me a new grow kit free of charge! I give Zamnesia 5 stars for their amazing costumer service.

    N. K.

    Golden teacher growkit
    At first I was a bit skeptical, but everything has gone very smooth and I've had a great 1st flush with this grow kit! Thank you zamnesia for the great product, fast and discret delivery and best support service! I surely recommend!

    T. M.

    Golden teacher, bon champignon
    J'ai adoré ce kit de culture pour des raisons simples. D'abord, 3 semaines de patience en maudissant les enfoirés qui m'avait vendu ce truc là. Puis un énorme champignon de 12g apparaît, suivis de quelques petits frères de 6g environ. Les effets de ces champis étaient à la fois exaltants et euphorisants. J'ai ensuite récolté une pépite de 14 g puis j'ai contaminé le kit, mais c'est de ma faute, à retenter absolument !!!

    M. S.

    Grow kit
    Golden teachers zijn geweldig goed en makkelijk te kweken, wauw

    I. C.

    Geduld word beloond!
    Na enkele weken en wat hulp van de geweldige klantendienst heb ik mijn eerste oogst binnen! nu nog een flush die hopelijk nog meer gaat opleveren!

    E. D.

    Thanks for costumer service.
    One of my three kits failed. Probably pre-contaminated. I only had two mushrooms on this one. Luckily, Zamnesia has great costumer support and got a replacement kit. The other two (mckennaii) kits were great, and the new kit as well! Thanks a lot.

    W. R.

    J'ai reçu un kit Mc Kennai au lieu de Golden Teacher, pas grave ;) . 1er flush 85g frais, 2ème flush 97g, 3ème flush 53g. Ils sont bons. Merci Zamnesia.

    R. R.

    Fast delivery and good product
    My kit arrived within 1 week and I had my first harvest within 3 weeks. The kit is easy to use and the instructions are clear. For a first time grower I would recommend this kit! Thanks Zamnesia!

    B. B.

    Deutsche qualitat
    Encore un bon produit je suis sur ma 2ème récolte et je pense faire autant que la 1er très satisfait jamais déçu de zamnesia il suffit de suivre a la règle les procédures ou de chercher un peu sur internet et vous arriverez toujours à sortir quelque chose de ses boite de culture

    R. H.

    Sie waren schnell da. gute ernte

    T. W.

    Praise this customer support
    First of all i am a user since 3 years now and never encountered any problems. I usually buy Shroom Growkits and philosopher stones. This time i had bad luck and was rather sad and complained a bit that it did not work as intended.. well short things short they immediatlely sent me a support ticket and asked about a few steps to examine the problem as good as possible. I did that and the very next day i had a reply in my inbox telling me the Brick was obviously at fault and which compensation i would prefer. Voucher or replacement. 5 Stars, thank you all for your great service and i would recommend Zamnesia to anyone who is reading this review.

    R. Z.

    Great support
    It was a dull box I got first time, no mushrooms at all. Contacted the support and they asked for some pictures. Afterward they replaced my order and the boxes have been growing nice since then! Very professional staff and excellent dialogue with the support

    M. C.

    Great costumer service!
    First kit I ordered didn't grow properly. After having contact with Zamnesia explaining the problem they quickly sent me a new one for free so that I could try again. Very helpful and friendly staff, many thanks!

    E. V.

    Strong boys
    1st flush 12g dried, second flush 12g dried, third flush 2.7g dried - could have been better but I am very happy still. First flush was smaller mushrooms in size, but there was alot. Second ones were way way bigger and there were a lot less. Had a strong, connecting, genuine trip with my two mates. We learned a lot. For the growing, I didn´t really follow the superficial instructions on the website, but rather dived into the shroom forums for detailed knowledge. It´s not always the kit that is bad, but the grower not giving the kit what it needs to flourish (example - when they pin you need to fan more often than 3 times a day because mushrooms grow on fresh air and thats why I even made holes to the bag for the second flush to keep the air fresh while i am at work for 8 hours a day), and of course - patience is key.

    H. H.

    4 stars
    Box didnt grow , i dont know if its because of me or the box , so zamnesia where kind enough to resend me a New one , thx zamnesia ! 4 stars because there stuff is great.

    D. P.

    Très bon service après vente
    Pour ma part, mon premier kit n'a pas fonctionné car les instructions sur le site sont différentes en français et anglais. Mais le service après-vente m'a renvoyer un kit gratuit très rapidement avec à ma demande les instructions à l'intérieur de la boîte ce qui permet de ne pas se tromper. J'ai également dû acheter le matelas chauffant pour avoir une température constante. Cela fait 3 semaines maintenant et j'attends toujours une première poussée...

    A. E.

    Best costumer service in business
    I bought the kit. It had some flaws so it didn’t grow. I contacted Zamnesia. They immediately took action and now I have a new kit. Love you guys.

    M. P.

    a great product
    First kit i orderer was too compact and didn't grow properly... but zamnesia quickly sent me a new one for free after hearing my problem. The new one wielded 3 nice flushes (and even a 4th lesser one) as advertised, I got what I wanted and a top-notch customer service with that.

    M. D.

    Bon produit
    Envoi anonyme et sécurisé. Livraison très rapide alors que nous étions en plein confinement. Le service client est très réactif à toute question. Le deuxième flush est le plus fructueux sur les 3. Je suis très satisfait du kit. Il ne me manque plus que de les tester...

    K. O.

    Growing strangely
    I've been a recurring customer for a few years. The last two boxes I've gotten have not been good. The mushrooms almost grow entirely on the side with not as much mushrooms as I've been used to. Due to this strange growing behaviour the mushroooms have not been as potent as before.

    A. R.

    Very effective
    Great Shrooms. 1st flush came out ok, even though room temp was off.

    C. E.

    J'en suis au troisième Flush ça se passe très bien dès voyage tout en restant confiné merci c'est parfait je recommande

    V. B.

    Good but not enough
    Temperature at 24 stable and humidity 99, i harvest no more than 10g by flush, but very informative and reconstructive trips

    S. A.

    Good flushes!
    Good product, wanted more dried grams but they delivered well enough!

    L. V.

    First pins after 15 days. First flush gave 110g fresh (somewhere 10g dry) after one week. Picked them a bit early. (Do this because you want to mess upp the second, third... Flush). Wating for second flush now. I know that GT will sometimes bring bigger second flushes. I guess if I get around 20g dry in all flushes I will be alright with that. Not super much but not bad. Always work as clean as possible and be patience. And trip safe and responsible! Peace

    K. M.

    Great kit, as expected
    Got 3 flushes, could have gotten more but i had to end the project prematurely.Quality is good, no contams.

    G. P.

    Not satisfied (yet)
    I'm new to growing my own mushrooms and I have experienced that the instructions are somewhat vague. Where do you store the package when you soak it for 12 hours. How much indirect sunlight is good or bad? There could have been a bit more guidance on that. Therefore, the first flush has only given two smaller mushrooms. I'm on the second flush now - hoping for the best and therefore not a complete review here yet.

    M. L.

    Recent purchase of two grow kits
    I really love Zamnesia and their amazing customer care, but I have been having a lot of faulty or underperforming growkits in close to all of my orders. I recently bought two grow kits and while one of them is performing exactly as expected, the other one has only given me 5g dried after "two flushes" with 3-4 medium sized mushrooms, which is a bit disappointing.

    P. S.

    Food stuff
    Ive made a mustake putting too much water and losing some soil the First Time. Only two flush not in the ventre

    M. M.

    J’ai eu un petit problème avec mon kit et le support a été super réactif et agréable Zamnesia au top

    J. P.

    Geen mening mijn kweekset is mislukt
    Geen idee of de kweek set goed was. Mijne was achteraf te vochtig en is er schimmel in het substraat gekomen. Volgende keer beter.

    T. V.

    perfect delivery, few shrooms in the first flush, i hope in the second, anyway was a good trip with those few, thanks

    A. C.

    Le kit est vraiment bon j'en suis actuellement a mon 4 flush et les récoltes sont abondantes.

    H. S.

    Very strong and potent Psilocybe Cubensis with beautiful and unusual appearance - WE LOVE HIM.
    Very strong and potent Psilocybe Cubensis with beautiful and unusual appearance. In every flush He looks very different (ability of changing appearance). He is not the most quick coloniser, that is why He require very clean and sterile environment to grow. But, even in case of mould invasion, He is able to resist it very good and continue giving healthy harvests of very potent Mushrooms untouched by pathogens. We love and appreciate Him as result of Our Pure True Love to each other, and We are very happy about quality service of zamnesia for delivering highly-selected healthy and beautiful cakes, as usual. ~ God Raixe and Goddess Airis.

    M. M.

    Comme toujours les packs zamnezia sont parfaits, bon rendement, un première récolte qui avoisine les 150 grammes juste récolter pour le moment rien a dire au contraire des packs de chez fresh shroom qui sont décevant et coûte un bras de plus que celui là, merci zamnezia

    S. C.

    ,,,harvest time
    ,,,for some reason it started growing everywhere exept the top of the plastic basket so i had to take the soil out and keep it on a glass in the plastic bag, they keep growing from everywhere

    C. C.

    Be patient. The first harvest took 3 weeks to come out. After that, I flushed, and the second round came out after only 3 days. They are busy growing now.

    F. E.

    Great !
    fsat delivery and fast growth ! I got many shrooms and they were very potent ! i'll test mc kennai and mexican and then choose my preferred one ! satisfied !

    T. H.

    Buy it
    Buy it Really good product And the zamnesia team is really helpful Mushrooms are strongs Flushs are big And you can go way more than 4 flushes (I'm at my 7th)

    K. M.

    Pure joy
    Pure joy from start to finish!

    S. H.

    Awesome first flush
    Followed the steps given for these beautiful baby’s, it’s pin city in the bag at the moment and Looks like the New York skyline of the shroom world. Taken me 2 weeks from dunking to harvesting the first batch. Highly recommend if you want an easy first grow!

    A. M.

    Never disappointed
    I received the box like not even a week after I ordered it, and the first flush came so fast !! Now I have a lot and I can’t wait to try theses again, golden teachers are the funniest and the most interesting trips I had with mushrooms

    E. R.

    Amazing delivery time
    Delivered after 3 working days, waiting for first flush :) thanks Zamnesia, customer service is excellent! Discrete and safe package

    R. A.

    Fast delivery, fast growth, super yield, nice mushrooms with a super potency! highly recommended for microdosing!! very uplifting, productive and creative effects :)

    A. A.

    Golden Teacher by Zamnesia
    Happy with the product, shipment and overall customer service. I am recommending it 100%

    K. H.

    Great results!
    I'm a first timer, clueless about the growing process and terrible at following instructions. All I did was leave the bagged-up tub sitting in the cardboard box on a shelf in the bathroom away from direct sunlight and kept the room warm-ish. Within two weeks there was a healthy looking crop poking up above the rim of the tub. A week later I now have a dozen or so at 4-5 inches tall and it seems like they're ready to harvest any time soon. VERY satisfied :)

    J. S.

    Kind of slow
    The kit seems to be working but it s been taking a while, might also be the temperature in the room isn't high enough. In any case I'm satisfied so far!

    M. S.

    Golden Teacher
    1st kit did not grow which was a disappointment but Zamesia sent a replacement but I'm still only getting half an active container producing. I'm following all instructions and even have a heat mat to maintain optimum temps. Had 2 flushes, 2nd better than 1st so just hope it gets better with following flushes but mushrooms seem healthy but not all grow to full size.

    A. S.

    Good Fun
    First time growth - I found the overall experience satisfactory. My kit did not yield such a large batch like in the photos advertised here, instead I got maybe a quarter of the amount per flush, mostly around the edges. I'm not sure if that is usually expected but I followed all the instructions precisely. I may have to try another to compare!

    C. L.

    It works!
    First pins showed up on day 10, another 5 days and my mushrooms are almost ready to harvest. They grew quite small, but I got a pretty dense pin set! Here's hoping the next flush works out too.

    M. S.

    Perfect as usual
    Zamnesia allow you to buy this growth kit among the others with a reduced price and I found it pretty amazing.Nice materials and nice Product

    E. A.

    Excellent product
    Very easy to grow. Good product. Great support. Will shop with Zamnesia until I die.

    J. H.

    Ça pars super bien!!!!
    Les premiers viennent de pointer leur nez au bout de 10 jour, je vois déjà que cela vas être une excellente récolte il y en as absolument partout sur toute la surface du pain !! J’avais déjà fait avec des mckenai je n’avais pas eut cela dutout !! Je reporterais un commentaire à la fin du premier flush

    N. C.

    Grow kit
    Still in the first week cake was 99% colonized. First kit ever. Hope for some good shroomies. First class delivery, happy as always with zamnesia

    S. T.

    Spraying right onto the soil would yield better results!
    Packaging and delivery were perfect and fast. Though meanwhile I now do have a first (modest) batch harvested, I could have done better: I thought I was supposed to just mist the (in)sides of the bag with a water sprayer and not directly onto the "soil". I noticed however that the mushrooms grew only at the very edges of the container where the water drops seep onto the soil from the sides of the bag. As soon as I realized this I started to spray also right onto the soil in the middle of the container. Then finally some mushroom started to also quickly grow throughout the entire bin. However, not all of them matured and I feel that the yield could have been higher had I known earlier. A yield as shown in the pictures I do not have! I still have not tripped or microdosed on this first yield (it is drying now), so I can not comment on potency or 2nd yields.

    B. B.

    Sehr zufrieden

    L. W.

    Very nice and easy
    Gave a good yeald even at 3d flush. And continues on THE 4th! Recommeded and priceworth.

    S. A.

    Great delivery, all good so far regarding the kit but still waiting for the first results.

    C. D.

    Can't wait for first pins

    L. W.

    These ones are short and fat, no mold yet

    A. A.

    Easy Growkit!
    Really good growkit, I will give this growkit 5/5 stars it will grow some medium size mushrooms but very massive ones on the second flush i got a monster of a mushroom that weights 6gr dried! it already started pinning on the 3rd flush no contams, good yields, and they are very potent and easy to grow!

    K. F.
    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je niet ingelogd bent als klant

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Golden Teacher'