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Psilocybe Tampanensis

 4/5 (100)

    sacred geometry unlocked
    i took just half of the pack and after an hour things starts to shift shapes whether my open or not . more intense when eyes are closed and in a dark room with music of nature . after two hours i start seeing a world 100x beautiful than disneyland . every shape has a meaning from the tip to bottom . the purpose of life explained itself inside of my head , im trying to avoid opening my eyes because its just very disappointing to see the reality of mess and sadness . many weird symbols were explained like the crops circles and da vince drawings . it was truly an amazing experience discovering the truth beyond another dimension . its unforgettable . :)


    Sensations de bien être, gros fou rire. Tout l'appartement qui se déforme. Une bonne soirée avec les tempanesis !


    toujours aussi bon


    I've taken these truffles a few times and neve has a bad experience yet! But last time I did take a packet of tampenisis and then a full pack of utopia at the same time.....unless your a heavy psychonaut I wouldnt recommended,personally i think 20grams would be perfect for a strong trip,regardless great buys.great delivery and service.thank you Zamnesia


    Very good quality truffles.


    Taking these didn't have any visuals but filled body with warm happy feeling


    Good Times
    Euphoria, laughs, giggles and a fun time. There weren't as many intense visuals as I expected but with 10g I could see ripples in reality as I felt myself entering a different parallel world where everything was slightly different. Taste, touch, you name it. It all felt strange not to mention the deep philosophical thoughts. Overall 5 hours of enjoyment. Also good service and delivery.


    Great times and vibes
    I split up a pack of tampanensis and a pack of Atlantis with a friend and it was beautiful. Had some visuals and depth perception change along with bursts of uncontrollable laughter. But the best part was to lay back and close my eyes. Worlds of beauty and shattering energy was all around me. Will repeat this mix no doubt


    I remember the first time I tried these with my sister, we both fell in love with it's gentle, yet, in some ways, forceful qualities. This truffle will remain a firm favourite!


    Effets de ouf. ...entre amis c'est fun

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