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Psilocybe Tampanensis

 4/5 (100)

    More as I expected!
    What a night. What a trip. I expirienced a rollercoaster of feelings and visuals, absolute fantastic. I did mushrooms 14 years ago and just remeber fun, nice conversations and no visuals. Because I had some expirience with other drugs I decided to do the trip alone at home. I prepared my living room with candles, nice warm light setup( 12 hue lights) , enough food and different drinks (non alcoholic) and music playlists. Last but not least a big pillow and a blanked. I ate 10 g and another 5g as the first effects started. The trip started smooth, I switched off the TV and played Pink Floyds dark site of the moon. The music did take me on a journey and I got closed eye visuals and later not just closed eye visuals. I can't realy describe what exactly happened, I loved it, but some times it was so intense that I had to calm down myself :-) Would really recoment a tripsitter for people without drugexpirience. It might be helpfull to hear a friend saying : Just let it happen :-) But for me it was the right thing to do it alone, without talking, just relaxe and enjoy the ride. I really needed this journey and can now go ahead, fresh motivated for stressing world outside. Thanks to Zamnesia for the fast shipping. Looking forward to the next trip, Atlantis is waiting in my fridge:-) Sorry for my bad english. Flo


    excellent produit
    livraison rapide + conditionnement sous vide parfait + colis discret + produit de grande qualité , une merveilleuse aventure avec à peine 10 g par prise = JE RECOMMANDE CES TRUFFES ET JE RECOMMANDE ZAMNESIA ( acheté aussi "supagro kit cubensis 1er flush 320 gr , qualité exceptionnelle ) merci Zamnesia vous êtes les meilleurs continuez comme ça !


    good stuff for beginner
    nice soft trip, good to begin with Truffles, i have taken alf the pack then the rest an hour after. It make you in a good mood, i had some light visual distortions, and lots of laughing!


    Première expérience entre amis...livraison rapide et discrète pour la France...produits bien emballé soirée mémorable!!! Vraiment chouette!! je recommande


    Unexpectedly Awesome !
    First of all, I'm French but I'll try my best to be clear ! This. Was my first Experience with Psychedelics. After reading more and more on them, learning the potential they have contrary to what most of people believe, and how they are considered - as for too many people, Magic Shrooms and Cocaine seem to be the same... - but what I've discovered here is beyond all expectations ! I became really ill 2 years ago, in a very strange sudden way (While I was in a kind of Altered State of Consciousness), and since I've been changing loads of things in my life to heal. I've read about Health, about Food, about Meditation, Lucid Dreams, about Fasting, about Drugs (those your doctor is giving you sayin' "Oh I don't know what you have there, so let's try this drug on you, oh and don't worry about the thousands side-effects") and, little by little I arrived there: to Psychedelics. Okay I wanted N,N-DMT at the beginning but you know ... But 4-PO-DMT seems to be great too! So I bought Tampanensis. I took 2g. Fresh. It seems ridiculous I know. But I wanted micro-dosage + it's kind of a scientific approach and that was cool. Experimental conditions, the Day, the Place, the Music (OMG the Music) everything was ready. Eat those 2g. Wait 1 Hour listening to the most still music ever in obscurity (a little bit like McKenna with his heroic dose although ... not exactly here :D). Suddenly, a Wave. And I was gone for 4-5 Hours (with a peak of 1-2 hours and then little by little, coming back on Planet Earth). I clearly see ... understand maybe is more appropriate cause I saw nothing, it was beyond. I Knew, I remembered that I knew but now that I'm back here and that the doors are closed I'm just like... I know that I knew that I knew that I knew.... Damn. There was this Kindness, Love, Non-Judgmental, Peace *saying* "It's okay, it's all okay... you did your best, you did as you could.." Trying but not Forcing me to Let Go of my need to control everything, to understand all the things I saw or heard in everyday life ... Time still existent but.. I laugh each time I tried to count seconds. It makes no sens at all ! What a first time... And seriously... I feel alive again. Not perfect but the feeling of "Oh My God I'm alive, I can breath" just that kid of thing is... back ? More than that. Seriously, Tampanensis were PERFECT. Exactly what I needed, what I was looking for to help me to.. Open the Doors ! Soooo... Sunday afternoon, I'll be "Out There" for an other Journey with 3g! If I can only give one or two advises to beginner (although I'm still one, okay!): 1) Respect the Truffles and the Truffles will respect you in return. In fact, it must be the same for any Substance.. and everything in life I guess. 2) Find a Sitter ! It's sooo important and reassuring ! Personally, my parents were there with me (Yeah I got parents that allow me to take psychedelics, and that want to experience shrooms too! Now that's a normal family yeah...) 3) Let Go ! Do not try to resist to anything you see and feel ! Just be the Observer ! The Consciousness that is Aware of what's going on ! It was useful when I got some thoughts or feelings I didn't like! Okay that's all ! Well, I just wanted to thanks the Whole Team of Zamnesia for everything they did for me and all the other people they help like this! Thank you guys, you're Awesome ! A bientôt pour une autre commande ! :)


    Perfect delivery, could follow package all the way online, hand delivered via courier. I was actually out when he delivered but called him up when I got home and within 5 minutes he was back to hand over the delivery. As for the product, absolutely perfect, just what I was expecting! 5 Star service!


    Good stuff
    Had some deep revelations and clear thinking experiences. Enjoyable and recommended as long as you approach with an open mind and heart.


    Bon début
    Super pour commencé les champi, première fois pour moi et ça a été à la hauteur de mes attentes NICE!!!!


    smooth sailing
    these truffles were very enjoyable, euphoric and insightful, i ate 15g on a 6 hour empty stomach reveled in the wonders of Psilocybe tampanensis 5 star customer service and quick and easy delivery and payment method Very pleased with all round service, will highly recommend and be back again very soon. Thank you kindly again guys.


    Ma truffe préférée
    Le tampanensis est un champignon très positif, c'est mon préféré. Les trips sont plutôt agréables, mais attention à la quantité qui si elle est trop importante peu donner des sensations physiques intense (voir un peu désagréables) alors que la tête est en pleine euphorie (ou grâce). Livraison discrète et rapide vers la France... RAS

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht