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Psilocybe Tampanensis

 4/5 (100)

    Great experience.
    My second time ordering truffles from Zamnesia to Ireland with no problems. Delivered within a week. I took 10g on an empty stomach and meditated for 30 minutes. I felt the first effects within 40 minutes. After an hour I took the other 5g. The walls were breathing, the floor looked like ocean waves. Some interesting thoughts came to me. Music is so important with shrooms/truffles. I like to have a playlist ready to go and just lay back and let the magic happen. Overall a very nice trip, quite introspective, though I would have liked it to last longer. Note, I didn't have a sitter and this was only my second time doing truffles but I never felt out of control. Was in a happy mood for the rest of the day. Set and setting is important as always though! Looking forward to trying Atlantis next time! Happy tripping!


    not what i expected
    this was the second timei took magic truffles, 1st time was 7.5grams of atlantis, and i had a pretty decent trip, now we tried tampanensis, i took 12.5grams and barely felt anything, only a little feeling that i was stoned, further i didn't feel a thing, some friends took 17.5 grams and didn't feel a thing, what could be the problem?


    Shared 15g with a friend, good mild trip for around 4 hours! With these truffles alone I would take 10g, but with cannabis also, the effects of 7g were amplified greatly! Would recommend, and will be trying the stronger kinds for comparison


    Algo flojo
    Tomé 18 g un día con unos amigos y apenas sentimos nada. En un principio ingerí 9 g tras tres horas sin comer y cuando vi que no me hacían nada tras dos horas, me comí el resto y lo combiné con algo de canabis. El efecto me pareció igual que un par de birras, te ríes con facilidad, el cuerpo se siente extraño y pesado. Más tarde probamos con las mexicanas que nos trajeron de regalo, esas sí hicieron efecto, distorsiones visuales, paz interna e inspiración. Consejo, haz el máximo de ayuna que puedas y tómalas en un ambiente íntimo en el que te sientas relajado.


    I took 10g for the first time and it was way more stronger than I thought! Couldn't feel my body (not so great) and had amazing visuals (fractals and cats). I really enjoyed it when it got weaker. Next time I will only try 5g.


    This kind of truffle are very smooth and light, you are very, very happy and feel very good. Little bit like a warm towl on your body. your fantasy is good, bute zhe optic isnt so much. I LIKE IT! (;


    Really nice
    Fast delivery to the UK! I hadn't ever tried truffles before. I ate 15g on an empty stomach, thinking they were weak ones. I was wrong. Within an hour all the walls were all bent, the grass in my garden looked like it was flowing water. So many visuals! Fantastic colours! I also had so many thoughts running through my head. A few problems in my life were addressed in a way Id never thought of them before. As a novice I shouldn't have taken all 15g first time. The walls were swaying so much that it made me a bit sea sick and I had to close my eyes! Thats my own fault though. I'll definatley try them again in a lower dosage. Cheers Zamnesia!


    My first xp with shrooms, 3/4 of the 15g and had a very nice trip. Visuals and everything, lasted about 4 hours. Thanks you Zamnesia!


    Hätte mehr erwartet
    Laut meinen Kollegen für den ich das Zeug bestellt habe ist das Zeug nicht so Wirkungsvoll. Er hätte sich um einiges mehr erhofft. Für Anfänger bestimmt das richtige, für Profis eher ein Notgroschen. Bin dennoch großer Fan des Shops.


    Not what I expected
    This time I tested Tampanensis and only got laughter, which came in form of waves with up and down-phases. As the item-description says, the effects may vary from individual to individual. As the title says, it was not, what I expected (which means philosophical thoughts), but I was not dissatisfied neither. Because to sit on the couch in my usual ambience, staring at a picture and begin laughing has a high value for me. In fact, i'm going to try 20g instead of 10g next time. Peace

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