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Psilocybe Tampanensis

 4/5 (101)

    Great product
    I had 10gr of this truffel combined with the free Mexicanas. I did it with two friends and we had a great experience! Didn't had visuals but we were the happiest people on earth!


    very mild trip.
    It was my first time taking mushrooms. i took 5-5gr and almost nothing happened. Just a lil relaxation and that's all. Maybe i took too little. But the taste its was so gross, couldn't eat more


    anti depresseur plus hallucinogene laisser tomber!!! effets casser....


    Weak trip
    Ive had shrooms a couple if times and ive tried the atlantis truffle. Then i tried one pack of tampanensis and nothing happend... In my opinion it is worthless but it might work for the unexperienced user. I want to ad that i love zamnesia you always get what you order (no hassling)!


    Simply AWESOME
    I bought "Psilocybe Tampanensis" because I wanted to experience truffles for the first time. It was a really deep experience, a mixture of pleasant sensations and deep thoughts. I recommend to take 10 grams of them, if it is the first time for you. Now I bought stronger truffles, but these one are just PERFECT to start! I had also a lot of funny hallucinations (smiley faces everywhere and fallin' stars, for example). Believe me, if you want to try this kind of experience, start with these truffles!


    A friend of me ordered this and to make a long story short, WOAH!!!!


    different settings
    I had 5gr for the first time and then went to a party..... I died laughting and had great visual effects, when during the trip i smked 2-3 good spleefs,the effects strengthened and the floor started boiling as lava! 3 days after I took the remaining 10gr but this time i choose a qiet place, a beach surrounded with bamboo and rocks,having only 2 friends with me as sitters i could enter in a deep meditation that lasted for 4 hours.... I understood the relation between mind daily live and god.... crazy After both trips I felt refilled with new energy and very smart,no side effects.... just gorgeous


    Bonne experience
    Pris un demi-paquet pour débuter. Excellent trip de plusieurs heures avec bonnes hallucinations et esprit papillonnant. Excellent pour les néophytes.


    First trip - fantastic
    Me and a friend of mine went into his hut to try the truffles - we ate 15 g each and it was fantastic. I have never been in such a relaxed state before. The colours/visuals were ashtoning,too Thanks


    Premier trip
    Trip très agréable ! Environ 10 grammes de P. Tampanesis m'ont donné de légères à moyennes visions, un état rêveur et philosophique et de nombreux fous rires.

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