Salvia Extract 10x


Geschikt voor ervaren trippers, dit 10x extract neemt je mee naar de voet van de bergketen die Salvia heet.

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Reviews (183)

    Wirkung trat nicht ein
    Habe mit einer 0.1g dosis begonnen, nachdem sich keine Wirkung gezeigt hat, probierte ich 0.15, dann 0.2 und schließlich 0.3g. Wirkung blieb weiter aus. Ebenso mit 80x Salvia extrakt, welches ich vor einer Weile bestellt hatte. Schade. Art der Einnahme: Bong


    Excellent !
    Rien à dire , les effets promis sont au rendez-vous rien à dire.


    Good quality
    Good quality 100% reccomend Extremly fast shipping!


    Salvia can be very scary and let you have a life altering trip(either postive or negative). Dont just take it lightly, its no joke! Quality of the product is very good though!!


    niente male
    davvero un buon acquisto


    Really potent
    Very strong, be careful and take it with a trip-sitter that is not in the same drug. I smoked it in a bong and as I was exhaling the smoke it hitted right-away and I could´nt even hold the bong. Took 1/4 of it and totally deconstructed the reality and the sense of my self being. I felt like I was nothing, like I was less than a grain of sand and my existence did not matter. It was a light dose and I could not control the trip, unlike shrooms. I dont want to take it again as I dont feel it can be any more good and I dont feel the need to it. It was 100% an introspective trip. My friend was talking to me and did not communicated to him as I felt his existence also didn´t matter. I felt there was much more to reach if if was a higher dose, like there was this other reality that I knew existed but could not reach. There were entities there and they saw me as a stranger that was passing by. The visuals were high and it felt like a dream as the space I was in did not exist and I was in this other dimension. I took other lighter doses some time ago and I felt the same. Like I was in other dimension, really close to this one. In all the experiences I ended up with out my shirt or clothes as it itched and I felt I did not need and artificial material to live and everything I own didn´t matter. Well, It was interesting, try it out yourself, start with a low dose. Cheers


    Chiamale se vuoi.. emozioni!
    Che dire... A parer mio è magica, se si abbina con una sinthwave accurat poi è top, viaggiare fa veramente viaggiare... Consiglio vivamente ai fratmm italiani. 5stelle da sballo ben meritate


    Very good
    Very good experience!


    Salvia 10X
    The 10X comes by gram which makes it more fun to share. I'll stick with the 10X which gives me a sensation of leaving the current world and entering another time in which it seemed as though everything was unknown to me. My friend and I both burst in laughter for a long time as if we were worry free children again. The first time was a bit unsettling as you lose awareness of your surroundings sometimes and the trip is not the same for everyone. Good experience overall for a short mind bending trip.


    Extract bit weak, though the substance itself, oh boy...
    For a 10x extract, I'd say it's a bit underpowered. Might have stumbled on a bad batch though... That aside, this is the only psychedelic substance I know of, that is capable of messing with the very dimensions of the universe. It has the potential to either 2Dify everything in your direct line of sight into a mobile painting of some sort, or it can temporarily send you into a non-euclidean plane of existence (akin to a different universe than ours) with mind-bending geometrical somersaults. Also includes the standard "trip feeling". Has the potential to refresh your psyche, though it is NOT to be done frequently, as it can also do the exact opposite, if careless enough.

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je niet ingelogd bent als klant

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Vragen (1)
simon thouet 2013-09-10 00:32:59

Est-ce que ce sont des extrait standardisé.


This product is not standardized. However, it is subject to regular checks and high requirements. We're therefore happy to announce that the quality is similar and feedback received shows that many of our customers agree.

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Salvia Extract 10x
Salvia Extract 10x