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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'

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    Did not work!
    The kit did not produce and the instructions are very vague. I'd really prefer a video or at least detailed instructions. Since it did not work out at all, I didn't even come to the last part, for which the instructions are even less existent. I would have had no idea what to do with the mushrooms if the kit did produce any.


    mauvais produits pour la 3 fois
    n°85228359 Bonjour, pour la troisième fois produit défectueux, je désire cette fois ci être rembourser..... Envoyer moi un lien pour vous faire parvenir photos........


    Great support, instructions to be improved
    I had any sort of troubles with the first kit and, while the customer service was super and replaced it at once with a new supa kit, I am still waiting for an answer to my doubts. I wonder why they don't provide a step-by-step video for the grow kits, instead of giving just a few rough hints. Anyway, the second kit was more successful, so I guess that supa kits are not infallible and this is a learning-by-doing business (yet an interesting one).


    Great service
    I ordered a grow kit which didn't produce as expected, the harvest was low and the shrooms came from the bottom of the cake instead of the top. After contacting Zamnesia I could pick a new grow kit, so selected GT again but this time from Supa. My first flush produced 14gr dried, the 2nd around 4gr. Waiting on the 3rd flush now. Took a small dose of 2gr last weekend which was a really relaxing and funny experience.


    Contaminer à réception
    Très mauvais kit même après explication photo au service après vente, aucune réponse apportée.. je déconseille argent foutu en l’aire!!


    Customer Service Top
    I faced some issues with the first delivery because the third party logistics in charge of deliveries in my country is the absolute worst. Anyway, the support offered by the CS was super. CS is able to provide a very quickly feedback on the issue and offer a prompt solution as well. I don't know much about this kit, but I ordered another kit before (McKennaii Fresh) and comparing the two guides I guess Fresh kits are way more easier and you have less chance of contamination.


    Zu voll
    Hat funktioniert. Aber ist so voll gepresst mit myzel, Dass das erste Wasser nicht ganz durchdringt. Darum ist nicht auf der ganzen Fläche was gewachsen.


    Looking promising
    Just received so it's early days. Received as a replacement for an inert kit which may have become overheated in transit (maybe). Anyway, it was unresponsive and the fantastic Zamnesiacs sent a replacement immediately and without fuss and that seems to be behaving well. Always top-notch service.


    I love these mushies
    My kit has arrived, and growing well, I think this strain is great Thanks Domski


    Pour le coup, 300g frais en 3 flush, des très jolis champignons, très forts très bons. Je ne saurais que les vanter, introspection garantie. Mais je n'achèterai plus de supa gro kit, fresh mushrooms m'ont été bcp plus facile d'accès au début en tant que débutant Par contre très bon très forts et très potents, très rentable, c'est la seule box de supagrokit dont je suis satisfait !


    Non fonctionnel
    C'est la première foi que je teste un kit déjà prêt. Vraiment déçu, cela ne fonctionne pas. Autant faire directement sur grinbavec une seringue, au moins on est sur du résultat


    Vers good
    Je recommande


    Enlightening experience
    Good experience with friends and family, we all had a good time ! Feel comfortable to try these out ! Thank you zamnesia :) always nice !


    Helaas niks
    The kit developed wet rot (mycogone infection) and I disposed of it. I did not take any pictures before disposing, so Zamnesia could not offer a replacement from their supplier (for that, Zamnesia needs to provide pictures as well). However, Zamnesia generously offered to replace it by one of their own brand grow kits. That is performing excellent and I expect to harvest the third flush tomorrow. I will stick to those in the future.


    Leider wieder nix geworden.
    Probiere schon zum 4. mal und nichts außer Schimmel. Sonst wie immer alles super mit der Bestellung.


    Excelente, volveré a comprar.


    Very good customer service
    The kit didn't work, just a couple of little fruits, but very soon I've got a voucher and free shipping. I'll try another kit. Thanks!


    Long story short : first SupaGro kit failed because I haven't took good care of it aaaaand, Zamnesia was above anything words can describe, offering to replace it. On this one however, I've got 5 monster mushrooms, the size of my palm and lots of little ones on the first flush. Looking for the weekend to try them out! Big thanks!


    No Joy :(((
    Myocilin developed nicely at the start of the grow, then stagnation and then literally, two fruits only! Followed the instructions to the letter, first time that a kit dosent perform. This is the first time that I used this brand, always grow the GT strain.


    Rien donné, n'a pas fonctionné.
    Pourri. J'ai tout jeté au bout de 3 semaines. Pourtant les conditions étaient requises. Je suis bien refroidie, argent jeté par la fenêtre.


    Culture golden teacher
    Malheureusement la culture n'a pas fonctionné, et je me questionne sur le fait de recommencer ou non


    Ottimo servizio clienti
    Sfortunatamente il kit che mi è stato venduto era contaminato, ma il team Zamnesia è stato super cordiale e velocissimo a effettuare un rimborso. Ottimo lavoro continuate sempre così


    Dead On Arrival
    The kit didn't produce


    very little fruits
    I am not sure, It only gave me a few fruits and it doesn't grow more :/


    N'a pas fonctionné
    N'a pas fonctionné mais j'en est parler au site et il m'en ont renvoyer une c'est cool


    Very happy with my little Golden teachers popping out. Easy! Thank you*


    Geduld ist gefragt
    Langsam aber doch.


    Sin duda, una experiencia muy buena para los amantes de las cubensis. Cultivo rápido y abundante, hemos recogido nuestra primera cosecha y la siguente está ya en pleno crecimiento. Además hemos tenido un problema con otros kits de cultivo y en seguida nos han repuesto los mismos en poco tiempo. Buen producto y perfecta atención.


    HAT wieder super geklappt. Geld nur per kresitkarte am besten.


    Très décevant
    J'ai acheté un kit golden teacher ça n'a rien donné alors. Que le kit b+ À bien pousser je ne recommanderais plus chez vous dommage moi qui me lance ds le micro dosage


    Just popped
    I put them without soaking them in the water for more then 3 weeks as described in the instruction but nothing happened I soaked them in the water put the lid on and put them in the fridge over night Re did all the same process and they just popped out after 10 days


    I love them


    Got very little. Not worth the money
    This is the second kit I buy from Zamnezia. The first one produced NOTHING. The second kit yielded very little, maybe 5-6 mushrooms and died, although I kept it under perfect conditions. Not worth the money and the wasted time and money.


    No luck
    Kit provided was a dud. Did not generate a single mushroom.


    I love
    The support and shrooms


    Supa Grow Is The Best
    Supa grow is very easy to grow from start to mushrooms, Good amount of fresh mushrooms is produced and very potent. I amHappy with the growbox!


    Everything fine so far
    Works good so far, ladies are taking their time but they keep coming. The daily caretake pais off


    Fine =)
    Worked fine++++++++++++++++++


    didnt work
    I had no luck even after second try


    Very good kit!!!
    The kit grows very good, and the shrooms came very early! I can really recommended it !!!


    Didnt work out for us.
    We ordered this about 4 months ago and for around 2 months we babied it. Water every day, indirect sunlight, perfect temperature and even with a heating pad (bought from here too) nothing ever happened. We've bought a new one now, hoping the last one was just a dud. I'm seeing a lot of good reviews though, seems like it was just us :/


    Great :)
    Sadly, my kit didn't flush well.... first flush only 5, and then second 3.......


    am Anfang hat es etwas gedauert bis sie wachsen, da es etwas kühler war, aber dann ist es ziemlich schnell gegangen.


    Bonjour, Il est vrai que de temps en temps cela prend un peu de temps, j'ai attendu 1 mois avant que quelque chose n'apparaisse. Donc mon meilleur conseil est patience. Bonne journée


    Leider leider nichts geworden
    Ich hatte dort nach 2 Wochen Schimmel drin. Ich bezweifle sehr dass das an mir lag, ich arbeite immer sehr steril. Der Kunden-Support hat perfekt geholfen und mir das Geld zurück erstattet, nachdem ich ausführlich erklärt hatte, was passiert war. Ich empfehle fresh mushrooms. Die muss man nicht dauernd besprühen und das hat bis jetzt immer geklappt.


    Ich kenne die Growkits noch von früher, leider hat die Qualität des Herstellers sehr nachgelassen. Nach ungefähr einer Woche fing der Brick an unangenehm zu riechen, eine weitere Woche später zeigte sich dann Schimmel. Kann ich nicht mehr empfehlen


    Dont buy this. First flush gave 5 shrooms… second flush has yet to produce anything…


    Finger weg!
    Habe 7 Boxen gehabt und 3 sind nichts geworden… schon das 2. Mal!!! Früher waren sie echt voll mit Ernte und die Box ging schon über von Pilzen. Heute jedoch sehr stark nachgelassen. Pilze sehn extrem komisch aus wenn sie wachsen und jede 2. Box wird nichts!! Tut mir leid für die Bewertung da ich zamnesia normalerweise sehr mag aber die letzten 3x wo ich bestellt habe wars zum Schlecht!!!


    Sehr reicher Ertrag, einfache Handhabung, gutes High
    Es ist ewig nichts gewachsen ich habe 1,5 Monate auf den ersten Pilz gewartet, doch dann kamen sie, die erste Ernte ist sehr vereinzelt, da die Pilzkörper Zeit brauchen sich zu bilden. Man sollte immer schauen, dass wenn die Folie beschlagen ist, man nicht weiter sprüht (2 Sprüher pro Tag sind ausreichend), da sonst des Myzel den Pilz überwuchert und man in ständiger Angst lebt, dass die Pilze schimmeln. Aber nach der Ernte und der erfolgreichen Trocknung im Ofen nur auf Umluft ohne Temperatur, konnte ich einen wunderschönen Trip genießen 1-2 g Trockengewicht sind ausreichend. bei der ersten Ernte war ich ein bisschen geschockt, dass 20 g zu 4 g vertrocknen aber bei einer Ernte von 200-300g pro Schub, ich hatte bisher nur 2 Schübe, ist das Ganze doch zu verkraften. P.S.: keine Milchprodukte oder fettiges Essen zwei Stunden vor dem Trip und während dem Trip zu sich nehmen, da sich diese mit Psilocybine nicht vertragen.


    It was a total emotional rollercoaster with this kit and Supa Gro in general. 2 yrs ago I've never had any problems with any of the Supa Gro products, they all grew like crazy with huge flushes and very quickly also. This time it was more of a huge challenge, they took and are taking much longer to grow, with the pinset being also smaller. In the beginning they did not want to grow at all. I believe now, that the reason for this, was the weather as it was quite cold around here. Then summer finally arrived and it became ass-rottingly hot. They seem to love the heat. When it is warm and sunny they are growing like crazy. The first flush took very long (~3 wks) and only yielded ~23 g wet, but I must admit, I became over impatient and harvested way early. The second flush went much better, took less, but still 16 days, whatever, the main point is that on the 2nd flush I got a huge 240 g wet yield, so all in all I am very satisfied. Further flushes on the way. I think the cold shocking and soaking in the fridge thing for 12 hrs really revigorated the kit. It seemed to have liked it. So yeah, it took much longer, but in the end everything turned out well!

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht