Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Ecuador'


Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador komt uit het Ecuadoraanse Andesgebied en is tegenwoordig een van de populairdere soorten. Deze vari√ęteit produceert enorm grote paddenstoelen, zelfs als de omstandigheden niet perfect zijn - hey, het kan koud worden daar hoog in de bergen. Een 1200 ml substraat met 100% mycelium, genoeg voor 2 bloeiperioden.

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Meer informatie

Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Ecuador': Uit het Ecuadoriaanse Andesgebied

Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador is een vari√ęteit uit het Ecuadoraanse Andesgebied en produceert vaak erg grote paddenstoelen, zelfs wanneer de omstandigheden suboptimaal zijn - hey, het kan daar hoog in de bergen best koud worden. Sommige gebruikers zegen dat deze soort onder andere een speedachtige uitwerking heeft, een soort jachtig gevoel alsof je in een mentale en enigszins vermoeiende marathon zit. Nou ja, iedereen heeft daar zo zijn eigen interpretatie voor.

Deze 100% mycelium kit bevat een blok van 1200 ml dat voor 100% ge√Įmpregneerd is met sporen en dat thuis direct na ontvangst klaar is voor gebruik. Het enige wat je hoeft te doen, is zitten en wachten, zo nu en dan met een beetje water sproeien en - oogsten. Volg gewoon de stappen zoals beschreven in onze online handleiding en je zult beloond worden met een verbluffende oogst verse paddenstoelen.

Supa Gro paddo kweeksets worden door deskundige mycologen gekweekt en bevatten een supergezond mycelium. 

Handleiding Supa Gro


  • 1200 ml Grow kit
  • Filterzak

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Ecuador' Product Informatie
Volume 1200ML
Merk Supa Gro
Strain Ecuador

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Reviews (79)
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    Super potenti
    Kit e consegna perfetti! Super potenti! Con soli 2g secchi il viaggio e' quasi troppo intenso Zamnesia ti amo

    G. S.

    Bon produit
    Bon produit. Envoi très rapide. Service après vente toujours parfait. Merci zamnesia.

    F. M.

    Läuft gut
    Klappt super

    F. A.

    First time
    I followed the instructions carefully. Only thing i didnt do by the book was that i had to keep the box in the fridge (in a hermetic plastic bag) for 5 days instead of starting right away as soon i i received the box. But it seems that it wasn't a problem. I have to say i am VERY happy with the harvest i got. Let me tell you the whole story :) Room temperature was between 20 and 21 degree, and i used a heating mat. No direct sunlight, etc... (just follow the guidelines...) First week seems like nothing is happening. I open the bag every couple of days just to have a look and spray a bit of water. I bought mineral water from the moutains because these shrooms are a mountain species. I don't know if it made a difference lol Second week, suddenly one day you wake up in the morning and HERE THEY ARE. Like 3 or 4 small white stems, with a round brown head =)) From that point, it goes EXTREMELY FAST. Almost can see the forest grow with your naked eye. And let me tell you it IS a forest, like on the pictures displayed here! Absolutely huge yield, i will have to give a ton of shrooms to everyone i know lol First flush was total 170g fresh. As i am writing this text, a week has passed since the first flush, and this morning as i woke up i could see 2 new little shrooms growing. I guess it is already time for the second flush ! Great product, 100% recommend. This species seems well suited for winter grow.

    M. D.

    Etwas mehr Pflege ben√∂tigt dieser kit. Bis man die richtige Luftfeuchtigkeit hin bekommt. Ein Tipp mit dem Deckel des growkits den man ja aufbewahren sollte, bel√ľften kann man mit dem Deckel prima :) sie wachsen recht langsam auch mit heizmatte. Wirkung ist nicht soo stark aber man ist recht lustig. √úbelkeit keine alles recht angenehm.

    D. K.

    Vraiment déçu
    Ce n'est pas ma premi√®re fois que j'ach√®te un kit et l√† je suis d√©go√Ľt√©e parce que m√™me apr√®s 22 jour toujours rien. J'ai respect√© scrupuleusement les consignes. J'avais d√©j√† pris la m√™me vari√©t√© mais non supa gro et tout c'√©tait bien pass√© et la rien de rien. J'avais command√© aussi MCKENNAII qui sont venus 4 jours plus tard que les supa gro kit 100% Ecuador et tout c'est tr√®s pass√© j'en suis a ma deuxi√®me flush. Mais les supa gro kit 100% Ecuador c'est la derni√®re fois que j'en commande . Je d√©conseille. J'ai mis une √©toile alors que je ne voulais pas en mettre. Z√©ro champignons z√©ro √©toiles.

    S. O.

    Merci pour la rapidité de livraison j'ai payé samedi et ce jeudi c est parti . En espérant que les pain soient généreux

    M. P.

    Beaucoup de patience, pour beaucoup de plaisir !

    V. B.

    Très bon produit
    Très bon produit livré dans les temps parfait. Merci

    M. B.

    Pas de résultat, trop d'eau ?
    J'ai suivi √† la lettre les instructions, la bo√ģte a fini par moisir. Peut-√™tre ne faut-il pas arroser autant que ce que le site pr√©conise. Dommage.

    L. G.

    Not growing at all after a month
    I feel like i've been baited by zamnesia, my only succesful grow was the first one and it was perfect! Ever since i bought 3 more growkits and none of them worked, I mean no signs of life at all! Like straight up dead! DEAD! Do not buy this they just dont know what they are sending at this point.

    Q. B.

    I recived my box the 6'th of febuary and nothing has yet happend, and today is 2 of march.. I am very disapointed over this product! So I threw it out earlier today, with a feelig of waste of my money. The two other boxes from fresh mushrooms i recived in the same order is working much better. Maybe my supa grow box was contaminated?? Anyways.. im gona contact costumers service.

    N. C.

    The best
    Fast shipping. Best effect and trip, amazing for micro dosing to improve focus and organizational skills Love the support and care service of Zamnesia team

    G. T.

    Not good
    this kit didn't produce any msuhrooms, it was maybe contaminated? i might get in touch with the customer servie to resolve this issue...

    T. A.

    First flush was really good. 18 grams cracker dry beautiful mushrooms. Would recommend to anyone. Feels like ecuadorians give always good yield for sure. Thank you again Zamnesia for amazing customer service and quick delivery.

    M. E.

    Estremamente deluso
    Temperatura sempre sopra 20 gradi, senza esposizione solare diretta, maneggiato sempre dopo lavaggio accurato delle mani. ho ottenuto 1 fungo dopo 20 giorni. Estremamente deluso

    M. B.

    Potent shrooms
    Great service. However, the yield was very bad which can be because of a cold climate. Shrooms are potent!

    I. A.

    Good customer service
    Bought my kit and it was infected, talked to the customer service and showed them pictures and they refund me. Very good customer service.

    T. T.

    I had a very small first flush (about 60g wet) and my second one was litteraly 1 shroom alone

    C. S.

    Was my first order. It arrived in five days flat to Italy. Impressed. Started growing it without the heating mat then ordered it a few days later when it was getting difficult to keep the humidity up. Got the mat from amazon tho found one for cheaper. My first grow was a bit of a disaster, completely my own fault. Made lots of mistakes hoping to clear then up the next grow. Accidently burnt the mycelium at the bottom of the tub coz the heating mat was too hot, carried on spraying with water after the first pin heads appeared which affected the humidity and probably the reason they got contaminated etc. Ended up with a few mouldy grams and no chance for a second flush. I have a theory where the cardboard box they give you with the grow bag and the grow tub isnt good to use. I Think when you're giving the daily spray, Some water will run down the sides and because its such a tight fit, the water will get into the grow box. Bad. You don't want direct contact with water. What I will do instead with my next grow is wrap a layer of black tape around the sides so that light can only get into the top and the babies grow only up, obviously keeping everything sterile in the process. This way I can keep the grow tub in the plastic bag and can spray with enough spaces on its sides to let any water trickle to the bottom of the bag. For sure ordering again. I know zamnesias the one Only downside the plastic bag I had had a hole in it. So water would sometimes leak out

    A. K.

    i just have 2 flush...

    A. A.

    Happy customer
    First time grower so all new , got over 100 grams in first flush so was happy with that . Will be a returning customer

    K. K.

    Reçu le kit moins d'une semaine après la commande. Mis au frigo pendant 24h puis c'est parti pour un marathon de 4 flushs. Les petits amours ont poussé très vite. Il faut leur parler, les encourager et leur dire qu'on les aime... Les effets sont tout aussi magnifiques. En plus, au début de chaque prise, avant que la montée survienne ils viennent me parler et m'expliquent ce qu'ils vont faire exactement dans mon corps et mon esprit. Que comme je les ai fait pousser avec respect et amour, ils ne me feront que du bien, pas de vomissements ni de bad trip. Et c'est à chaque fois le cas. Petit conseil pour ceux qui veulent les conserver longtemps : - les faire secher dans le noir - les réduire en poudre avec un grinder à main - peser la poudre obtenue - mettre dans des sachets alimentaires que l'on mettra sous vide avec une machine à mettre sous vide (40 euros) - conserver les sachets dosés de 2, 3, 4 g dans une boite à chaussures, dans le noir et un endroit frais. De cette manière, les sachets peuvent être gardés très longtemps Soyez gentils avec ces petits êtres, ils nous le rendent au centuple...

    F. S.

    resilient strain
    This grow kit simply wouldn't stop growing!? Perhaps it's the strain? The way the kit was colonised? I have no idea. The point is that it produced 5 flushes. Starting it 20g dried, and slowly reducing from there. They give a strong yet nice, and seemingly more philosophical trip than other strains. Very happy indeed

    M. L.

    Nice fruits
    The first flush gave me very good fruits. It was very easy to grove - you just have to wait up to 2 weeks until first heads can be seen. I am more than satisfied!

    T. C.


    E. M.

    great product, good price
    Easy and fast to grow, first flush was good, waiting for the second one now. Also very good and helpful customer service :)

    A. D.

    Very good

    K. S.

    fast and easy
    zamnesia delivers a quality product.

    L. O.

    very nice experience (my first)

    A. M.

    My kit grew mold
    Perfect service from Zamnesiaa but my kit went wrong ::

    C. O.

    Great Trip
    The first flush came after 1,5 weeks Most of it growing on one side, could be because of the direction of lightening. Also some were growing on the side, but since we are all growing it to have an amazing trip, I will share my experience. These shrooms are absolutely great, high level of laughter in the beginning (first 1,5 hours). We did feel cold for a long time, but after a few hours our bodies heated up a bit. Visuals are medium, laughter high and we experienced lots of thoughts coming and going from all directions, which gave us insights in life on a lot of levels. I have been tripping on 2 trips now with these ones and both were great. The first time with 5 grams was the best, but this was a more mental trip, then the second one when we took only 3 grams was funny and enjoyable, not to strong.

    S. T.


    D. G.

    Hoped for the best, expected the worst, but the second flush was even better than the first. Thank you zamnesia

    J. K.

    I migliori sul web,ho acquistato ormai due settimane fa il kit seguente e già in pochi giorni(con l'heat mat) ho potuto veder crescere i mie primissimi Funghetti! Pacco perfetto e insospettabile,arrivato in pochissimo tempo. Ho già fatto un'altro acquisto e presto ne farò altri,grazie Zamnesia!!!

    S. F.

    2nd buy.
    Ecuadors were the second time I used zamnesia and like last time, they came promptly, discreetly and in a good amount of time. They're slow growers this time, but that could be because it's freezing here at the moment. As usual I'm very pleased with the service. Thank you

    P. B.

    Good product
    First time I grew my own shrooms. Fast grow. Very good first flush and nice second flush. Thanks Zamnesia :D

    G. H.

    I ordered one package but it got lost in trensit so after 9 days I contacted Zamnesia with my issu and they sent me another straight away on next day which was delivered in 5 days, now Its day 5 and Im still waiting until mycelium fully develops. Thanks for quick response and reorder service :) .

    J. R.

    Nice and easy
    Very good strain and very easy to grow with a promising large harvest. Once again, thanks Zamnesia!!

    A. B.

    Het is makkelijk en .wordt snel geleverd, bedankt zamnesia

    M. D.

    Amazing service
    Easy to grow, just follow the manual and you'll get amazing yields.... best customer service team I've ever talked with too

    A. H.

    The shiaa
    Sehr gut

    O. M.

    tres bon champi

    L. R.

    Amazing product and service!
    I have tried a couple of the grow kits available on zamnesia but this one is by far my favourite! as mentioned in the description the Ecuadorians are fairly hardy as my temperature dropped below the ideal temp a couple of the evenings but still prodiced great yields and an amazing high wold highly recommend! Great customer service aswell ask ways from the zamnesia team!

    H. B.

    Sehr easy zu handhaben. Bei Achtsamkeit was W√§rme und Feuchtigkeit angeht - sehr viel Freude damit. Vier Flushes sind dabei gut best√ľckt. Auch f√ľr Anf√§nger zu empfehlen, da das Myzel auch kurzzeitige Abweichungen an die Anforderungen gut und gen√ľgsam wegsteckt. Sporenabdr√ľcke und weitere Impfungen sind hierbei dennoch empfehlenswert, da Erfahrungsberichten zufolge kein "Klo√ü im Hals" entsteht und f√ľr unseren Geschmack eine hohe Zug√§nglichkeit zu elektronischer Musik offenbart wird. Kurz und knapp: Tanzbar, kotzfrei, sozial und ohne Kater.

    M. W.

    1er flush 340gr wahouuu le 2éme est en cours pour l effet pas testé ca prend tout seul, peu de chose à faire pour que ça pousse :-)

    S. V.

    Effets légers
    Reçu en 8 jours , la semaine suivant premier flusch. Pas d'effets visuels mais un bien être intérieur avec 5g5, idéal pour sortir. Des bisous

    R. B.

    super!! première récolte, débutant
    Commande reçue dans les temps, en très bon état. Je n'avais jamais fait pousser de champi et c'est vraiment très facile, il suffi juste de bien suivre les indications... en moins de deux semaines ils sont déjà récoltés!! mexicains et équatoriens j'attends la prochaine tournée avec impatiente ! les premiers sont en train de sécher :D je compte faire une nouvelle commande prochainement merci zamnesia

    A. H.

    Really happy with the service Arived very fast and safe . I would recommend and will be using zamnesia again 100%

    A. M.

    Livraison rapide et discrète. 1 er flush de 320g en 12 jours. J espère pouvoir en faire encore 3 autres. Thanks Zamnesia! Je commanderais à nouveau. Very good product! Break on through to the other side...

    C. J.

    gros rendement !
    Le premier flush etait magique , un peu long √† venir mais j ai eu une recolte dantesque de presque 300 grammes frais toute la box etait remplie √† foison (certain champis etaient enormes surement gr√Ęce aussi √† l'orgonite + eau vitalis√©e √† la shungite ) champis tres physiques, un effet proche de la mdma je trouve, ils decrassent le coeur et permettent de bien gerer les prises de conscience √† forte dose...j ai kiff√© bien que le 2ieme fluch etait bien plus leger et le 3 eme encore plus faiblard... mais c etait peut √™tre mieux ainsi ;) merci zamnesia toujours un plaisir de recevoir vos colis prepar√©s avec le plus grand soin !

    G. F.

    Got a nice fat 1st flush of 200 g still spawning on my 4th flush so far

    C. M.

    Rien à dire pour mon premier kit. 1ère récolte 215 grammes frais. 2ème seulement 50 grammes j'ai peut être fais une mauvaise manipulation mais dans l'ensemble 2 récoltes en 2 semaines pour un total de 260 grammes je trouve ça pas mal du tout en tant que novice. Et ce n'est pas terminé la 3ème flush est en route. Colis reçus en 8 jours un jeudi. Le vendredi suivant ma 1ère récolte était déjà faite. 8 jours plus tard 2ème récolte :) Les effets ? je conseillerais simplement de commencer avec 1 gramme ou 1,5 grammes séchés pour les débutants et vous vous ferez une idée par vous même chacun son trip ;). Pour ma part la perte dans l'espace et le temps m'ont bien choquées. Lisez quelques trucs sur les champis pour savoir à quoi vous attendre les mecs ! BON VOYAGE ! 1 gramme sec est = à 10 grammes secs. 2 grammes secs sont = à 20 grammes frais et ainsi d'suite. Petite info qui pourrait être utile . Peace

    T. G.

    Première récolte,TRès SATISFAIT!
    A recommander pour les novices comme moi du champignon. Récolte importante et pour le reste....j'pourrais pas en dire plus avant une heure lol

    C. M.

    Thank you zamnesia, great product!

    R. W.

    A great kit
    Bought this kit and recieved it after 3 days. Put the box into the plastic bag and sprayed inside with water 1-2 times every day. After 7 days the first harvest was ready(Temperature between 23-28 degrees). I got 320g fresh cubensis! They appeared thin/thiny but plenty of shrooms. Now the second flush, it looks like alot less but greater shrooms, yeah they are really thick! I have now ordered another grow kit because of the great success but this time I'm going to try Golden Teacher Much love

    C. P.

    plutot pas mal
    Premier supa kit d'equato que je prend et plutot bon rendement pour un premier flush a 305 G

    M. P.

    Big yields and potent shrooms
    This is the best grow kit I orderer here so far. Big yields and very potent mushrooms.

    P. S.

    Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Ecuador'
    Alles Bombe! Nach Bezahlung ging alles recht schnell. Bezahlung war nach 3 Tagen da, und die Box 3-4 Tage nach Zahlungseingang. Also ne Woche, und das is echt TOP!!! Hab dann die Box noch zwei Tage im K√ľhlschrank bis ich alles aufgebaut hatte. Nach dem Aufbau hatte es gute 7-8 Tage gebraucht bis sie angefangen haben zu wachsen. Dann aber gings extrem schnell. 3 Tage und Ernten. Trocknen und ab gehts. Spock hat angerufen ;) Qualit√§t und Menge echt Bombig!!! Also, ich kann dieses Kit echt empfehlen, wenn man sauber und steril arbeitet ist es sehr leicht zu z√ľchten und sehr sehr gute Qualit√§t. 5*****

    P. F.

    Great growkit 5*****!!
    Does welll and by its name under not so great 'perfect' conditions, I managed 6 good flushes outa it, probably about 600g fresh. (Biggest flushes being the first few) ESPECIALLY THE FIRST. Has boosted all my other dried GTs and McKennais in weight so plenty more fun to be had off these altho I havnt tried them on their own yet. Easy to cultivate (seem abit more resiliant to intruding moulds etc) and I highly recommend getting the OTHER filter bag and using that with these kits. Also a heatmat is perfect but suspend the shroom kit inside bag above this heatmat by about a CM or so. This is so the hot air rises around your kit instead of heating the bottom of the tub of substrate RIGHT UP. Also I left about half a CM of water in bottom of bag whilst doing grow so misting wasnt totally nessecary every day. NOTE I used a seperate grow bag for this, and that is the one in grow supplys with the FAE filter. Anyway a GREAT kit. Defo for beginners or someone looking for an easy grow of P.Cubes. Namaste.

    L. B.

    merci zamnesia toujours au top, bonne récolte, bons effets ( bah ça reste des equatos ).

    J. M.

    Great product!
    I bought three of these ecuador 100 myc kits and they rock! My first flush didn't produce as heavy as some others report, but still over 200 gr wet a piece and the mushies are very potent! Moreover the kits are very fast! Two flushes in two weeks and the kits are completely synchronized. I'm on my third run now! Great product, definitely will buy again! And for Zamnesia all in all : great and reliable service! Just do it!

    C. A.

    100% Mycel Equador Kit
    I ordered 3 Kits and first flush from all of the three Kits together was 54gr after drying,awesome!!! But the shrooms were not very big(but maaaaany:-) and they look complete different than the Equatorian Shrooms i cultivated before with "normal" Kits and i hope the strange look doesnt matter,i havent tested them by myself and i`ll write a trip-report after doing that this weekend! If they work,there is no reason not to buy and try the Supagrow Kits,the easiest way to cultivate Shrooms and because the cake has 100% working Mycelium,it will fight off any kind of Contamination and reduces the chances of loosing the Kit by Bacterial Contamination!

    O. W.

    As I already stated in a previous review of mine left at the normal Ecuador growkit. This strain is still one of my favorite strains! So when the 100% mycelium boxes came out I immediatly had to order a box of Ecuador! Although I already had an normal growkit of Ecuador some while ago, it's a very good growing and strong strain! And I'm glad I did, the first flush only produced 300 gr. of fresh mushrooms!!! It looked like the growkit/bag was going to explode from the amount of shrooms! The biggest first flush from a normal growkit I got was 253 gr. from the Colombian strain, all the others just produced around 200. I'm really glad I've tried this kind of growkits, they're amazing! And the best part is, that was just the first flush, so I still got quite a few flushes to go! ;) Only problem I experienced with the growkit was the soaking after the first flush, kinda difficult and strange to do it right with the holes in the lid. But as long as you keep the bag moist, it shouldn't be a problem that you couldn't completly fill it up with quite an amount of water.

    D. T.

    mr manager

    M. M.

    Livraison rapide , jolie première récolte, j'attends de voir la suite....

    L. L.

    take this strain!
    first review so let me give you this simple explanation.. a shitload of shrooms if you follow zamnesias directions. in my opionion: these are the most graceful looking mushies.. and they arent just pretty... strong too!

    K. K.
    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht
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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Ecuador'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Ecuador'