Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'


De godfather van deze Psilocybe cubensis soort is de Amerikaanse schrijver, leraar, onderzoeker en psychonaut Terence McKenna. Het gerucht gaat dat deze Psilocybe cubensis variëteit zelfs sterker is dan de populaire en beroemde Copelandia cyanescens (ook bekend als de Hawaiiaan). De zeer filosofische trip met een sterk visueel aspect is een waar genot voor de ervaren psychonaut.

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Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii': Voor ervaren psychonauten

Terence McKenna was een Amerikaanse schrijver, leraar, onderzoeker en psychonaut - en de godfather van deze Psilocybe cubensis soort. Men zegt dat deze specifieke magic mushroom soort zelfs nog krachtiger is dan de beroemde en populaire Copelandia cyanescens (die ook bekend staat als de Hawaiiaan. Deze zeer filosofische trip met een sterk visueel aspect is voor de ervaren psychonaut wel iets heel speciaals.

Deze paddo kweekset Fresh Mushrooms bevat een 1200 ml 100% gekoloniseerd roggesubstraat - je zult geen vulmateriaal tegenkomen, geen perliet of vermiculiet dus. De set is meteen klaar voor gebruik, je hebt alleen maar een beetje geduld nodig om een enorme lading verse paddenstoelen te kweken. Binnen enkele weken zullen de sets meerdere bloeiperioden produceren; 4 is het minimum, maar sommige klanten zeggen zelfs 7 bloeiperioden eruit te hebben geknepen. Eerlijk is eerlijk, de laatste bloeiperioden zijn niet zo groot als de eerste, maar zo nu en dan zie je echt ware monsters opkomen!

Handleiding Fresh Mushrooms


  • 1200 ml kweekbox
  • kweekzak
  • 2 paperclips


Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii' Product Informatie
Volume 1200ML
Merk Fresh Mushrooms
Strain McKennai

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Reviews (699)

    Produits de tes bonnes qualités. La pousse est très rapides, par contre je n'ai réussi que faire qu'une recolter mais très importante


    Not the potency I was expecting, actually no effects at all 🤷‍
    I actually had some problems with my kit. The first flush suddenly stopped to grow at the beginning of the fruiting period (when the first pins appeared) some of them went bigger but in the end they totally stop to grow, let’s say, in the middle of their growth. Zamnesia support has been super effective, they followed me during the cultivation even tho I settled up everything perfectly (23 Celsius, far from direct sunlight) the second flush came quite good (80g fresh) but the thing is, I had no effects at all. I took 50 grams fresh, then other 50 after a few hours when I realised nothing was happening. So I got nearly 100g of fresh McKennaii, but still no effects at all. Is this happened to other people? In the end, Zamnesia gave me an equivalent refund as voucher. I’m now waiting to try the “Mexicans”, but honestly I have got low expectations.. let’s hope I will be wrong!


    Experiencia recomendada
    Es la primera vez que compro este tipo de kit. Me fue super bien, ya tuve mi primera cosecha, y ahora estoy esperando la segunda! Todo muy bien explicado en los manuales, y el servicio como siempre muy bueno!!


    Zweiter Flush durch, dritter mal schauen was noch so kommt. Wirkung: Sehr geil, milder Trip welches Body High und Optics mit einschließt. Warum der eine Stern Abzug? Leider wenig Ertrag, hätte mehr erhofft, trotzdem in allem sehr zu empfehlen. Zamnesia Service nicht zu toppen!


    Still waiting for the 1st harvest...
    ... but I've already tried it at friends' and it was really awesome! Can't wait for my shrooms to grow ^^


    Cool !
    Les premières têtes sont apparues au bout d'une semaine et demie Premier flush -> 20g sec Effets très sympas ! Testés avec 1.5g dans une préparation avec du jus de citron + du rhum ( laissés macérés 20min environ ) Pas testés en consommation " classique " Et je n'aurais malheureusement pas de prochaine recolte car je me suis absentée trop longtemps... Dommage Seul point qui me fait baisser la note d'une étoile, c'est le fait que ça pousse majoritairement sur les côtés de la box Mais sinon, je suis très satisfaite !


    Hi, yeah they were pretty good thanks. Glad of the 20% discount too. First time I grow magic mushrooms. Lots to say. Thanks for the 5% discount for the appraisal. I ate a few and didn't mind the taste, however, in tea you get a much better hit or tek. They grew fine after 2 weeks but the caps can open very quickly, so I think you need to check up on the progress every 6 hours at harvest. Not sure how well the future flushes will be, the mycelium is growing again with a few shrooms, but the ground looks ravaged because quite a few shrooms grew upside down in the substrate and were extracted and consumed with 3 friends in tea. I will wait and see. Difficult with the temperatures, so in summer, best go for 27°C varieties.


    È stato il mio primo kit e sono abbastanza soddisfatto. La prima gettata è stata abbondante (quasi 150 g freschi) ma c'è stata quasi esclusivamente crescita laterale. Per la seconda gettata ho rimesso il kit nella scatola di cartone ed è stata notevolmente ridotta la crescita laterale ma il raccolto è stato di nemmeno 50 g, forse potevo aspettare ancora un po' ma la membrana sotto il cappello di alcuni funghi iniziava leggermente ad aprirsi. Spero in una terza gettata più abbondante della seconda


    In 2019 I bought my first cake, it was exactly this one and got amazed by how good they turned to be on quantity, since I had 3 flushes and also the potency, wich was my first time doing shrooms, and they were good enough. Now I decided to buy another one of the same type and I'm on the second flush, just I feel that the high is lower this time, like a lot of heavy body but not visuals (hence the 4 stars). It may be my fault since maybe it will never be like the first time, but I did many times on that first cake and damn all those times I had a visual blast, and no doubt about the potency. On the next try I'll go for the golden teacher to see. Anyway, good job Zamnesia. You always get to deliver your good pretty well and fast. TY


    Je suis à ma 2em récolte, par contre les mush pousse sur les côtés

    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je dit product niet hebt gekocht
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Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Paddo Grow Kit Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'