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Magic Truffels Atlantis

 4.5/5 (989)

    Avec les Atlantis on ne peut pas se tromper ! J'arrive à avoir des trips très différents selon le dosage et le mood. Après en avoir testé pas mal je trouve que c'est le meilleur rapport qualité/prix Je met 4 et pas 5 car des fois il font des trip trop psychologique alors que tu voulais juste t'amuser mais ça fait partit de l'expérience !


    Ich hatte einen atemberaubenden Trip!
    Die Psilocybe Atlantis gab mir schöne und auch ziemlich starke Optische Effekte und intensive Körpergefühle. Es empfiehlt sich diese Sorte im Wald bzw. in der Natur einzunehmen und ich kann diese Sorte nur weiter empfehlen.


    Not a trip
    I’m looking forward to having this experience for quite a long time already. I could try last weekend, finally, but unfortunately haven’t had that psico trip I was looking for. The effects were so soft, took like 1:30 hours to feel something and lasted just 1 hour more...felt so unsatisfied and disappointed! I dunno, maybe cos of the quarantine it took more than a week to get to destination the truffles lost their power. I don’t feel sure I will try again, sorry!


    I laughed my head off!!
    We were sitting at the fireplace in the garden and the neighbours had fun with their bbq and drinks. There were still some tractors cruising around. The kids were just in bed. So we made an omelette and ate it with mushies. I looked at the moon, it was perfectly in half. I told my husband when we finished eating: "Ok then, back to Atlantis" And back to Atlantis we went! Straight away it started. We were both surprised. I went very fast! I went indoors to go to another fireplace. My husband had already prepared the wood beautifully in advance. I luckily only had to lit the match. So when he was still outside, I was rolling inside on the ground, enjoying my body in all it's corners, reaching it with the most incredible twists and stretches. My husband joined me indoors, I had to laugh with everything. I got so much insides about people and about live (it was and is still corona lock down). I just laughed and laughed and made so many jokes. I laughed my head off! My husband said I looked 20 years younger! These were the best mushies I had. They really did the thing: the showed me real life, joy and energy to the fullest. And all at the end they came up with the most magical of all magic: they gave me tears.


    Experiencia trascendebtal
    Tome una toma de 10 gr y 2 horas despues los 5 gr restantes. Geometria muy interesante, conexión con el entorno, disolución de preocupaciones y de ego.


    Just Wow
    Don't let the Strength: 4 of 5 confuse you ! This thing is potent . My tolerance was none and i tried a little more than half the bag if I have to guess about 8 or 9 grams and i was gone. I had a hint that something was about to happen and before i processed it - boom. I was like "Wooahaa the sky ,the trees, the flowers, i see mushrooms everywhere bro" My friend was feeling super viby and talkative(he took the other part of the bag(less). i had crazy visuals but more than anything my memories and thoughts of what should be changed took over and dominated trough out the trip. IF you take high enough dose you are gone gone - proceed with care ! over all super happy with the product :)


    Love these truffles.
    They were the first I've ever tried and still are one of my favorites. The price is amazing and I would definitely recommend them!


    Utilisateur régulier de truffes fournies par Zamnesia (tous les quelques mois) j'ai eu une agréable surprise en ingérant l'ensemble du sachet avec l'intention d'un voyage introspectif et profond. Après avoir ingéré les truffes a jeun et du citron pour accélérer la montée, j'ai eu le droit a une première vague rapide de CEV qui est partie assez rapidement, ma première réaction a été d'être déçu pensant que cette variété allait être moins puissante que d'autres. Grossière erreur. Je me suis fait déculotté vague après vague pendant un voyage intense mais pourtant très doux. Puissante expérience, malgré quelques crampes intestinales que je n'ai pas l'habitude d'avoir.


    My favourite
    I love the trip! I've tried Hollandia and Valhalla as well, but Atlantis is still my favourite trip! Bonus tip: incredible during sex ;)


    Deep jungle tribe shaman... deep jungle mushroom
    We hebben deze truffels al velen malen besteld de afgelopen jaren wanneer we zonder growkit zaten of bv een kampeertrip gingen maken en dit zijn enorm betrouwbare en diepgaande truffels. Hoewel we hebben ervaren dat het verschil tussen de truffels eerder subtiel is doordat er maar enkele strains zijn en het verschil dus minder merkbaar is algeheel. Is dit altijd een vrij sterke strain. Ik kan melden dat met een 20 gram, je jezelf en de realiteit volledig kunt verliezen en een goede tripbegeleider een grote meerwaarde is. De helft van het pakje is een aangename start dosis en een heel pakje kan ontzettend veel inzichten en meerwaarde bieden in persoonlijke groei en heling. Ik kan niets anders dan lof spreken en zou eventueel zeggen ... het is duur indien je dit zeer regelmatig gaat doen en dan is een growkit of zelfs op termijn zelf kweken veel meer rendabel. All hail the mushroom!

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