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MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack ALPHA

 4.5/5 (87)

    Hello :) Most say it was a good ide to make 3-1 But why cant we choos whice one we wanna have in them maby a good ide :) But the resual from the box was 5-5 and the Tee i make wht the magic in is a 5-5 Thnaks for help selling mind openers :)


    Variety Pack Aplha
    The only thing I can complain about is that one of the kits had no label on it and I have no idea what kind they are. I do know that i got a moby dick and a mazatapec. The growth is large, long and thick mushrooms!


    Very pleased!
    Fast shipping, received the kit within a couple of days. Moby Dick's surface was the most colonized, almost completly white, first pins popped up after a week, next the Mazatapec two days later. Cambodian had barely any white spots on the vermiculite, it took another week to fruit, still growing atm. From first visible pin to veil breaking and harvest eight days. I don't have a scale, but both the Moby Dick and Mazatapec growkits produced each about 20 shrooms of circa 10cm length and the diameter of a finger (not dry yet) and a bunch of tinier ones. Hopefully the second flush goes as well as this. All in all very happy and looking forward to use them!


    Great product so easy to use just finished first flush ,yippee thanks zamnesia


    good product


    Super produit
    Ce pack de debutant et top je le le recommande car il fourni bien et vite


    Best mushroom to money ratio so far.... everything´s getting a bit more expensive but i guess that´s life
    as stated above


    good start
    was my first time. realised i had to order heat mat but to anxcious to star immediately i made up a heating system with electric water feet heater and timer. mazapatec were smooth. few aborts. fast, plenty, big and on schedule. 13 days. ~12g dried. moby dick were ready to harvest 3 days later. 13 days. smaller. plenty, but had loads of aborts so less in weight. ~7g dried. cambodian didnt show any signs of life by the time i harvested mazapatec and first pins appeared when i harvested moby dick. picked them after 17 days. big but not too many. no aborts. ~ 7g dried. i dont know if if the difference of schedule and size make it part of the first experience and purpose of variety pack, but thats how i took it :) all went for 2nd round. mazapatec already taken. had just a few 4 big units. 17g fresh. good start indeed.


    nickel !malgré,
    ce petit kit est vraiment sympa pour débuter et découvrir la culture "champignesque" les récoltes sont plutôt fournie et de qualité sauf erreur de manip';)pas encore testé le fruit de "mon labeur"!a voir! pour ce qui est de la livraison discrète dans un bon emballage pas déçu de mes achats , seul bémol la livraison a été un peu longue ( environ 2 semaines) dû à la période des fêtes ,donc pas de soucis , merci zamnesia


    leuk ,eerste kweek
    binnen een maand 2 van de 3 bakjes geoogst,220 gram verse paddos. laatste soort komt net op ,ik kijk uit naar de tweede flush. makkelijker dan ik had gedacht ,mijn huis is niet bepaald steriel te noemen.

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