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MushMush Grow Kit Variety Pack OMEGA

 4.5/5 (49)

    2 out of 3 working
    Er groeien maar paddo's uit 2 van de 3 bakjes!!


    Produced good 3 flushes the 4th was not so great, overall the more boxes you get the bigger chance to get good flushes. I can`t explain whats the reason for that, but for me this was worthy buy. Got around 30 grams of dryed mushrooms which were quite potent.


    Bombe atomique!
    Le pack McKenaii a commencé à donner ses premières têtes au bout de 12 jours.Pour les 2 autres,Moby Big et B+ ,j'attends toujours,mais je ne désespère pas,la patience est toujours récompensée!Livraison rapide et discrète,comme d'hab.,merci ZAMNESIA!


    Best trip ever
    Soo.. I had few mishaps with previous order of SupaGrow kit of MacKenzie, it got some white cobweb, I contacted Zamnesisa and they were so kind to send me something different. I wanted to try something completely different in way of growing and harvesting and tripping. So I chose this variety pack. They should have been medium strong. So I did not hesitate to try one of them for a trip. Popped 2 medium sized white heads, half dry. And deammmmm I wrote my life's biggest problems, solutions and all the other stuff. Trip was intense. I overrated them. So growing. It was simple. Open pack 12 hours water treatment Put in bag, put in warm place, wait. Woila. 1st flush was not big. Not from 2 boxes, 3rd gave a lot of small ones. Waiting for second batch. I must say I have respect more and more, every time I use them. They are intense. In every aspect. Thank you Zamnesisa


    All three fruit.
    One fo them gave just few mushrooms. The rest two gave a lot of shrooms. One flush for now. I am waiting for the second harvest. For now I have more than 10 grams of dryed shrooms. Good luck every body.




    Très bonne expérience !
    Les trois kits de culture inclus dans ce pack ont donné de généreuses récoltes (avec de bons effets), seul petit point noir, le kit B+ qui a mis plus d'un mois avant de montrer son premier champignon, les deux autres ayant donné au bout de deux semaines. En résumé, je recommande ce produit, et en particulier le site qui a un très bon S.A.V !


    2 out of 3 kits worked, but great customer service
    I got about in total 35g of dried mushrooms with McKenaii and B+, MobyBig didnt work. But great customer service of Zamnesia compensated very well. Just tried 2g / pers the other day of the B+, had a wonderful deep 6hours trip, they are very potent which is great! We all had very philosophical journey starting for me with strong visuals. But lucky us we were in very remote beautiful place in Portugal which seemed like deep jungle. had great time! Now cant wait to try the McKenaii.


    Bon produit, super service
    Seul 2 des 3 kits ont poussé, mais zamnesia m'a remboursé, au top ! Pour la qualité des champis rien à redire, très bon et puissants :)


    Good kit
    Easy, fast and really fun! Mckennaii looks to be the best and fastest growing, moby big took a little more had some problems with the b+ but other then quantity the potency was great, best mushrooms I ever had! I had mine in box at 26°C and took about a week for the first flush (100g fresh mckennay). I wonder if having three separate grow bags would be better but really happy with the results hopefully I'll get another few flushes out of it! Thanks!

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