HashMaker Shake Me


De Hashmaker Shake Me maakt van zeven een leuk karwei! Doe gewoon wat toppen erin, draai de deksel dicht en schud... hé, een oefening die je aan je sportprogramma kunt toevoegen! Het interne 22 micron gaasje laat alleen de kleinste deeltjes passeren. Voor nog betere resultaten doe je de HashMaker eerst 30 minuten in de vriezer.

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    goede kwaliteit
    Stevig en goede kwaliteit. Mocht iets groter zijn wat mij betreft inhoud:

    S. D.

    Macht was es soll wobei die maschenweite etwas kleiner sein könnte

    T. D.

    Guerra e Pace

    A. M.

    Gutes Plastik
    Gut Platz und hochwertiges Sieb. Bin gespannt

    N. L.

    Con pazienza...
    Ci voleva proorio

    C. Q.

    Great little gem for any growers
    I had an unknown problem that made a whole grow pretty poor quality and I was on the edge of throwing it all away. But I thought I’d try something cheap and easy to get something out if it and came across this. My advice if you’re not using trim is to dry it, put it in a bag in the freezer for 20 minutes and it will crush up in the bag like it’s been through a grinder. Then just fill the top halfway, I personally put it back in the freezer for a few minutes just for good measure. Put the rest of your buds or trim in too and then shake it as much as you can for 5-10 minutes. The cap on the bottom can be tight and pop off suddenly, spilling the pollen everywhere, although I only did it once and was careful after that. A couple of hours work that’s mostly doing something else as it’s in the freezer gave me almost 5g of product that I put in the pollen press overnight. Perfect!

    L. T.

    Eerste indruk
    Handig, snel en eenvoudig.

    A. V.

    Très efficace, entièrement démontable pour faciliter le lavage, je l’adore.

    F. G.

    for "smaller" operation
    i usually put in about 5g and works perfectly. If i put the left-behind in a vape, it has taste for 2-3 tokes. so it seems, that almost all terpenes have are in the kief

    J. V.

    Hash de qualité
    Super simple et efficace

    N. N.

    je suis satisfait c'est efficace j'en ai achetté 2 autres afin de ne pas mélanger les bud et garder le flave de chaque plante 10/10 b.a.v TO

    A. G.

    ottimo ma
    comodissimo, piccolo e non hai rischi di sporcare da nessuna parte. Unico difetto la rete è meno fitta di quanto si possa pensare e fa passare molto materiale vegetale dando un colore verdastro al kief anche se rimane un prodotto consigliatissimo

    S. M.

    tout d'abord reçu très très rapidement et Fonctionne super avec une ou deux pièce de monnaie et un coup de congelo fantastique 5 étoiles sans hésiter Merci Zamnesia first received very very very quickly and Works super with one or two coins and a shot of congelo fantastic 5 stars without hesitation Thank you Zamnesia JJ

    J. C.

    Kief!! Kief!! Hashmaker + olio di gomito = sballo!!

    M. G.

    Top, goed formaat. Ook de mesh (doorlaat zeef) is goed. simpel gebruik. Tip.. vul met kleine topjes... 2 st halve wijnkurk of 2 plastic dopjes bijvoegen ( a la klop methode uit oa marokko en meer result) in diepvries... na uurtje shaken.. diepvries wederom.. uurtjes wachten .. jointje roken, of ... daarna goed shaken. verzamel gezeefd product, kneed en droog 24 hr.. nul komma twee gram in joint.. Enjoy Happy Times

    A. H.

    pratique et efficasse
    bien pour les petite quantité

    N. P.

    Haven't tried it out yet - next harvest !
    but looks good !

    F. H.

    El hashmaker funciona muy bien pero es recomendable cada vez que lo vayas a usar debes sacar el filtro y limpiarlo con alcohol ( yo uso alcohol isopropilico 99,9%) para obtener una mejor cantidad, sino lo limpias obtienes menos.

    A. P.

    Zu fein
    Eigentlich geiles Teil, aber mit 73 micron währ mir lieber. Is echt verdammt fein

    J. H.

    handige hash maker
    even in de diepvries en schudden maar!

    K. C.

    Hashmaker LOVE IT
    Easy to use and it got me a shiiiiiitload of kief already must have if u wanna do more than smokin weed alone ;)

    D. V.

    Hash maker
    It's simply perfect!!

    A. F.

    Belle finitions impeccable, du luxure, il est un peu volumineux que je ne l'avais pas prévenue, c'est comme ça qu'importe.

    M. L.

    Hash maker is cool
    This little hash maker is a great simple and easy to use little gadget. It's so easy that you can't get anything wrong. This is the first hash maker I got and so I ordered this as an experiment to see if it works and if so does it work well. It works fine and is perfect for small scale hash making. Or big scale is possible it only means more shaking. Tips I would offer are to make sure you only use dried crispy weed and maybe place a few coins or something similar in with the weed chamber. Then freeze for 30 mins to an hour and then shake like mad for as long as possible. After you finished shaking carefully remove the lid where the weed is. Then you can collect the hash powder and use it for what ever you wanted to use it for ;)

    J. C.
    Je kunt geen review plaatsen omdat je niet ingelogd bent als klant

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